THE SYSTEM DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the CONSTIPATION (OBSTIPATIO) and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis CONSTIPATION (OBSTIPATIO)

Etiology. Along with reasons, in violation of motor function thick guts (anomaly length and clearance of certain intestinal loops, abnormal mobility thick guts), the most important are nutritional aspects, cortical and reflex nervous moments, upsetting the act of defecation, systematic suppression response time during defecation, prolonged use of laxatives (habitual constipation), Central, endocrine, toxic moments, the weakness of the neuromuscular system, inflammatory process in thick intestines.

The pathogenesis is reduced to less socratesanisaseaton intestinal muscles, reduce irritability of the intestine wall and therefore insufficient to lower the violation of the activity of neuromuscular mechanism associated with the peristalsis, to the emergence of resistance to the promotion of the intestinal contents.


Symptoms. Complaints can absolutely not be as familiar with constipation; in the period of imbalance in the body due to past infection, fatigue or nervous tension appears severity and the head, slight dizziness, loss of health, a sense of completeness and heaviness in the abdomen; sometimes poor appetite, belching and nausea; in some cases there are complaints PA tides to the head, feeling hot and poor sleep. A number of complaints connected with the exposure time (the discomfort and itching in the back passage when disordered defecation, unpleasant feelings in connection with receptions rough food with nutritional constipation); anamnesticescimi indications of constipation in childhood because of the weakness of neuromuscular apparatus.

Over. Constipation usually develop gradually, and supported by the fact that in connection with them sick not properly appoint the so-called lightweight, non-irritating diet and frequent techniques laxative. Long, functional constipation can lead to inflammatory changes in thick intestine - the colitis and periclita.


Recognition is sometimes great difficulties, especially where you have to differentsirovki constipation purely functional nature and constipation, which is a symptom of inflammatory alnogo process in thick intestines or reflex order in organic disease of the other organs of the abdominal cavity (stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, appendicitis, diseases of the uterine appendages). X-ray examination of the entire gastrointestinal tract with special attention to the state of zletovo intestine (location, the tone and peristalsis, evacuation) allows to solve the question about the nature of constipation. Equally important in these cases, it is also digital examination of the rectum followed by sigmoidoscopy.


Varies depending on the etiologic moment constipation. In General prediction when properly administered treatment favorable.


Prevention should be the correct nutrition in terms of its qualitative composition and individualization in individuals prone to constipation. You must specify on the harmfulness of suppression of the conditioned reflex urge the chair to limit the uncontrolled use of drugs, in particular, laxatives. Classes are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, should regulate the exercise. It is necessary to struggle with excessive Smoking. Finally, it is possible for early identification of cases of constipation in industries where there is a risk of lead poisoning.


The treatment begins with the systematic training of the intestine by means of a conditioned reflex for defecation; the patient is prescribed to visit the restroom at certain hours. Of great importance is the diet that should consist of food that contain a lot of fiber (rye bread, vegetables, roots, fruits, fruit), a lot of sugar (honey, milk sugar, jam, marmalade) and, finally, organic acids and fats (curdled milk, sour milk, cream, berries, butter); the drinks cold water, coffee, kvass, soft drinks. Food should contain a sufficient amount of oil, especially when spastic constipation. In these cases, it should be assigned in the form pasty. Fish and meat are limited. Not recommended white bread, hot soups, rice, pasta, chocolate.