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Gallbladder plays an important role in the human body. And although some believe only reservoir for the accumulation of bile (by the way, for this reason surgeons him quietly removed, and even in that case when you can do it without surgery), in reality, the gallbladder can without exaggeration be called the main regulator of the abdominal cavity, which provides normal digestion process. It is like the conductor, from the skillful management of which depends on full-fledged work of the whole digestive system.
Usually about the existence of the gallbladder we remember only in connection with cholelithiasis. But the presence of stones in it - this is the last chord, which can be preceded by a long latent period of chronic inflammation, in particular cholecystitis and bile stasis caused by motility disorders of the gall bladder in the background disorder of metabolic processes in the body. It is very important not to miss the first signals indicating the problems in this body. This may be persistent discomfort in the right upper quadrant or pain that spreads to the shoulder, the small pelvis, lumbar-sacral region, etc.
It should be noted that disruptions in the functioning of the gallbladder may be due to irregular and improper feeding, in particular by eating oily and spicy food, as well as starch and flour products. In addition, problems with that body can cause severe thinking for quite a long time. So the first thing that the man has done to his health, is to learn every day to enjoy life. Of course, you can remove a gall bladder, but if you continue to live in constant bitter thoughts, sand, and even the stones will still occur, but in the bile ducts.
Therefore, it should be remembered that the gallbladder is a very important organ, and timely care will help to avoid many problems not only directly associated with digestion, but also those related system-wide processes, in particular detoxification and excretion of metabolic products. This body worked flawlessly, is recommended from time to time his cleansing.
Candidate of medical Sciences, experienced Clinician highest category Olga Eliseeva in his book "the Practice ocimene I vbnewline organza" recommends to be cleared at any time year, month, lunar calendar, if required by the state of health. However, with the preventive purpose cleansing organs and systems more effectively will happen during periods when they are on the maximum of its energy activity. In particular, it leads a calendar of purification: January - gallbladder; February - bladder; March - stomach; April - colon; may - small intestine; June - spine; July - kidney; August - spleen; September - liver; October - the brain; November - light; December - heart.
Before you begin recovery of the gallbladder and procedures for the removal of stones, it is necessary to clean the intestines. It should also be noted that during the Hizdakchut of the gall bladder happens and cleansing the liver, since these two bodies are closely interrelated.

Tips naturopaths and healers

• Cleansing of the liver and gall-bladder by I. Neumyvakina and N. Semenova.
Before the procedure (and after it) in the week to eat only vegetarian food. Then 3 days in a row you want to drink freshly made Apple juice in the morning to do a cleansing enema.
The juice can be replaced with vegetable broth: 1 kg raw, washed potatoes, 5-6 pc. crude washed carrots (medium size), 50 g root (or green) washed and chopped parsley or celery, peel and chop large onion; all the vegetables to put in a saucepan and cover with water, bring to boil and hour keep on small fire. Drink this broth during the day. On the second and third day to prepare the same broth. On the third day to do a cleansing enema and up to 19 hours to make 200 ml of olive oil and lemon juice. Lie down, relax, putting a warm heating pad on the area of the liver. Exactly at 19 hours to begin to take 3 tablespoons butter, and 3 St. L. lemon juice and repeat every 15 min until everything drink. In the morning to do a cleansing enema. Usually soon after it starts to come out a large flow of toxins. Enema should be repeated until it becomes out of pure water. And after the latter can easily be served, but during the day to adhere to a vegetarian diet, in any case not to overeat. If a 3-4 day in the liver felt the weight of this means that after 2-4 weeks cleansing should be repeated.
• Natural healer and naturopath Elena Svitko for crushing of stones in a gall bladder advises to use the cabbage brine. Drink it at 0.5 to 1 glass before eating. The course of 2 months. You can eat not a clean solution, but mixed with tomato and cucumber juices. Contraindications - high acidity gastric juice.
It also recommends to strengthen the purification of drinking Apple cider vinegar, which contains organic acids that dissolve stones. It is better to prepare for the growing moon. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 kg of apples, 1 glass of honey, 40 g of dried bread, rye bread, 20 g of yeast. Apples (preferably red) rinse, grind in a meat grinder with the peel, tails and seeds. To this mixture add the honey, dried and yeast, mix well, cover with a gauze and leave to infuse for 9 days. Then strain, add honey (on 1 l of the fluid 100 g of honey or sugar). Leave a wander within 5-7 days, and then pour the liquid into bottles. Take vinegar 1 tsp., having dissolved in 1 Cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of honey. The course is 21 days, or even more.
• Yuri Batalin, author of a health system "Possibilities of ludini in ekstremalnyh umovach", writes that the gallbladder is better to clear, at the same time keeping to a special diet. 1-2 weeks prior to this procedure, he advised them to go to a fruit and vegetable diet, having excluded from the diet of fresh bread, fats, meat, eggs, milk, spicy dishes and spirits. Also it is recommended to clean the intestine and only then to start the purification of the gallbladder.
The first method. For three days, take 1 tablespoon of olive oil three times a day. The next 3 days - 3 tablespoon three times a day. You should add 1 tbsp daily basis, thus reaching 5 tbsp (three times a day). To use oil should 1 hour before eating, squeezed while slowly with lemon juice or grapefruit (its amount must be equal to the number of the accepted oil).
The second method. With crude radish (about 1 kg) squeeze 0.5 liters of juice. Take 1 tablespoon in 20-25 minutes after eating. In the absence of pain for a few days, the dose should be gradually increased to 50 ml per day. Thus it is necessary to drink 2-3 liters of radish juice. You cannot use this method during acute ulcerative disease of the stomach and duodenum, as well as in acute kidney disease.

