Zaporozhye famous land... How many historical events and legends connected with this wonderful region! It is here, in Kiev, and was born and works as a gynecologist, a girl of x-ray Victoria Chabanenko.

Family gift from her grandmother - granddaughter

Victoria when I discovered this gift?
- From childhood I have seen people, animals, not only externally but also their intestines. This thought so see everything. When told about it to the family - they didn't pay attention on children's imaginations. In 6 years the attitude to my abilities have changed. My mother took me to energotropic that took fright. The woman put in front of me three pots with water and the beginning of the session. And then asked, do I see anything. I said I'd see of me to the jars are drawn some of the spermatic cord. Then the spermatic cord turned into thin threads, and then completely disappeared. And soon after that mom began to complain of a headache. I took a pencil and a sheet of paper drew the carotid artery, the blood circulation of brain and showed what her problem. She was surprised, but believe me. And medical examination only confirmed pathology.

- You are the only one in the family who has this ability?
"My great-great-grandmother Olga was clairvoyant. Lived in the village of Kalinovka Veselovsky region. The unique was the old woman. And saw, and was diagnosed with, and treated! At the age of forty was blind and fifty years after he took the people "hands". She died in 1975, when 90 years were executed. Probably, it is the gift passed me by inheritance.

- And how it was treated, Your great-great-grandmother?
"Mother told me about a former Director of a Department store that was treated my great-great-grandmother. Knew the healer and his wife. She was transported to the great-great-all Zaporozhye elite. To no one knew, and, God forbid, not reported to the party Committee officials dressed easier and came to Kalinovka disguised as ordinary employees. An old blind woman felt visitor, from fingertips to determine the disease. Apparently, she too had the ability to "see" the human organs. When Mikhail O.'s mother died, he stress began to hiccup. And still hiccuping 26 days. He increased the tonsils, swollen throat, I had a terrible pain in my stomach. The doctors suspected cancer of the throat, appointed day operations. He turned to his grandmother Olga. "There's no cancer there!", said the one and appointed their own treatment: rinse with vodka, aloe, even some grass. Then talked to him about her mother, made so that it vyplakala. And when he crossed the threshold, gently pushed his: "Well enough hiccup!" Nervous hiccups since passed. The amygdala in a few days was normalized. So was saved man from unnecessary surgery.

Visible internal organs and bad habits...

Victoria, You can see the internal organs?
The man literally see through and through: can watch the internal organs, systems, the movement of blood, lymph, the development of the child in the mother's womb, cancer, inflammatory processes. And see them not just like the picture in the textbook on anatomy, but as a 3D projection: can explore the body from all sides, and in color. However, the composition of blood, urine does not define: biochemical blood test should be performed in a special laboratory, in order not to miss the smallest details. See no viruses. See skin disease, but not at the cellular level. "Scanning" clots, stones in kidneys, nervous spasms.

- Can determine whether a person's bad habits?
- Of course, because when it affects the internal organs. Smokers, for example, bronchi are brown-yellow, those who live in environmentally dangerous places, bronchi gray, while the norm should be pink. He who has an alcohol has a liver disorder, depending on "alcohol" experience - suffer all the organs, and it is clearly visible. As runs a drug in the blood, can't see, but I see its effects.

The Cossacks do not have a strong health

- What diseases often affect Ukrainians? There's territorial features?
Sixty percent of my patients from Zaporozhye, thirty - from the Western Ukraine, the others - Russia, Germany. Regarding the Cossacks are on the first place of cardiovascular disease, followed by cancer, musculoskeletal system, digestive tract. In Zaporozhye healthy people, virtually none. And among the residents, many cancer patients. The Western Ukraine is suffering much less, if you take in percent.
Somehow to me on the diagnosis came a young girl who was going to go for a few years in Germany. She occasionally suffered heart. From what I have seen, and I, and she was shocked. Over the heart of them girls were very enlarged lymph nodes (almost Prodecologia state). What kind of trip abroad, she needed urgently serious treatment.
Also among patients with very many victims incorrectly rendered medical aid. For example, people with back pain refer to the manual therapists who just "finish". Somehow hardly can say, crept into the office a young guy with a bad back. She told me that she had two intervertebral hernia that promised to cure the grandfather the chiropractor. As a result now the guy seven(!) hernias, which do not even dare to operate neurosurgeons. This is practically a disability.
Zaporozhye children also do not have a strong health. Poor diet, congenital diseases - all this affects their bodies. I see the children who drank magazine juice, orange esophagus, and after the use of various sweets esophagus are painted in blue and green. Can you imagine that allow to drink and have your children?

