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In the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus should be sure to include a large number of fibre (up to 40 g). It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates from the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the increase of sugar after eating. Salt should be minimised or eliminated. You need to provide the daily requirement of vitamins. In order to discharge the pancreas recommend fasting days. Apple day - more than 1.5 kg of apples. Meat day - boiled beef (0.5 kg), cabbage boiled (0.5 kg). Oat day - porridge oat groats (300 g). Cottage cheese, kefir day - cheese (250 g) and yogurt (0.5 l). Improves eyesight patients carrots, contain a lot of carotene and potassium. In the diet of diabetics must present cabbage, cucumbers, legumes (especially beans, beets, radish, onion, garlic, spinach, parsley, lettuce, sweet apples and pears, citrus fruits (especially grapefruit), blackberries, tree, mountain ash, blueberries and cranberries, nuts, cereals, whole grain bread, low-fat dairy products. Fruits, vegetables and berries preferably be eaten raw or low heat treated. Even cereal is better not to cook and cooking of groats, filled with boiling water and seasoned to swell. By the way, as a self-healing drug you can use 2 St. L. a crushed in a coffee grinder of buckwheat on a glass of low-fat yogurt. Take morning and evening for 40 minutes before eating.


To reduce the level of sugar is widely used and ordinary onions. Tablespoon onion juice take two times a day before meals. Archery tincture can be. For this onion average finely cut and pour a glass of boiled water of room temperature. Stand at least 2 hours, drink a third Cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. By the same principle prepare the extract of green feathers of garlic that it is necessary to grind, and better - grind. If not satisfied smell, onion can be baked in the oven (in the microwave). Baked onion eat once a day, morning or evening, half an hour before a meal. In addition, archery prepare tincture on vodka (1:10). Tincture take diluted in water 2 times a day for 1 tsp. There is a simple folk method that produces sugar to normal for 4-5 days. You need to take one raw egg, beat up and mix with juice of one lemon. Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. After this, do not eat or drink for hours.


I'd like to draw your attention to the spices that have become quite affordable in recent years. Found a direct link between the content of phenol in spices and their ability to prevent inflammation in diabetes. If the blood sugar level is high, the body starts the process of joining a sugar protein molecules. The resulting substance stimulates the immune response, which leads to inflammation and tissue damage. The highest content of antioxidants, spices possess the ability to inhibit the formation of damaging substances tissue in diabetes. One of the best examples of biological activity of the components of spices is cinnamon. Extract of cinnamon may reduce the sugar content in the blood after a meal. As part of such spices like cloves and cinnamon, contains 30 and 18% of phenol from their dry weight, respectively. Because herbs and spices contain few calories and relatively inexpensive, it is a good way to add antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in the diet. Spices contain different types of phenols, which are different effect on the body. So the variety of spices in food can bring maximum benefit. In addition, lower blood sugar levels reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. I recommend to cook food without salt, which does not possess antioxidant properties and contributes to high blood pressure, and with a variety of spices. When you add spices to your food, you get additional benefits, in addition to the taste. I would like to pay attention to such a miracle-La Spezia, as turmeric. It is very necessary for the recovery of the liver, obesity and diabetes. It is used together with aloe juice, mix 3 tsp. juice with a little turmeric. Take the mixture 2 times a day. The best effect if combined with the admission of this mixture with diet. But the aloe juice should be natural, without any additives or preservatives. Best of the aloe plant. For recovery of liver turmeric can be applied in the form of tea before or after a meal) or seasoning to food. A mixture of equal parts of turmeric and barberry purifies and strengthens the liver and prevent congestions. Effective turmeric and in the treatment of obesity: aloe juice with turmeric. Composition (2 g turmeric with 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera is applied 2 times a day) is especially effective in the initial stages of diabetes.