Natural "brooms" for gall bladder

• One of the most effective means of purification of the gallbladder and ducts is beet juice. If for a long time (from 1 to 3 months) daily use by 200-250 ml fresh beet juice, it will promote painless removal of stones. However, it should be borne in mind that the juice of a freshly plucked from the garden beet may irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to take root crops least 6-8 hours in the refrigerator and then squeeze the juice out of them.
• Even safer to use beet syrup, prepared by the recipe: a few pieces of raw beet to put in cold water and cook for about 6-7 hours. During this time in the pot instead of roots formed a liquid porridge, which then thickens to a state of syrup. Dosage of such tools is selected depending on what you want to clean himself gallbladder or its channels. In the first case should be accepted in 150 ml of syrup before meals several times a day. The second is to reduce the dose to 40 ml of treatment on average should last 10 days.
• Gall bladder cleansing with the help of Apple juice: within 3 days 8 and 10 hours to drink 1 glass of juice, and from 12 to 20 hours every 2 hours to drink 2 cups of Apple juice. Juice should be freshly prepared. In the evening of the 3rd day to take a bath, preferably hot very good exercise.
Before this cleansing consult a doctor, because the gastric diseases such a way to apply undesirable. In this case, you can cook Apple compote and drink it as instead of juice.
• Pour 2 tablespoons of crushed roots rosehip 1 Cup boiling water, insist 30 minutes Take 1 Cup three times a day for two weeks.
• Take 300 g of honey, 1.5 l of whole milk and 6 eggs. The eggs take only from domestic chickens, and shells, they have to be white. In a glass jar to put honey, lay carefully washed in cold water eggs. Then all pour milk. Bank cover it with gauze and put in about 2 weeks in a warm place. During this time eggshell under the influence of honey and milk serum dissolved, and their content shall remain only in the film. Inside, too, there will be changes: a protein will be transparent and liquid like water; yolk, on the contrary, will acquire density. When the eggs float to the surface - this would be a signal that the tool has already drawn. Further, it should be filtered through a colander with Marley, after removing mold. As a result, in the colander will remain curdled milk and eggs in the film, which should be pierced with a fork to liquid leaked into the container under the colander (wait for about 30 minutes, until the liquid to drain). Then the contents of the colander can be thrown away, and the contents of the pan again be filtered through six layers of gauze and put in a bottle. Store in the refrigerator. Before using bottle should be shaken. Take, while the liquid will not end, 50 ml in the morning for 1 hour before meals.
• St. John's folk medicine uses as a mild cholagogue, it can be taken for prevention of kidney stones. For this 10 g herb St. John's wort pour 1 glass of water and put on a steam bath for 30 minutes, then the broth to cool, strain and bring boiled water to 200 ml Stored in the refrigerator no more than 2 days. To accept on 1/3 glasses for 30 minutes before meals three times a day. The course of 2 months. Then a month-long break, to prevent the body adapts to this tool, which can affect the efficiency of gall-bladder, and repeat.
• Pour 2 tablespoons of dried birch leaves 2 cups boiling water and put on a small fire to simmer until 2 cups will not remain only half 1 Cup. Then cool, strain and take 1 teaspoon per 1 hour before meal in the morning and evening. The course is 3 months.
• Mix radish juice with honey (1:1). Within a month to take 1/3 to 1 Cup of the mixture, gradually increasing the dose. This is a wonderful tool mainly used in the case of stones in the bile ducts, but also prevents the formation of stones in the liver and kidneys.
• Take 1 kg of large potatoes, well washed, cut eyes and unrefined cooking in 6 l of water under the cover. When the water comes to a boil, reduce heat and continue to cook for another 4 hours. As a result, the potato is very seethe. It should stretch right in the water, that he became very liquid puree and leave for the night. Before the potato mash, advise slightly to salt.
During the night will happen Department of fluids from the body. On the morning of carefully pour distilled water in a prepared banks and close their plastic covers. The thick throw it away. Potato water stored in the refrigerator, and before the use a bit of heat. Take 2 tablespoons three times a day 30-40 min before meals. The course is 40 days. If this amount is not enough or it was pathetic, you need to make a new broth. Potato water is not only able to cut and remove the stones and sand from the gallbladder, and to restore the health of the liver.

