To be healthy and to feel the life in all its wonderful manifestations everyone can. But this requires a little effort: to eat, to pay attention to physical culture, not to be captured by negative emotions, to stop Smoking and not abuse alcohol. This is a General tips to a healthy lifestyle, as well as the path to the prevention and control with the disaster of our time - stomach ulcers. Learn together, what are the dangers of this disease. What are its symptoms? What is the treatment? How to protect yourself from it?


corresponding member of NAS and AMS of Ukraine,

head of the Department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology of the National medical University. A.A. Bogomolets.


Peptic ulcer is a chronic relapsing (prone to repeat after recovery) is a disease characterized by the formation of ulcers in the lining of the stomach. Ulcer (i.e. damage to the mucous membrane) is dangerous because it can have serious complications - perforation (in the stomach produces "hole"through which its contents into the abdominal cavity and causing peritonitis, i.e. inflammation of the abdominal cavity). In this case, to save the life of the patient can only surgically. If peptic ulcer discover a timely and correctly to treat her, you will avoid relapse and will regain health. And nataliavanne: to organize their lives to this disease bypassed you tenth road.

For starters, why is there an ulcer. There are many reasons. Recent research scientists confirm: in 40-60% of cases ulcer develops because the lining of the stomach "settled" special germ - Helicobacter pylori (enters the body from external environment with food), parasitizes there, allocates poison, provoking the emergence of ulcers.

Cause ulcers are: 1) long-nervous-emotional strain (stress). The excitement, troubles in the family, at work reflects on the nerves in the form of impulses that are sent to the stomach and cause vasoconstriction (nutrients already can't get into the stomach, there is a kind of fasting) and thereby provoke the formation of ulcers;

2) violation of the diet. When you arrange snacking between meals, the stomach has "excess" to work. Usually 4-4 .5 hours consumed food is digested in the stomach and enters the intestines, and you change the procedure and a little "break" harmonious "mechanism", because once again highlighted gastric acid and hydrochloric acid (they needed to digest food), which are already not for the benefit and to the detriment because irritate mucous membranes and cause the first erosion (minor damage to the walls of the stomach), but with time and ulcer;

3) the use of certain medicines (acetylsalicylic acid, butadiona, indometacin, reserpine, and so on), as destroy the mucous membrane;

4) presence of chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), it is called "predyazvennoe state";

5) genetic predisposition. If one of the parents had the plague, the disease that can occur in children, although this happens very rarely (and if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, such hereditary "gifts" may be avoided).


Separately I wish to tell about Smoking as one of the main causes ulcerative disease of the stomach. Why? The fact that nicotine has a unique and dangerous for health property - this chemical compound is very well absorbed by the body of the oral cavity, respiratory, even with the skin (if you apply it on the skin). When a person smokes, increases blood levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline (this matter, stimulating the nervous system). They also serve vessels than hinder nutrients in the right quantity to get into the body in General, and in particular in the stomach (lack of fuel makes the stomach lining vulnerable, and then easier occurs ulcer). Also when Smoking is allocated a lot of saliva. It is their purpose should help the food to pass the first stage is well processed in the mouth and the stomach to signal that the time to prepare for digestion. But as food there, stomach, getting wrong "signal", still allocates juice and acid and is idle. There is a wise saying: "drop a stone". And in the case of Smoking, each cigarette smoked man, "sharpen" the stomach, up to the formation of ulcers.

Dangerous for the stomach and excessive alcohol use (it "burns" the mucous membrane). Spirits (vodka, etc.) act faster weak (beer, wine) - slower, but also cause great damage.


What should you pay attention to suspected peptic ulcer? First, it is the so-called "hungry pain arising in the morning right after waking up, when people did not eat, sometimes at night. Why does it hurt? As the plague (already formed) acts hydrochloric acid (contained in the stomach), if "pouring salt on the wound". Once the patient has eaten, the pain goes away (because hydrochloric acid was already working on purpose: it helps the food assimilated).

Secondly, the pain occurs after 40 minutes - 1 hour after a person eats (food in the stomach is partially absorbed and hydrochloric acid, doing most of the work again, "crucify" the plague). Third, patients may heartburn and acid regurgitation (as acidic stomach contents "thrown" into the esophagus). Fourth, the pain may be accompanied by nausea, which sometimes ends vomiting, after vomiting pain.

Sore on the right side under the breast (people say "stomach"). Defecation mostly normal, there may be constipation.

If you notice these symptoms, immediately consult gastroenterologist who will prescribe appropriate screening and comprehensive treatment. Today, the plague is diagnosed by 100%. To do this, the doctor prescribes a scope (in the stomach introduced a special probe, allowing us to "see" and "photograph" the plague) or x-ray examinations (the patient takes barium sulfate, filling the cavity, i.e. an ulcer in the stomach, and it is well visible on an x-ray).


