Recipes for health and longevity from the oldest Ukrainian - 111-year-old Peter Lizana.

Probably, there is no such person who would not like to live a long and happy life, but still in good health. However, it is not all. Tens and hundreds of years people have been trying to unravel the secret of youth, health and immortality, but to boast centenary only a few. Still, there is debate about the factors affecting the aging process, however, the magic elixir so no one has invented. However, experts claim that the number of Ukrainians over 100 years old, remains almost the same for the last 10 years: 1200-1500 violence. One of those lucky men - the oldest Ukrainian Ternopil 111 - year-old Peter Litan, who told about their secrets of longevity...

The secret first: permanent work On the table before Peter Pavlovich lies all his life: here are the pictures with children, but with grandchildren, over there with the grandchildren. "And this photo recently made", - shows a photo with the former head of the Ternopil oblast state administration Mykhaylo Tsymbalyuk. Also lay before us passport and identity card, which clearly recorded date of birth - may 12, 1900. And most grandpa can't believe that we lived so many years! Most of them passed in heavy labour. Petr Pavlovich and his father himself had built the house in which the hero of our story lived until recently. The farm had rather big. "There were two or three cows, a pair of horses, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks - all as expected. It all had to get around to feed. To stand had at 4-5 am. Mowed hectares of grass in one day," says long. He worked on the farm and work: and a laborer on a farm, and a firman, and a tractor driver. Even after the death of his wife continued to keep a cow, poultry. "Were not afraid of work ever, " says granddaughter Maria Kushnir. - When we took him to her, and that was 17 years ago he brought his cow. Helped with the housework. And everywhere have time". Peter Lisan't understand people who today are murmuring life. "People say that now the trouble, but if to compare with what was once, it is a huge difference. And you can keep a large household, but no one wants to work hard," says the man.

The second secret: only home products All his life Mr. Peter unpretentious in food. Everything kitchen prepares, - perfectly eats. "You know that older people capricious in food, but with our grandfather - no problems. Never one time has he not said that any meal does not like. All that you give, " eating,” says Ms. Maria. Loves a man homemade products from bread to meat, especially dairy products and sweets. But everything should be natural.

Secret three: alcohol and cigarettes "no!" Petr Pavlovich belongs to those people whose health depends far more on habits and nutrition than on the art of healing. All his life Mr. Peter led a healthy lifestyle. He allowed himself to abuse alcohol, no time on Smoking. Recalls, once in childhood with a neighbor boy drove the mouth of the cow and wanted to try the taste of the tobacco. "Already rolled tobacco in the paper, but happened to see the father. We got then good! Since that time till today not taken even for a cigarette," says the old Ukrainian. For a healthy way of life, Peter Lisan received and good health. Until recently even read the books. To 94 years, never was in the hospital and never took any pills. All the way until he broke his leg. However, even with a broken spent the whole winter at home. Since that time only complains on the lack of strength in his legs. But it should be noted that neither the heartm, neither pressure nor with a headache it has no problem. "Already, we can say that the winter passed. The children come from school with a cough and toplami and grandfather never coughed," said lady Mary.

Fourth secret: sincere prayer "I don't know why I have so much health to live through two wars, to bury so many family and friends... it probably is God's will!" - thinks Mr. Peter. During the wars is not seen as the men walked side by side, falling from deadly bullets, and he came home almost unharmed. With the help of God, says man, returned home on foot all the way from China, where he was cast in the war years. "Strangers gave me there, was allowed to sleep for a few hours, and I for a month and week came home. I do not know, for what has deserved God is health", said Mr. Peter.

The secret five: optimism and love for people Experienced grandfather and many relatives. Buried wife, daughter, three sons-in-law. Waited a man 10 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. At Christmas and Easter, one of the festive table and one room for guests few, and is also, not all the family. All children, which Mr. Peter became godfather to his father, who had not count. Never abandoned this honorable mission. Until recently, he had to leave home to her two children, and neighbors had brought three. For sweetness and love, which always grandfather gave to the children, they answered him also love.

P.S. today grandfather registered at the old address - in Zolochiv district, Lviv region, however, has over 17 years of living with her daughter in the village Unique in the region. Looks like the man in 80 years. To this day, no one has officially gave confirm to him or to his family that he is the oldest among all Ukrainian men, although, if the God will give, then after 2 months it will be already 112 years. Finally waited spring, is happy as now it is not necessary to be so careful to walk on the slippery snow, and the longer you can stay in the fresh air. The fate never murmur, though life was hard. The greatest treasure you have the same health, because when it is there, that is all: and enthusiasm to work, and inspiration to overcome obstacles, and thirst for life, says Peter Lisan.

Svetlana Tlumach, for "Health and Dougall".