Together with parents and teachers are doing everything to prevent

In Ichnya secondary school of I-IV levels № 4, located in Chernihiv oblast, in spite of demographic crisis, there are no problems with the set of students. The number of pupils of the educational institution is the leader in the area: parents willingly give here sons and daughters. Fathers and mothers attracts not only the high level of training, but also activities of the Directorate and the teaching staff aimed at maintaining the health of pupils. Last year for the second time session of the regional Council, approved the complex program "health through knowledge" (by the way, having allocated for its implementation tools). The experience of the school are visited not only by teachers from other districts of Chernihiv region or neighbouring regions of our country, but also from Russia and Belarus. And on quarantine during the outbreak of flu and acute respiratory viral infection diseases in this institution forgot sick units among children).


I must say, crossing the threshold of this unusual school, was shunned smell of garlic and onions (healing properties of these vegetables here and pay special attention to believe in them great power in the prevention of colds). And in vain: no foreign sharp smell in the corridor or classroom felt, although the Windows are small plates with sliced onions. In the big boxes also growing green onions, followed carefully look students. And every child has the original "decoration" - on the cords hanging hidden in yellow capsule from under "kinder-surprise" clove of garlic. Boys and girls from Junior classes every morning, put on this "necklace" willingly and without reminders, knowing that it is for protection against germs and diseases. Teachers are convinced that the more the child inhaling their fragrance, the less germs in the body. And for the health of their specific smell can accept it. After a day or two teeth exchanged for fresh (parents behind this carefully watch). - In this school I studied my oldest son Eugene (now a University student), - says Natalia Gorbachenko, who went to school for my daughter. - Athlete, participated in various competitions, he forgot about the disease. So, do not hesitate alienated here and younger - Marinka. In addition to good knowledge, the children receive and practical skills for the strengthening of his body, become hardened. They don't need to lecture on the benefits of sport or about harmful habits: they know that it is useful and what is not. To stay at home for our Marinka is a real tragedy. The child goes to school happily because it here interesting and fun. My husband and I also love being in school, participate in different activities. It's surprisingly fun activities that not only harden the children physically, but good unite the family. Believe me, it is a special school not only in our city, but also in the region, - says Natalia Vasilievna. Natalia Gorbachenko nice stressed that children drink water from your own Cup, brought from home. In all classrooms are equipped with special corners of hygiene. Personal towel has every schoolboy. Boiled water in kettles. And this is really so. Children do not go to cranes, where necessary, and drink clean, adequate temperature of drinking water. So - and necks are not ill, and coughing.


The school Director Alexander Kolesnichenko said that teaching staff sends a lot of effort on the health of children and strengthening their immune system. Combating infectious diseases is just a fragment of an integral system of physical hardening of the child. For a few minutes during the lesson the children put on the head of the bag with iodized salt (evaporation which is also useful). In first grade and the second graders weight of the bag - 200 grams, third - and fourth-graders - 400 (according to physiological stress). Each bag is the work of skillful hands: with patterns, embroidery, lightning or cords. From time to time the children lay hands behind his back - "grind", figuratively speaking, posture. Learn to keep your head: sitting with salt "cargo" - proudly and majestically. Sacks with salt not only help to avoid scoliosis and develop coordination, but also to withstand the distance from the eye to the notebook. And consequently - to preserve vision.


According to teachers, the child, which for a long time sits, circulation and anoxia occurs. Accordingly he just can't think. Therefore the lessons are different from traditional: the curriculum of Junior schoolchildren learn in motion. Then squatted down, then do the exercises with balls, then jump on the ropes, while solving mathematical problems. These games affect the activity of the students. Moving, children are not so tired, and it helps to understand the material better. According to the second grade teacher Tatiana Mishchenko, thanks to the movable lessons material that is traditionally perceived boys and girls quarter, assimilated, at least at 70 percent. Above the whiteboard in the classroom - a poster with bright men of seven colors. Children are aware of and skillfully take advantage of this rainbow. You know, hand in hand, when - up, when down... All depending on the colors and on the answers to the question of the teacher. Say, the answer is four. So green and the left stick up, right and down. Doing exercises quickly, together, simultaneously and beautifully. Boys and girls in this school are not sitting behind desks (or, says Tatiana Mishchenko, awake), with folded hands, and move. And near the blackboard, and near the Desk. Learning, moving and playing. Therefore, they do not have to wait patiently for the end of the lesson. And on the breaks to children is not prohibited to jump, run through the corridors and galceti. The movement gives health. By the way, in the day of my visit in the second class was attended by all 24 students. Initially, it used to come check and from the threshold: "Know that you love to play. But with knowledge?" - told Alexander Kolesnichenko. - Gave the audit work, attend classes, all checked meticulously and thoroughly. And left the school always satisfied - knowledge level of our students is high. Last year we medalists was more than in other schools of the district. Prize-winning places in competitions of different levels, diplomas of the Small Academy also show that our students do not feed back. We, teachers, love children and want them to grow up healthy and strong. Exercise - learning is not an obstacle. On the contrary: healthy and tempered child better gaining knowledge.


After two lessons from kids - big change (by the way, the pupils have three big change in 20 minutes). Instead of traditional 15-20 minutes, as in ordinary schools. Really great: the whole hour. Boys and girls have plenty of time to calmly and leisurely meal in the dining room (not glotaya on the run hot tea or munching on a bun on the go). By the way, in the school canteen are not sold harmful and undesirable for the child's body food products (chips, Coca-Cola, gum, drinks with dyes etc). Of course, some can buy something at the kiosk, but such units. A variety of juices, biscuits, fresh pastries... And slowly return to the classroom. In addition, they have time to play on the Playground or in the yard, to move, to run. The management and pedagogues everything was thought over in details and trifles: are convinced that the movement for a child is a life. Therefore, among the school-wide activities and sports contests, competitions, mini-Olympics. The most beloved and mass media contest "My sports family", in which participate more and fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, older brothers and sisters. All mass events in free from study time (usually on weekends). I will add that pupils learn to physically work in the school gardens (work in the fresh air is also a plus for health). Almost two hectares students grow vegetables and herbs for dining. Food pupils of primary schools (I-IV) is free. For students of other classes price Lunches almost symbolic. The menu mostly hot dishes: soups, borsches, milk porridge. In short, nutritious healthy food. Boys and girls with whom communicate with pleasure, called the school of the second house, saying that they are loved and taken care of.


For almost a decade institution lives by its own unwritten rules designed to protect the child from illnesses. Chief doctor of Ichnya Central district hospital Dmitry Ivasiuk already accustomed to the question about the assessment of medical innovation of local teachers. Sports activities, outdoor games, bags of iodized salt... the list of preventive "discoveries" are harmful to the health of the children there. On the contrary, the staff helps pediatricians to teach children to appreciate and to strengthen the body, to protect their own health. Each child younger classes have a "health Passport", which lists the parameters of development, the results of preventive examinations pediatricians children in school. Parents necessarily informed about all records. The Director of the school hopes that in the near future in the institution necessarily work the doctor who will operate the therapeutic gymnastics room. Then and fully implement all ideas and plans. In particular, work aromatherapy room, will prepare herbal teas. In the day of my visit just summed up the results of the competition of wall Newspapers. These bright creation of the children's hands have not had time to hide for history. I was surprised that their content is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sown grain yield good results. For the years of hard work, a lot has been done in the name of the child.

Olga CZERNIAKOW, the correspondent of "SD".