In the 30-ies of XX century the Soviet dentists reported on their success, proving it with concrete figures - affected population caries was represented by 20-30%, while in the countries of "decadent capitalism", this index was equal to 100%. Today things have changed quite the opposite. While in developed countries the prevalence of dental caries is 5%, in Ukraine it reaches 98%. And the reasons lie not in the peculiarities of the social structure.


For the time of existence of dentistry as a science was considered several different theories of the origin of caries. Today, scientists came to the conclusion that caries occurs from a number of different factors. The most significant of them is the abuse of human sucrose. This idea proved scientifically German scientist C. Mueller in 1984: sucrose, covered with food in your mouth, fermented cariogenic microorganisms - they produce acid, causing the demineralization of enamel of teeth. Over time, science has proved that the mechanism of the harmful effects of sucrose is much more complex, however, it is still essential in the formation of dental caries. Stable expression of that sugar - white poison, has a solid basis. First, sugar (sucrose) is an artificially selected product that people got its trouble (in the nature of a plant rich in fructose and glucose). The human body is configured to use these carbohydrates, its enzymatic systems are not adapted to the absorption of excessive amounts of sucrose. The daily rate of consumption of sucrose for adults is 30 g (all products), for a child 12 years old - 15 g, 6 years - 3, how Much we used? Depends on the level of culture and responsibility for their own health. Statistics show that on average, each resident of the United States allows himself to 5 kg of sugar per year, Europe is 3.5 (in some places and less), CIS countries and Ukraine including up to 50 kg! The negative impact of the sweet life at dental health confirmed and historical experience - when people during the war or poverty does not consume sugar, the prevalence of caries decreased sharply. This experience was confirmed in animal - cost to enter in the animal nutrition certain amount of saccharose, as they immediately destroyed the enamel of the teeth and there were caries.


An important role in caries plays and microflora of an oral cavity. It normally consists mainly of saprophytes - microorganisms, peacefully coexisting with our bodies and perform useful functions. Among them are fans of sucrose, but in small amounts (per cent) - just in case. Excessive amount of sugar in our diet is a kind of a bomb that destroys the balance: after 3 to 5 minutes after consumption the number of microbes-zachariadou" sharply increases. There is so-called enzymatic explosion, these microorganisms are fermented sucrose and produce acid, which condition the demineralization of enamel. The nature gave counteracting these processes - saliva due to its alkaline reaction can neutralize destructive acid. Moreover, it contains all the necessary minerals (mainly calcium) in order for 1-1,5 hours was a restoration of the mineral composition of damaged enamel - the so-called remineralization. Thus, on the tooth surface is being constantly demineralization and remineralization of enamel (a natural process). However, if a person uses an excessive amount of sugar, it is a dynamic equilibrium is disturbed, resulting in the collapse of hard tooth tissues. The development of caries promotes and our habit of frequent consumption of sugar-containing products - i.e. we from time to time drinking coffee with sugar, then we eat candy, through time, having lunch with a sweet dessert (cake etc). Thus, we maintain a high level of acidity and thus the process of demineralization of enamel of teeth. The body does not have time to restore the lost minerals enamel, since full remineralization need to 3-4 hours. So, if you want sweet - eat normal and forget.


Attempts to rinse your mouth after eating sweet food will not bring the desired effect. After the sugar gets in your mouth, cariogenic microflora almost instantly fermented it with the release of acids. These organisms accumulate in holes and grooves on the surface of the tooth, forming the so-called dental plaque (microbial biofilms). They have a certain structure and quite firmly attached to the surface of the tooth. Under them and there is a significant level of concentration of acids. Saliva may not immediately neutralize them, since alkaline compounds deposited on the surface of platelets. In the process of eating microbes already learned carbohydrates and "wash" can only small part of them, the others had already gone under a dental plaque is the process went. Therefore, the best prevention of caries is not to use the extra sugar. Advertising slogans like "eat sweet - chew the cud, and it'd be nice also untrue. The PRINCIPLE HOURGLASS Plaque firmly attached to the surface of the tooth and can be deleted only in the case thoroughly clean your teeth. Completely remove all the plaque can only dentist. In some countries of Europe together with toothpaste and brush sell a little hourglass, designed for 3 minutes. This time, according to scientists, it is necessary to allocate for cleaning of teeth, not 10-20 seconds, as we do from habit. Recommended to brush your teeth 2 times a day - in the morning (to remove plaque that develops in 2-3 hours after cleaning and before bedtime. The choice of toothpaste also depends on the state of the oral cavity. If any abnormalities are detected, no matter what kind of toothpaste you will enjoy. Even if it is normal hygienic pasta without any medical fillers (intended only for cleaning). Although such pastes today almost do not produce. Often manufacturers add their products fluorine-containing compounds (the principle of their action one). At diseases of periodontal diseases (gum bleeding, inflammation, and so on), it is important to consult a doctor, what kind of pasta and elixir to choose. Some useful antibacterial additives, some anti-inflammatory herbs. There is, however, paste that in these diseases to use is not recommended - they may irritate the affected tissue. Rinsers complement the action of pastes, they penetrate into the periodontal pockets and operate for several hours. Carefully choose the brush. If it is very hard, it can cause irritation of inflamed areas - for bleeding gums better to choose soft brush, in an extreme case - average rigidity (with flexible handle). For full teeth cleansing use special brushes, brushes that clean the surface near the gums and dental floss (for cleansing interdental spaces).


