When Nature has not given health, you can get it yourself

Do not let yourself to grow old, to whine, to hurt, to keep fit and health is an art, which to learn. A person can safely extend your healthy and active life 20-30 years, if it is to adhere to certain rules of life, promote longevity, treat your body and constantly work on its improvement. In this example, I was convinced Vlad Bugayenko — Explorer of the possibilities of the human body, an admirer and promoter of active and healthy lifestyle, the sixfold champion of Ukraine in his age on the run, a lecturer at the faculty of "Health method of life" Kyiv University "Third Vik".

If you want to be healthy — be it!

Vlad, how do You manage in your 69 to have such a young and peppy look?

Once in my youth I read a quote: "If you want to be happy — be happy". Now, many years later, I take the liberty to rephrase it: "If you want to be healthy — be it!"
Nature from birth gave me good health. As a child I was constantly ill, was released from school physical education classes due to diseases of the heart — blockade right bundle branch block is a disruption in the communication between the Central nervous system and the heartM. That is, the heart receives the load, and the brain does not feel and does not give the command to stop.
When I was 15 years old — boys at this age are already starting to look at girls — I decided I was defective. It was weak, also had a bunch of complexes. Of course, I was not satisfied with this situation, and I began to look for ways to healthy existence. To get started, find a suitable branch on the tree and each day moved up. Also knocked out his buddy from high school: go to the farm and beg for there weight. In addition, in his yard he measured himself with a Jogging trail and made a place for jumping. Thus, through regular classes, I felt much better, more fulfilling. Then realized one thing: if something is hard to do, the results sooner or later appear.

Vlad, and how was Your life? You probably have become a real athlete?

I stood in a step from the big sport. After the army and graduation I was assigned to Minsk. It was a large Association, where he worked about 30 000 people. In autumn there are regularly conducted massive cross. By that time, physically I have achieved a lot, in particular in running. So at these competitions showed quite a good result, and I was invited to the sports club, and later was asked to be in the team. But this would have to undergo a medical examination. And on the first test I said, "Stop! You have preinfarction angina". Of course, they didn't know about my diagnosis, so he invited the coach and offered to create for me in the gentlest way possible: I spent the whole month had not run more than 10 kilometers a day. A month later I came back to the Commission — the same thing. This time is said to the month it is not running and no loads. On the third test — same thing again. Thus, the door to a professional team was closed. I offered to do some other sports that are not associated with the burden on the heart. But I decided not to give up and continued training in running independently. Moreover, began to experience various Wellness methods and systems: starvation, winter swimming for some time adhered to a system Ivanova, doing weights, swimming, breathing technique by Strelnikova and others as a result I got rid of all diseases and at 69 I feel good. The result of my search, research and experiments is the author's universal system of healing the body and prolonging active youth: "art of health I I Dougall", which I continue to improve. This method is based on the laws of nature and reasonable practical the interaction with her, or rather with the elements.

Ojai — breath, which prolongs the life

Your Wellness system is based on the interaction with the elements. Please explain how this happens?

As in nature, and in man there are 5 elements: fire, air, water, earth and air. When a person interact harmoniously all the elements, the personality becomes integral, to eat a lot of complexes and problems, there is a new vision of the world, themselves and other people.
For example, the air element is directly connected with our breathing. In the East believe that with the help of breathing person receives vital energy (prana) and to the best of receipt of this energy the process of breathing is recommended to consciously control. The first thing to note: you should breathe only with your nose. And in order to be updated completely, the breathing should not occur chest and belly, expanding the diaphragm muscle and abdominals. In this case, oxygen penetrates deeper into the lungsand then in the blood. Sufficient saturation of the blood prevents the formation of thrombi and the occurrence of hypertension, normalizes metabolism, stimulates mental and nervous activity.
In my classes I insist that my players had breathing Ojai. In translation, this word means "breath of victory". It is believed that one who has mastered and is constantly practicing this type of breathing, forever forget about diseases. In the process of respiration the glottis is partially closed and the larynx is tense. Inhale and exhale should be full, deep and slow. This breath should be accompanied by a characteristic "hissing" or "swishing". The sound appears due to a partially closed glottis, causing air to flow harder. During Ojai half times increased the saturation of blood oxygen, the lungs are well ventilated, it allows you to recover quickly after a long exhausting work, both physical and mental.
Say, a person is given by nature a certain number of heart beats. That is, the more beating heart, the shorter the life. The same applies to breathing. When a person breathes Ojai, he is slowing down the inhale and exhale, thus it prolongs life.

Fire-the healer will cleanse the negativity

What can You say about the fire?

The physical fire itself is the healer, it clears the human energy field, subtle bodies. Stay near it can be called a Wellness procedure. To clean enough to sit around the campfire, fireplace, or even candles. To sit by the fire until, until you feel that you've had enough — just be nice and easy. This means that the fire burned all the negative and cleanse your energy. If there is no opportunity to sit by the fireplace or campfire, you can use and candles.
Fire has many types. To this disaster can be attributed to the Sun. Therefore, sunbathing is very useful. There are times when our light radiates an increased amount of ultraviolet rays that can harm the human body. And protect tan. It is important to know that healing are only the morning rays.