- Diagnose whether children?
- Yes, from the moment of conception. Four years ago a young mother brought the little baby that was hoarse. I said that in the right bronchus he decor, mosaic, apparently swallowed during the game. X-ray confirmed the diagnosis, the child did bronchoscopy and pulled the subject. Sometimes "peering" for my pregnant friends, determine the sex of the child, development in accordance with the terms of pregnancy.
On the streets I walk quietly: you "see" man through and through, and if they do not "see". I can adjust.

Diagnostics, fixed by the diploma

- What did You study in the medical University?
- Understanding what I see, looking at the human body. Earlier I did not have the necessary knowledge, and now learned how to properly treat the disease, determine what kind of pathology. Was in the 11th grade when my dad once appeared burning pain in the chest. Looked at it, and at a back wall of the heart saw a blood clot, but failed to understand the essence of deformation. Dad left for work, where his heart was taken to the hospital... Now the parents have no problems with the doctor-diagnostician. University teachers are first treated me with distrust. I started Pora "extracurricular" exams. Many teachers, advising in different hospitals in the city, caused me to serious patients and asked to tell about what they saw. I described the condition of the internal organs of patients, so much so precisely and in detail that soon the most skeptical people could be no doubt about my unusual gift. I showed pregnant women with complex pathologies, I clearly was called, who has problems. After that the teachers began to trust me and called for help: when you were lost in conjectures and could not diagnose the patient.

Victoria, You probably tried to determine the limits of its possibilities?
- One time with her experiments. But the upside card I don't see the inscription under the covers of Coca-Cola and Fanta not reading, not to anticipate the future. As a joke once in the Kiev zoo at the request of a friend "looked" at an elephant, a chinchilla. Elsewhere was diagnosed with inflammation in the lungs of a horse. That is, the x-ray penetrates only in biological tissue. For some reason, however itself from the inside can't see. Neither foot nor hand. And in front of the mirror, and turned in all directions, nothing. Therefore periodically go to the doctor, as an ordinary patient.

And you can "scan" on pictures or to "Skype"?
- Once called from the States. Russian-speaking American, somehow learned about me and asked if I could diagnose her to "Skype". This, of course, impossible, personal presence is required.

- Is it difficult to diagnose, this requires effort?
- Any physical problems, the process of scanning does not require. More than tired of talking when communicating with patients, because at one time goes from 40 minutes to an hour. Inspect the body of the patient - vessels, arteries, veins, all systems of the body. Discover a certain disease, explain what it is. To make it clearer, shown in Atlas of anatomy. When a day for 5-6 hours talking in great detail explaining it sometimes tiring. As each patient comes with some suspicion, and Frank are skeptics. This is for me an extra incentive to improve.

- What is your dream?
- The most expensive man - health, and so I wish him all. I also dream that was smaller tests each of us, and as many bright emotions. Want pregnant safely give birth to healthy children, because this is our future!

...After the interview Victoria me producnational. Incredibly, she opened all of my "secrets"! Even've listed what I ate for lunch. Identified weaknesses, dispelled fears of disease of the heart, noted that you need to pay attention. At the end of the meeting warned of inflammatory process in the nose and throat and tonsils. At that moment I felt good and did not pay attention to it, but the next morning - sick. A real miracle? Yes!

, Zaporozhye.