Diseases in alphabetical order from A to Z

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Howtreat sceritis


Emmanuel jumanne 2018-03-14,18:34:36

Pemphigus neunatorum


igor 2017-11-09,19:22:03

marielle gen lim: this is a common name for the multitude of various pathologies that arise and develop on the nail plate

marielle gen lim 2017-11-08,01:59:50

what is the symptoms of onychia?


suneina 2017-08-20,05:45:21

it is the infectious disease of breast tissue may especially for newborn..by squeesing method


Bolarinwa 2017-07-23,16:52:20

Is degradation of human intelligent qoutien due to excitment ,over joyous,feeling of fulfilment,comfort or feeling victorious


Ussnah26us@hotmail.com 2017-04-07,13:59:58

I was diagnosed with neurosis anxiety vegetative disorder and after eat (night) started to burp feeling like throwing out and I need to seat I can't well I do all test and is fine...any medication I should try?! I'm a male 80 years


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For the prevention and treatment of pulmonary emphysema well it helps the potatoes. Fresh juice potato leaves. Begin drinking one spoon gradually increasing the volume to half a glass per day. Boiled potatoes. Make inhalation of boiled potatoes.


Lona Lathan 2016-12-12,17:14:12

my wife just found out about this today and how can I help her. Give me the answers to this OK PLEASE !!!!!

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My buddy was cured of osteoarthritis of the knee is very simple method is used the usual solution of gelatin, which we often use, preparing aspic and tasty jelly desserts. At first I was skeptical about this. But when I saw how he boldly goes without once irreplaceable assistan ...

The disease "beeping" colic and swelling Clonakenny disease - a disease of the salivary glands, which is characterized by the formation of stones in the body of a gland or the excretory duct. It is different symptoms depending on the stage of the process. The initial stage ta ...

Treatment of PEMPHIGUS NEWBORNS (PEMPHIGUS NEONATORUM) Meticulous care, feeding breast milk. Inside sulfa drugs rate of 0.2 g per 1 kg of body weight of the child. Hemotherapy (see multiple Abscesses). In severe cases, penicillin intramuscularly (see ibid). Topically: fast op ...

As you know, many diseases are treated with heat. It can be applied using a variety of physiotherapeutic apparatus. But lately very popular natural materials. It is believed that their effect on the body somewhat "softer" and fizjologiczne. These are the qualities of ordinary s ...

Treatment of UTERINE HYPOTONIA, HYPOTENSION BLEEDING The treatment has two objectives: to empty the uterus; to cause a good and stable reduction. To achieve this, the physician with the following activities: the emptying of the bladder, light stroking of the ...

Did you expect it or not a miracle happened, you're pregnant! Very likely, the pregnancy was a surprise for you. Maybe, instead, you patiently for years fought for the opportunity to be a mom: went to the doctors, went to resorts, did everything for long-awaited conception. Or, ...

Treatment of EMPHYSEMA Basically the same as when chronic bronchitis. In addition, the use breathing exercises (squeezing of the chest at the output to improve it, massage, "breathing chair"), "pneumatic" treatment - inhalation of a rarefied air. Climatic treatment, bed rest. ...

Many readers know about the healing properties of walnuts. However, few people know about what is really unique healing properties of partitions walnuts, i.e. their inner part, which we usually after the splitting of nuts thrown together with a shell. Iodine deficiency in humans ...

I have already used the advice of Boris Skachko relative to the treatment of various diseases. Now I am asking for advice on how to cure the stomach with the diagnosis of "gastro"? Sincerely yours, Tatyana Ivanovna. , Konotop, Sumy oblast The letter says the Director of the c ...

Can I take kiwi when the stomach, inflammation of the duodenum? With respect Peacock Zubritskaya. n Ladyzhinka Cherkasy region the Letter says the candidate of biological Sciences Love DUDCHENKO. Kiwi used as food and medicinal plant. The content of vitamin C plant is refer ...

Disease and treatment

Illnesses and their treatment

the Disease

Mankind is struggling with the disease throughout its existence.

the "illness" and the attitude towards them throughout history has repeatedly changed. Varied methods of treatment and methods of diagnostics of diseases many diseases people don't even meant as a microcosm not really been explored. But still from time immemorial people knew, sickness come and go through the way of life, because of what we eat, how we sleep, how many are nervous and how we think.


There are many different ways to treat the same disease

Modern medicine is rich in methods of treating diseases, patients are offered all kinds of medications and treatments which can satisfy every budget, some treat, other relieve symptoms, others heal well and a bad option - simply enrich doctor.

Treatment with the help of traditional medicine are not always encouraged traditional medicine, because by and large takes the bread of doctors and has no sufficient research. Traditional treatments is clear and simple, and most importantly not very expensive. One of the most common methods of treatment of diseases, hunger, even saves. Modern medicine is in its advanced form, there is little more than a century, but stubbornly rejects and does not take into account the thousand-year observations, recipes and practices, which in itself is already alarming.

In any case, the treatment of diseases is an individual choice, it must be meaningful, but that such a choice to do the necessary knowledge and most importantly, the belief in a cure.

the Belief in a cure, one of the main points! You are what You believe and not only what You eat!

good luck!