For modern women care for themselves has become a kind of cult. To support and improve your appearance women spend a lot of time and money to visit beauty salons. The appearance of the woman is really very important. When a woman is well-groomed and beautiful, she is able to achieve many successes in different spheres of life. A beautiful face is a silent recommendation. Many of you know that suffers daily and experiencing our skin. Every day about two million sweat glands secrete more than 500g of carbon dioxide, water, lactic acid, urea and salt. On our skin from dust, dirt, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Plus we haven on the skin added makeup, Foundation and powder! Now many women have already become a real fetish, the use of natural resources to care for their appearance. In order to clear the skin of the face, head, body, hands and feet we need proper care. It is about natural skin care and will be discussed in our articles.