or Awakening to the New World

Recently in the Cinema House, street Saksaganskogo, in Kyiv took place a permanent eleventh conference "Genesis of the Ukrainians under the auspices of the Foundation of Yuri mirolubova dedicated to improvement of the human organism through the consumption of natural live food. In particular, it covers the teachings of the German naturopath Arnold Area, developed the technology of recovery of a person with full cleansing and further besliste diet. The speakers shared their experience and knowledge about healthy eating and the use of healing system Arnold Area that they have experienced and not only (below served extract from their reports). In addition, the conference participants were presented with several Wellness spiritual practices, which they enthusiastically applied immediately at the event.


What differs living (raw) foods from heat-treated and why she should prevail in our power, if any, to be replaced thermal, told in detail Alexander Filatovych, Director of the medical center "Living word". "Thereby, the digestion of food? All living contains special proteins, called enzymes, or enzymes. The number of such enzymes in a living organism can reach several thousands. It enzymes display physical flesh plants or animals at the simplest organic and inorganic compounds. That discovery was made by academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.G. Ugolev. He did some experiments. In particular, took two containers with gastric juice and one of them put raw potato, and in other - boiled. During 1-1,5 hours raw potatoes completely dissolved. In other tanks where was boiled, during this time, no changes have occurred. A similar experiment was also conducted with buckwheat, rice, millet cereals and even frogs. In all cases, plants and animals, subjected to heat treatment at a temperature of over 43 degrees Celsius, in the gastric juice was digested very slowly. And Vice versa - not thermally treated plants and animals have disappeared very quickly. The question arises: why the food is held preliminary heat treatment, in gastric juice, soluble in other words - digested, 5-6 times longer than raw? And the fact that after the heat treatment (exceeding 43 C) any plant or animal enzymes are destroyed, usually when interacting with the digestive tract split cells up simplest elements (organic and inorganic compounds). From this, we can draw conclusions about the benefits of live food. What happens next with heat food in the digestive tract of man? Undigested food from the stomach transit passes the duodenum, then gets in a thin and thick intestine. In order to digest, the body spends great effort - its enzymes, his energy, which depletes it. In addition, you can also add to these facts. Scientists have found that most people over the age of 40 years 44-50% of the cells of the physical flesh affected by parasites. Parasites also eat only dead, in other words, thermally processed food! For parasites living food is poison! Therefore, what you need to do to get rid of parasites? There is a live food! Raw vegetables and fruits!" At the end of his speech, Alexander shared its experiences on the use of natural fruit and vegetable diet. "This food in health purposes in 2012, I used the 183 people, who applied for treatment in our center. People during the treatment period was used only raw vegetables and fruits. As a result, they have improved digestion, increased physical and emotional endurance. The majority was observed stabilization of arterial pressure. In people with obesity happened weight loss - some within one month up to 12-15 kg In many patients with cardiac arrhythmia stabilized heart rate. Happened self-purification of the colon, wrinkling and falling away polyps. In people with chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (the common cold, laryngotracheitis) was extremely active cleansing in the form of mucus from the Airways and improve the General functioning of the lungs".


Victor Babin, the doctor-psychoanalyst, in his report focused on such important question, as healthy thinking. After all, "if you want to consume and digest healthy foods and drinks, you need to have your heart and soul felt inner harmony with those products you at this moment enter into your body... On the condition of our physical health is influenced largely thoughts, feelings, words, deeds, and not the quality of the food. The best natural food will turn into the body of the consumer in the poison, if it is to cook, to consume and digest in aggressive atmosphere, without love, with negative thoughts and images..." The next component, which stopped Viktor Valentinovich, personal rhythms, rhythms of nature and the heavenly bodies. "Our ancestors always ate according to the rhythms of nature and the influence of the stars and the signs of the Zodiac. For example, when the Moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn - good to eat roots and salty foods. However, it should be taken into account individual rhythms. Another question that should always be taken into account, is compatible products and prioritization of consumption. For example, incompatible following products: parsley with Peking cabbage, cabbage and onions, beets, tomatoes, beans and onions. Another interesting detail: people need to consume those foods are grown on the territory of their residence. Since they contain all protective and nutritional elements necessary for these people, but provided that the products are not very "crippled" chemistry. Overseas same products most lower immunity, especially in children, as it does not coincide with the vibrations of the cells of people living far from the place of cultivation. For example, when took the potato in Europe, many people died due to low immunity, because this food they had a wrong vibrations... And the last - the consumption of water. Many people have earned a certain disease, using unchecked information about what you need to drink plenty of water, up to 3-4 liters per day. But water is a product that cools the body. As a consequence, the human body requires much more energy to neutralize the cold. Depending on the Constitution (according to Tibetan medicine, there are types of human Constitution: "Slime", "Wind" and "Bile") and the profession, in the winter to consume from 0.7 to 1.2 litres of clean water a day, in the summer of 1,2-1,7 l considering other liquid food, vegetables and fruits. It is estimated standard. People of the Constitution, "Bile" need more to drink cold water, as it cools their hot blood. And full-bodied phlegmatic type "Goo" and puny "Winds", which are constantly afraid of cold damage, cold water and excessive consumption. Therefore, the problem of power inherent in the human. If you listen to your heart, with love will prepare food and to see if you need now this food for energy replenishment of the body, or only for Segolene to friends, it will have a positive impact on your health and happy life.