If scientists have identified a single product that harms the health of your teeth, sugar, product guaranteeing their durability for 100%, they did not find. Everything is useful and in moderation. Relative to calcium, it is necessary for teeth and body in the amount of 1.5 grams per day. And to claim that the use of dairy products will make our teeth strong and invulnerable to disease, to put it mildly, not scientific. Calcium is required for the formation of bone tissue, tab and development teeth - it is clear that this applies only to the child's body. When the tooth was formed, to strengthen its calcium unlikely. Science bothered to another invention - fluoride treatments that really strengthens tooth enamel. Today almost all toothpastes and mouthwashes contain fluoride compounds in the West distributed special fluoride supplements. There are in Ukraine, but the results, as you can see, disappointing. As the European knows - only if a healthy diet and proper hygiene of the mouth, these drugs will become an additional guarantor of dental health. Our patient skips over the first two warnings and hopes for a miracle drug. However, in Europe there was a concept of "hidden caries". The defeat teeth occurs when you eat an excessive amount of sugar, but actively cleans teeth with fluoride means. Then caries occurs under apparently healthy enamel surface. Although the patient comes with almost imperceptible defect of the tooth, it will become clear that "under cover" there has been a serious erosion of its tissues. So keep teeth - means to take care of them. But in terms of load on the teeth of modern science advises not "undead" their frayed, digested and refined food. Chew useful. No wonder Chinese doctors for a thousand years ago developed a special load gymnastics for teeth and teeth benefits, and the stomach is not hard.


By the way, Eastern traditional medicine has a system of diagnosis of diseases of the person on the condition of the mouth - the color of the lips, mucous membranes, tongue, gums. Given what the teeth affected by caries, and even then, where this defeat, Oriental doctors also say, what body we are not in order. Western medicine is that relationship does not study, but it is fully recognized. And in turn claims: by how healthy a person teeth, you can tell how healthy he is. Especially it is displayed on the periodontal tissues. So, toxins are formed in the body, primarily infect the mouth, causing inflammation in it. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by poor circulation in the gums, endocrine disease, in particular diabetes, breaking the exchange processes in the organism, and consequently in the mouth. Her condition can be the first indicator of the common diseases of the patient. Bleeding gums may be evidence of violations of the digestive system. However, violations of dental have a direct impact on other body systems. With the defeat of periodontal infection there are formed billions extremely harmful microorganisms and their toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream and are the cause of different diseases like cardiac, endocrine, septic conditions, etc.


Caries is a serious problem. It starts with inflammation of the tooth - pulpitis, periodontitis, chronisation state and even tumour-like processes. Therefore it is better to prevent than to wait until the pain will drive in the dental chair. Yes and treat caries as quickly as possible. Principles of treatment of caries remain unchanged over the last 100 years is filling, i.e. filling of sealing material available defect hard tissues of tooth crown. Today there are many different technologies therapeutic dental treatment, invented a very high quality sealing materials. However, these materials do not treat caries. And if the patient continues to ignore the Golden rules of nutrition and care of teeth, around the "ideal" of a seal again, there is decaying process. An even bigger problem today are diseases of periodontal tissue that support the teeth. The more that we do not pay attention in a timely manner. The pain will force us to visit a doctor, but the redness or bleeding gums is rarely a reason to visit the dentist. However, according to experts, this pathology can complain almost 100% of Ukrainians. The 20-year-old occurs gingivitis (gum disease), with age it develops into periodontal (defeat bones alveoli of the tooth). The more it is affected, the less chances for its recovery. Although in the initial stages only drug treatment rather successfully. If the illness is running - need complex treatment and experienced specialists. In our clinic is a dental centre of National medical University - carry out such treatment, here refer patients with the most difficult diseases, because, except that feature the latest modern equipment and materials, we have highly qualified specialists. There are 6 departments (therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic dentistry and their respective sections for the treatment of children). Often the disease requires the intervention of specialists in several areas. We can provide a full range of therapeutic treatments of all types of dental care at the highest modern standards.