Sort of apples with an unusual name Crispy Honey I brought the American, " says the farmer-gardener from Pine, Deputy Chairman of the regional Association of intensive gardening Victor has Leskala. - Have a collection of red pears and peaches. Peaches fruit from late spring to autumn... a Former graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Victor has Lascala (by the way, the Institute has graduated with the red diploma) almost twenty years is engaged in gardening. - Earlier, when he worked as an engineer, it was my hobby, " says Victor Andreevich. And since the disintegration of the Union and the production declined, UVtreatment was the main job. ONE of the BUMBLEBEE DUTCH SELL FOR TWO EURO - Bumble-bee farm was my cherished dream, - says Victor has Leskala. - Felt: it seems to be prospective. 7 years ago I met a Dutchman, he participated in the overall project for the intensive rearing of gardens. The Dutchman has revealed the secret, he says, they start breeding Bumble bees for sale. Since they are very effective pollinators gardens. And I ask: what will sell? Says two euros for the bumblebee. I couldn't control myself and then I also boasted: "I already have the same Maliki". The interlocutor has heard if they took away. He once again asked to see whether it is really so. Praised. Though, it seemed to Mr. Victor was upset that Ukrainians ahead of the Dutch in this case. And, according to the gardener, he realized that the bumblebee should do more serious. HIVES is NOT NECESSARY - Than bumblebees better bees? says Victor has Leskala. - Bumblebees operate at lower temperatures. Bees fly when the air warms up to 12-14 degrees, and bumblebees - before (quite 4 degrees). Once in the gardens will bloom, the first flower, i.e. the first color in the tree by Bumble bees ' mating season. Such a love game is satisfied, where the cats have to take. One shmelik lays 50 larvae. So they have a multiplication factor. Bumblebees, which separates the gardener, called osmai. Viktor has Lascala discovered them by accident. In Chernivtsi region one gardener pollinate garden with the OS. Victor wrote him a letter. But received no reply. Asked again. Only some time later came the answer. The old gardener said that he had sent Lascala small package omiyi. - For Bumble bee hives needed, smiling Mr. Victor. - There you can see the reed pipes? In them they multiply, they live for. In such a tube and forwarded me the grandfather insects for cultivation. Now I have already so much!.. Grandpa, remember, wrote that omii - hand. Mean that they don't go too far. Grandfather said that this was shown by example. One spring was cold. Bees have not yet flown. But Sadik still opilio Maliki. As autumn had the harvest and neighbor. Those gardens were further from the Bumble-bee farm, harvest could not boast. This spring also capricious in temperature. - Bees were still in hives, - says Victor has Laskala - and Maliki already one before the other hurry to work. Sometimes, in the morning still cool. Flies out of his house, and fall from the cold. And as the sun starts, spread your wings and let's go into the garden. Such are these osmai. PEAR - 700 grams - Doctor of Sciences from Uman agricultural Institute Alexander Melnik about my experiments in horticulture recalls in his lectures for students. About one method of vaccination peaches even advised to write a scientific paper, " continues gardener. - Peaches we eat from the end of spring, when the first fruits, and almost till the end of autumn. First, I have several varieties. Secondly, that each tree, as they say, is immune from frosts. Gardener instills varietal peaches on diskah-abricoska, but in the place which is hidden under the ground. So even during the frost tree will not perish. There in the garden was Lascala well as a collection of red pears. - At the exhibition in Kiev pears photographed with such interest as take photos of girls-models - smiles interlocutor. - I put pear varieties Roksolana. And they have a weight of not less than 700 grams each. Yes, and the sides are red, mouth-watering. I have also varieties: Nikolay Kruger, the Highlight of the Crimea, Kucherenko. FOR the WIFE - SEEDLING - Four dollar was worth until recently in the supermarket kilogram of apples Crispy Honey American selection, - said the gardener. - Apple extremely tasty. Even in the spring, when he has not the appearance, but, as they say, wrinkled, it still retains a crunch and remains sweet. Victor has Lascala been aware of the unique properties of the fruit of the Apple varieties. When in Vinnitsa region implemented the project "Podillya-Fruit-2000", got acquainted with the American farmer. He came to Vinnitsa as one of the participants of the mentioned project. The initiator of the case was the rector of Vinnytsia University Leonid Sereda. After acquaintance has Lascala invited Americans to Pine. He overseas the broader level, because the earth has more. But in many gardeners have converged. Especially after the meal with a glass of wine. "Then I have a guest questioned in detail about the grade Crispy Honey, - says Victor has Leskala. - Goodbye asked when the next opportunity to bring a sapling. Little is hoped that it will happen. Although American officials insisted that will definitely come again, and in addition, not himself, and take a wife, and she saw Ukraine. One of my comrades, who were present at the conversation, just for fun hinted guest: "do Not bring sapling, 't stolen wife." Whether the American was afraid of the words, whether he is mandatory in the delivery, but the next year really brought sapling. Now I have in my garden grows Crispy Honey. In his time Victor has Lascala cultivated roses, which in Vinnitsa no longer grow. These were varieties which won European competitions. I actually started with the cultivation of flowers, recalls have Leskala. Once he heard about the tender roses in Paris. Wrote the winning varieties. Then asked a friend pilot, so that through their colleagues who worked on international flights, brought him such flower. The one and only. "Enough of one kidney, to grow a flower". Also gave him the rarest of roses from Holland. It was until then, until they begin to carry flowers on the sale of aircraft, - says Victor has Leskala. Thus I interrupted flower business, and I took up gardening. Today Victor has Lescala is not only a gardener, but also innovative shmelevo, who founded at home so far the only one in Ukraine Bumble-bee farm for pollination of trees. Victor SKRIPNIK, for "Health and Dougall".