Vasily and Lyudmila Thunder shared their experience with apitherapeutic from Canada, Germany, USA and other countries of the world

Household name Basil and Lyudmila Thunderous from the city Gaisin that in Vinnytsia region is known not only in the circle of beekeepers and apitherapeutic Ukraine, but and abroad. They agreed to host visitors from 21 countries - participants of the 43 International Congress Apimondia is huge scope to the beekeeping world forum, which took place in September-October this year. Beekeepers from great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, India, the Czech Republic, Hungary, other countries had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Ukrainian beekeeping on specific Amateur apiary, and were pleasantly surprised. Looked with interest at the hives, were lying on the hives-stove benches in the houses of literaey were in the laboratory, where it is picked and Packed Royal jelly, tried different varieties of honey, etc.
Known Lyudmila and V. Gromovs and among those who love honey, seeking to restore their health by natural means. Using the ointment, other health apiproducts collected and produced by Lyudmila Ivanovna and Vasily Nikitovich people get rid of pain in the joints, gynecological diseases, problems with the digestive tract, chronic sinusitis, bronchopulmonary diseases, etc.

Grandma's recipes from childhood

Honorary apitherapist of Ukraine Vasily Gromov and his wife Lyudmila is a hereditary beekeepers, Wellness force of products from the apiary have felt since childhood. So, Vasily Nikitovich recalls that as many children were fed from colds, cough hot milk with honey, butter and soda. Vasily Nikitovich explained that under the action of high temperatures increase anti-inflammatory properties of honey, which is very important for ARD.
And Lyudmila Ivanovna with childhood remembered healing Babushkin balm that was always at the ready in the autumn and especially in winter when the cold traps people, and cough is its frequent companion. "As soon began to cough, - says the woman, " aunt gave us a teaspoon of his money honey. As she was preparing to him: take in equal parts vodka, honey and goat's fat or butter. In an enamel saucepan was thawed until smooth, stirring occasionally. Tied parchment, fixed the rope and put on a cold." Another recipe from a cold, cold, at the initial stage of influenza from Ludmila Gromova, taken in the inheritance from her grandmother's pasechnic.
50 ml of vodka boil ) in enamelware, remove from the heat and immediately mixed with 1 tbsp. Sabrosa (honey with wax kryshechkami). Drink hot not less than 2-3 throat, well sheltered and go to bed. After some time I Wake up wet is then went cold. To change into dry clothes and continue to sleep peacefully until morning.
The tool though and not very pleasant to the smell, but it helps when a person has a runny nose, fever, flu. Children vodka replace wine.

Honey is the best friend of the stomach

According to Ludmila Gromova, honey, you can treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it has a good effect on the intestinal microflora, it is taken for constipation, colitis, enteritis. During your stay be sure to consider the varieties of honey. Thus, with increased secretion of gastric juice is best suited honey light varieties - may, acacia, motley grass. Take an hour before meals and be sure of warm water. Buckwheat dark honey in this case is contraindicated, it has many of the enzymes that cause heartburn. At low or zero acidity - buckwheat honey just what we need, is using it for 20 minutes before meals and always with cold water. In infectious hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other liver diseases honey also helps, especially in complex with Royal jelly and flower pollen. Such patients apiterapevty advise every day before Breakfast to take 50 g (2 tbsp) of honey, Royal jelly (the size of a head of a match), and in the afternoon a mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey with flower pollen. The daily norm of honey is calculated from 1 g to 1 kg, but not more than 3 tablespoons a day.
When gastric ulcer will help pollen in high doses: 1 spoonful three times a day for 2-3 days, then go on a lower dose of 1 teaspoon three times a day. The course of treatment - month, month break. If necessary, repeat the course. With prophylactic purpose the pollen taken 1 time a day for 1 tsp. course of 1 month.
Honey has an important place in the treatment of liver, restoring its fabric, enriches with vitamins. To restore liver tissue useful three times a day to put under the tongue by 1 ch. L. obrazek and keep up to full dissolution. Not to drink and not to seize. Take pollen brought month and the same - break.
Worth a few words given to this wonderful product of bee Royal jelly. In many countries it is called Royal jelly. Such biological activity is not peculiar to any other product in the world. Royal jelly improves mood, prevents allergic reactions, reduces sugar in the blood, improves the functioning of the endocrine glands, the blood circulation of the brain and spinal cord. Also normalizes the blood, it is a good spasmolysant (bronchial asthma), normalizes blood pressure, improves immunity, relieves fatigue, has an antiviral effect shown for prostatitis, etc.
We can not ignore and wax moth. As told Ludmila Gromova, tincture on wax moth is, first of all, immunostimulant. In addition, it helps to normalize blood counts, hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes, ideally resolves anemia pregnant shown when bronchitisAh, including chronic. Also thins the blood, therefore useful when thrombophlebitis and varicosity, has the ability to dissolve fresh scars after myocardial infarction, etc.

Wax ointment is the basis of miraculous products

Superb Wellness effect of bee products identified in the form of ointment bases. Widely known among the people of the so-called wax ointment, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound-healing effect. This ointment applied with tampons, turundeki, inwardly, etc. for Example, when rhinitis, sinusitis prepare turundeki, impregnate them with melted ointment, is inserted into the nostrils and lie down. You can just lubricating mucous membranes of the nose from a cold. When otitis cotton or gauze flagella moistened with a small amount of ointment to put in the ear and warm up with a cotton swab. Procedure do several times a day till recovery. You can also coat the area under the eye and beyond.
My grandmother, for example, " recalls Ludmila Gromova, is this ointment was treated my father with gastric ulcer and myself all the time used it with pain in the stomach and intestines, using 0.5-1 teaspoon several times a day before meals.
This ointment is a great helper in the treatment of many of gynecological diseases, in particular, it successfully make a tampon in the vagina.
Recipe wax ointment: a glass of vegetable oil best crude), wax (better from Sabrosa) - a piece the size of a match box, and half boiled egg yolk. Wax from Sabrosa should be bright and fragrant. Oil is almost bring to boil, add wax when it melted, small crumbs, carefully mixing, add the yolk. All this is prepared in enamelware and on a very low heat. Ointment still warm carefully filter through a sieve. Store in the refrigerator.
Ludmila Gromova has improved the recipe of this ointment, adding to it the other components. "Based on it , - says the beekeeper, I cook their own, adding propolis or other products of beekeeping. Tampons with my cream and honey helped many women in erosion, fibromyoma, the fibroids. There are cases when honey products helped to completely get rid of these diseases."
Very well, says Lyudmila Ivanovna, proved relatively new, but already well known in recent times this apiproducts as the drone milk. Thanks to him aligned hormones in men and women, the violation of which is often becomes the cause of mastopathy, fibroids, fibroids in women, and men - prostatitis, adenoma, impotence etc.
Help Vasily and Lyudmila Thunder their honey products and those suffering from diseases of musculoskeletal system, joints pain, etc. the Most simple that everyone can, as advised by Vasily Nikitovich, to make compresses on aching joints. Cabbage leaf to smear honey (preferably crystallized) and attach to the sore joint wrap to keep warm. According to the beekeeper, honey is not only the unique healing properties, but also extraordinary permeability, what is called, will carry nutrients into the goal, to the sore spot. In addition, the family Thunderous has its own design ointments on the basis of propolis, beeswax, other bee products that they are prepared not only for themselves, their friends or families, but for all who care about their health by using natural and harmless methods.