Anatoly Kondrat'ev, Director of the company "advanced technologies", the researcher of Ukrainian spirituality, doctor of philosophy, spoke about his experience of vegetarianism and spiritual development. In addition, he stressed that to put before the only goal of survival is not enough, it is necessary in spiritual development to move forward. Because, undoubtedly, the body must be healthy, but it should not lead the man, and man should guide them. "Personally, I am 40 years felt that the old, and it frightened me. So I started to look for a way out. I was in Israel, went to India, much studied and researched and came to the conclusion that all knowledge lie within us, but they need to know. And in order to open them in yourself, there are a variety of spiritual practices". Anatoliy Ilyich offered to women's health practice, which is called "rejuvenating the Apple". Sit, relax, and to present before him on a platter three apples, the brightest of them mentally to put on the lower abdomen (in the region of the uterus). To present as Apple goes in the uterus, it becomes brighter, emits light that fills the whole body. This morning practice prevents and eliminates all the problems with the reproductive system and rejuvenates the uterus.


Anatoly Height, candidate of chemical Sciences, researcher of the Ukrainian customs, was asked to translate the book by Arnold Arete "Bessonica diet" from Russian to Ukrainian in February 2012, He undertook this work. However, the life story of Area and improving methods so impressed him that Anatoly Mikhailovich decided to try it myself. How it affected his life and health, and also about the Arnold Arete he spoke at this conference. "Arnold aret was born in the late NINETEENTH century in Germany into a wealthy family of farmers. He studied at the University of medicine, physiology and chemistry. Meanwhile, his father died from tuberculosisand kidney, and then brother. Sam Arnold fell ill with inflammation of the kidneys with hectic trend. The doctors ' verdict: the incurably sick. Then he turned to alternative therapies. But neither naturopaths or vegetarianism, nor anything else it did not help. With an analytical mind and great diligence, as traits, are guessed that the reason for his illness - wrong food that is not digested completely and part of it in the form of sticky mucus clogs all the capillaries of the body. During the ten years of observations and experiments, he found that the main supplier of mucus are starchy foods such as potatoes and all cereal. Consuming fruits, non-starchy zelenovatye vegetables and periodically fasting, are regained his health. Then it was founded in Switzerland, and later in America, in California in the sanatorium, where he cured his "besliste diet" several thousand suffered from various diseases. Treatment succumbed to tuberculosis, pneumonia, kidney, digestive, even syphilis and stuttering, and other diseases. Now I shall tell a little about yourself. In March this year, I was overweight - 104 kg of Pressure - 160/120. I thought that my life is coming to an end, and I just 66 years. But, after reading Area, he realized that he was right: the waste in the body is the basis of all diseases. And that was accumulated over the years, should be washed out gradually, and for that efforts should be made to the person. What I started with, so it heeded the words of Area, who said: "The bad and certainly the most unhealthy habit - generous Breakfast,.. many lung diseases can be cured only by abandoning it." The thing is that when the stomach is no food, the body begins to self-clean. Generous Breakfast searches through this process. And sometimes this process never starts, as generous and late dinner, and till the morning not digested. Therefore, the stomach is not only no time for self-purification, he even manages to break free from food, as it were already a new portion. So you have to skip Breakfast, but if you want there, you can drink the water. Lunch should be in 11 hours. According to this diet for a month I lost 6 pounds. After another 2 my weight dropped to 87 pounds, note: this is from 104. So here we need to be courageous (and not once, but now!) to begin to heal and revitalize your body. However, any treatment should start with changes in the Outlook of the person. I have developed for themselves and offer other behavioral at least, approaching a new way of life: - love yourself, starting the morning with a smile; - not skvernoslovie, as a thought, decorated in a word, is embodied; - correctly Zdorovaya with people, wishing them "good health", "good morning" or "good afternoon"; - do not defile the Land, which is still alive, every inflicted wound saulei affection; - to determine for themselves harmful habits and excesses and get rid of them; - realizing the unrighteousness of your life, ask for forgiveness to all who have caused harm; "forgive me of all people who have ever owed to you; - in the case of a walk barefoot on the grass, and then lay on the ground, mentally combining the Earth with the Heavens. Winter walk barefoot on snow; - sposobstvuya all Living things on Earth. By doing this, we become transparent to the System, and it will not be able to us much harm... This book Arnold Area can be a table for each Ukrainian family as "Family Book". Before our eyes is formed newest nation with a New Outlook and a New way of life. P. S. In the next issues of the newspaper read interviews with people who have a very interesting experience living food supply.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.