Hot shower — mandatory morning procedure

Vlad, and to interact with the element of water, obviously within water treatment?

Yes, in particular the shower: morning and evening. However, in the morning a hot shower is more useful than in the evening.

And why in the morning and it is hot, not cold, or perhaps contrasting?

The fact that mandatory morning procedures, in addition to brushing your teeth and tongue, should include a hot shower. As in nature there is ebb and flow, the West and the East, as in the human body: there is a time of assimilation and excretion. Excretory function, as it is known, happens at night. So eating late in the evening and night can be called a crime concerning your body because there is a separation, and not assimilation. And in this process involved the largest organ — the skin. So its the same as the teeth and tongue should be cleaned in the morning. This is best done under a hot shower.
Why under the hot? The fact that the body temperature of a person per night is reduced, and the energy of the hot water fills and warms accordingly, the temperature rises and a person feels more energetic. Taking a shower, it is necessary to clean the skin with a stiff brush or sponge and no soap.

Vlad, how about a contrast shower? Do you recommend to use?

Of course. The benefit of a contrast shower is undeniable. But it should be taken two to three times a week and not every day, and preferably in the morning. The procedure should be: start with hot water to warm up the body and then switch to cold. Thus how would you need to simulate the entry into the cold water. That is, first, to direct the jet at the feet and slowly move up: calf, thigh, pelvis, chest and head. When you get to the head, enough for 5-7 seconds cold shower, no more — and switch to hot. Warm up well and again switch to cold. The second time the water will not seem so cold. For hardening enough for 3-5 cycles.

The cell takes only the living water

Vlad, do we interact with this element, when you drink water? Because without it people will not live long?

Yes, water is the most important factor of our life. However, it is important to pay attention to its quality. Because it depends on our health and, as already proved by scientists, longevity. Experts recommend drinking soft water. Statistically, those who drink hard, do not live long. In such water contains a lot of calcium, leading to osteoporosis. Yes, excess calcium, not a deficiency that makes bones brittle.
There are various simple ways to make water soft. Personally I make my melt water on a particular technology. Meltwater from me and soft, and purified, and structured. Another simple and affordable way is to boil it. But here's the double-edged sword: removing water from calcium — we made it dead. This water must be revived, to structure. For this it is necessary to slowly pour from one container to another, simulating a waterfall, about 30 times. Transfusion it is saturated with oxygen, is structured and transformed into a living.
Only structured water could get inside the cells to bring her the necessary minerals and clean of toxins. That's why it's so important for you to drink structured water.

After sunset — the food can become poison

Vlad, on the order of the element earth?

With it a person interacts with food and movement. It should be noted that after sunset it is advisable never to eat, especially fruit. Otherwise, how do you think of yoga, they turn into poison. It is solar product so is only useful when the sun is in the sky. After sunset in the human body not produced the desired enzyme for cleavage.
In General, meals should occur on the sun. That is, the higher the light, the better the digestive system. The main meal is recommended from 12 to 14 hours a day, when the peak of solar activity maximum.
However, none of the food will not give the desired effect without movement, i.e. physical activity.

It remains the last element — ether...

This could include positive thinking, meditation, calm the mind, calm response to all of life's events and situations. The perfect way to wind down and relax is to learn how to perform basic yoga posture — Shavasana. Yogis believe that 10 minutes of Shavasana can be replaced by 1 hour of full sleep. For total relaxation in this pose, you should lie down and mentally relax your body from head to toe.

Vitality will increase the correct awakening

Vlad, now in the autumn-winter period the human body needs most in any stimulants for their activity. What can You recommend to our readers to raise vitality, in particular this morning?

I have a set called "Bed yoga". It's part of my health system. It is aimed at General health improvement, increase endurance and efficiency. After performing "Bed yoga" one feels fit and active. But this complex has a very large amount.

Yes, we will tell about it in following issues of the newspaper. But perhaps there is some minimum that the morning will help cheer up?

If there is no time to "Bed yoga", it is possible to make only "awakening". This includes: cleansing the tongue, teeth, a hot shower, after which definitely need to wipe dry, self-massage of the whole body. To do this, you must first prepare your hands to massage each toe, rubbing the palm of his hand, several times, shake them, Pat them. Thus we have prepared the hands-massage, which begin with the ears: to bend, to twist them, both outside and inside, so they "lit up". Then massage the head. To do pressure point massage of the face, in particular to massage the temples, between the eyebrows, points on both sides of the nostrils, in the middle of the chin and others. After that, you need to Pat yourself starting from the head and gradually descending to the feet. And at least 20-30 times to shake all of her body, Bouncing on the heels and not tearing off socks from a floor. It is the first part of waking up. If you don't have time to continue classes, something that, in principle, enough to charge yourself with energy for the whole day. But if you have time, better to make a "Bed yoga".

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