If the cause of the ulcer is the germ Helicobacter pylori, a gastroenterologist will most likely prescribe an antimicrobial agent. Previously prescribed drugs bismuth, in particular bismuth subnitrat. But since this tool is irritating to the stomach lining, has developed its new dosage form - colloidal solution of salt bismuth, which is published under the title de-Nol, Tribunal etc. In the treatment of ulcers are important inhibition of gastric juice and reduce its acidity, for this appoint ranitidine, quamatel (famotidine), omeprazole; neutralization level of hydrochloric acid (this action have magnesium sulfate, sodium hydrogen, Almagel, Maalox); improving the recovery of the mucous membrane (this is facilitated by vitamins a (found in milk and dairy products: butter, cream, sour cream; carrots: stewed or boiled with any fat; pumpkin) and E is found in vegetable oils, egg yolks, sea buckthorn).


Stress is the real enemy of health. Learn to resist them. To do this, adjust themselves to the positive perception of life, as though it was hard. Repeat mentally or aloud: I am well, I am calm and balanced, and believe it. Rejoice each day, the sun it gives its tender warmth of all people, healthy and sick, funny and angry). Smile to each other and do good. This medicine, which does not need to spend money, but it's very effective.

Soothe the nervous system tincture of roots Valeriana medicinal: 4 teaspoons of crushed material pour 400 ml of cold boiled water, leave for 6-8 hours, drink 2 tablespoons three times a day before meals for 14 days.

Great value for the treatment and prevention of ulcer disease of the stomach has also exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, contributing to the reduction of congestive effects in the body. Get in the habit of doing morning exercises, to walk more. Ask gastroenterologist, which exercises useful for you, and follow them.


The lion's share of work in the digestion of food performs exactly the stomach, so make sure to restore its normal function - pay special attention to nutrition. Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions (then free hydrochloric acid, irritating the stomach will not have time to form). Collect the food, which has a negative effect on the mucous membrane and providing intensive sokogonnym action: grilled meat and fish, meat, fish, mushroom broth, sour berries and fruits, pickles, smoked, spicy snacks, fresh onions or radishes (in large quantities, has not been chewed), raw neparastie vegetables and fruits (except grated carrot and chopped tomatoes with sour cream or vegetable oil, because they contain vitamins a and E, reducing the mucous membrane), too cold and too hot meals, soft drinks, ice-cream. Do not overeat (overflow stomach leads to the increase of education of gastric juice). It is strictly forbidden to smoke, to drink alcohol.

It is allowed to consume yogurt and other dairy products, whole milk, butter, vegetable oil, cereals soups, cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, corn), boiled meat or fish, steam meatballs, white bread, boiled eggs, jelly, honey infusion, sour juices.


Treatment of ulcerative disease of the stomach will be effective, if it is complemented with herbal medicine. Restores the mucous membrane of the stomach and will contribute to elimination of ulcers European wild ginger, okra, lady's finger (hare clover) overlapping.

Infusion of leaves of kopyten European: 1 g of raw materials, pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, use 1 tablespoon 4 times a day before meal for 2 weeks. The recommended dose not exceed because the plant is poisonous.

Gumbo eat boiled, also for soups and sauces.

The infusion of herbs of lady's finger overlapping: 2 tablespoons of raw materials, pour 500 ml boiling water, bring to a boil for 1 hour and drink 2 tablespoons three times a day 30 minutes before meal for 2 weeks.

Have anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate sliseobrazutee plants with planlosning properties of comfrey root, decoction of oat, flax. The infusion of seeds of flax: 100 g of seeds pour 300 ml of boiling water, leave for 12 hours. Then bring to a boil. Once the water comes to a boil, immediately remove from heat and strain. Take half a Cup before each meal for 2-3 weeks.

Effective against stomach ulcers and charges plants.

Leaves mother-and-stepmother - 30 g; plantain leaves - 20 g; leaves of Salvia officinalis - 20, 2 tablespoons of the mixture brew 30 minutes in 500 ml boiling water, to drink 100 ml 4 times a day before meals in the first 10 days, and with time - 50 ml 4 times a day during 1-2 months.

Comfrey roots - 50 g, peppermint leaves - 50 g; the roots of licorice - 25 g; bottlebrush herbs - 25 g; leaves Melissa officinalis - 25 g; rhizome with roots of elecampane - 20, 2 tbsp. L. collection to insist 1 hour in 500 ml boiling water, strain and drink 100 ml 4 times a day before meals for 2-3 weeks.

Remember: everyone is the master of his fate and his health. Take my advice and get over stomach ulcer. And even better: not root, it is in your power.