I want to remind that the disease is related with the lack of action of their own insulin and accompanied, as a rule, fat deposits in the abdomen, a high level of lipids in the blood and reduced level of physical activity. So the best way to keep your body in good shape, physical exercise. This improves the action of your own insulin, causing the level of glucose in the blood becomes more stable. Select appropriate physical load. Exercise should give sufficient, but not excessive strain on the cardiovascular system. You can do a quick walking, Jogging, swimming and Biking with reasonable speed. The intensity of the physical activity should be moderate and gradually increase. Elderly exercises will help to restore degraded over the years, physical inactivity health and to some extent to recover stamina and muscle strength. Exercises must be carefully selected in accordance with the age. Very older people often need only a small increase in muscular exercise. In any case, do not do exercises at high glucose levels (more than 15 mmol/l) or in the presence of ketones in the urine. Diabetes is very common poor circulation in the legs. When Hiking, patients experience significant difficulties, have to stop every 300-400 meters. In patients with diabetes, this phenomenon is typical, and doctors as an auxiliary method of treatment to stimulate the circulatory recommend to do special exercises for the legs. However, the following exercise cannot be run if already developed dry gangrene or at rest ongoing pain in the calf muscles. Diabetics need to take for a rule to daily 15 min to dedicate physical exercises for the legs. These exercises are sitting on a chair, every 10 times. - Pull your toes, then stretch. - Lift the toes, heels on the floor not to interrupt. Make circular motions socks feet. Turns off the floor then socks, then the heel. To lift the heel, to rely on socks. Make circular motions heels. - Lift the leg parallel to the floor, sock pull, bend your knee, put his foot on the floor. Repeat with the other leg. - Lift the leg, pull on a sock (as a variant: to make a stop circular motion). To lower leg on the floor, leaning on the heel. Repeat with the other leg. - Raise, straighten your knees, both legs. To bend and straighten the stack in the ankle joint. - The toes of both feet crush one page lying on the floor of the newspaper, then flatten it and break (feet) into pieces. Exercise is useful for those people who have flat feet. The original position of these exercise - standing, leaning his hands on the back of a chair. Run the rapids with a sock on the heel. - To get up on socks, slowly lower your heels. - Sole of the left foot RUB rise and lower third of the right lower leg. This sole seeks to embrace the Shin. Then repeat with the other leg. Physical exercises in lying position on the floor. - Lie on your back, legs to lift up, as much as you can straighten your knees. You can hands to keep his feet under the knees. To make the footsteps of circular motion with a rate of one revolution per second or two. Run approximately two minutes (if you get tired, then immediately stop). - Take a little deeper on the sofa or chair, to be in that position, feet dangling a few minutes. Repeat the exercise. A little walk around the room barefoot.


Finally on prevention of disease. With this purpose I recommend you start with the juice of oats. Useful first of all fresh juice of young shoots of oats. Drink it on a half-glass 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course is 2 weeks. Then take grain oats. 1/2 Cup oats brew 3 cups boiling water, put in a water bath for 15 minutes Take 1/2 Cup of broth 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course is 30 days. After that go to, perhaps, the best method of prevention of diabetes - regular use of buckwheat. To rinse, dry and grind in a coffee grinder to the powder. In the evening of 1 tbsp. pour a glass of kefir or curdled milk. In the morning to eat instead of Breakfast. This reduces the level of sugar in the blood, cleanses the blood vessels and has a slight laxative effect. Apply courses for 20 days, 10 days break. I advise you to periodically take grated horseradish with sour milk at a ratio of 1:10 to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals. And finally, about a new approach in the treatment of diabetes. Recently, the human body has undergone evolutionary biological changes, namely acquired mikrotrombozov. Pancreas, as well as other important organs, began to undergo extensive attack by circulating pathological complexes, causing thrombotic heart attacks. Thus there is a blockage of the large number of capillaries cancer. Acquired diabetes is a result of atherosclerosis. Himself sugar (glucose) cannot be damaging factor. Sugar has a protective function. It is also established that, in spite of insulin therapy, the effects of diabetes still appear. Therefore, it is more important for diabetics is preventing angiopathy, nephropathy, cardiopathy. The basis of his treatment is the use of drugs for the formation of immune complexes and destruction of microthrombi capillary networks. Also be sure to use Siberian ginseng, Echinacea and other plants used for strengthening of immunity. Just need to pass at least two courses per year. And remember that no incurable diseases!