Physical therapy for gall bladder

Not only the use of special decoctions and infusions helps cleanse the gall bladder and ducts, and special exercises, in particular, the "birch" and "pose tilt to the feet".
Berezka. Lie on the floor, to relax, leg pulling. Slowly raise them up, keeping his back with his hands. We need to try to legs perpendicular to the floor. Breathing should be nose - evenly and deeply. Legs should be straight, socks pulled up. The duration of the exercise until you feel a strong muscular tension. Movement should be smooth and slow. Lower legs should smoothly.
Tilt to the feet. This position helps to restore the normal flow of bile, to remove stagnant and even get rid of stones in the initial stage of their formation. She performed as follows: lie on your back, feet together, hands pulling back his head; inhale and raise your upper body into a sitting position, straight up, then, on the exhale continuing movement to lean forward to his knees, trying to reach the big toe (without bending your knees). Toes to pull. You should try to bend all the way down to the knees, to take hold big toes, and put his head between his knees, elbows should touch the floor.
The first time you perform this exercise, most likely, will not succeed. But gradually it will come out better and better.

The visceral therapy

This procedure should be performed on an empty stomach, and only in a positive mood. Lie on your back, a little listen to the music first, then concentrate on the gall bladder, think of it as you can. Mentally wish him health. Now you need to compress into a fist right hand and pressed them on the area of the right hypochondrium, helping himself with the palm of the left hand (it should press (top or side). First, this should be done while lying on the back, then sitting. Pressing need gently, slowly, gradually, until a slight pain, then pause - stop to strengthen the press, but not to weaken the existing pressure fist. When the pain becomes hardly noticeable or disappear, move the fist down a little and then up to a pain. Where there is pain, fist you should hold down until the pain subsided. To do so until then, until you press the whole plot of right rib and analgesic all problem areas.
Depending on feeling this procedure is recommended from one to three times a day 30-40 min before meals. When used daily relieves chronic gall bladder spasm, restored to its contractile function, eliminates venous stagnation. In the result there is a possibility of exemption of the gallbladder from gross bile, and sand and small stones. At the same time improves overall health, normalize digestion.
Folk medicine recommends when pain in the gallbladder to sleep on his stomach, placing it on a regular ball of yarn or a small soft ball. He will put pressure on the gall bladder and facilitate the flow of bile. It is at night, during sleep, this method is especially effective, as in a dream most body relaxes. The indicator of the effectiveness of this method: if the morning the pain when pressing the gallbladder disappears.
Attention! Before applying the above methods of cleansing and healing of the gallbladder and ducts should consult a doctor. While noticeable pain in the right hypochondrium, which does not disappear, you have to immediately stop all further procedures and to seek qualified help.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.