You have a new baby - a small lump of happiness. Well, finally You have become a mother and from this day Your whole life changes beyond recognition. Start overcome totally different feelings: happiness, fear, insecurity, anxiety and excitement. And all mothers with a thousand questions: how to take the baby on the pens, why he cries, spits up, when to feed, etc. Section "the Newborn child" will help You get all the answers to your questions, namely: about the characteristics of a newborn baby, when you can and cannot breastfeed, about the lactose in lactating mother of bilirubin in newborns, if the baby is premature born, if the child was born prematurely, what is patent foramen ovale in the heart of a child, how do the organs and systems of the newborn, what are games for babies, how to make a child happy, how to protect skin from diaper rash and more. etc. We wish You and Your baby happiness and good health!

  • care for the newborn