In may, and in good weather and in April, it is already possible to lie down on the hive and healthier, said the beekeeper from the village Maletin Rovno region Grigory Teslyuk. Our readers are familiar with Grigory Alexandrovich from last year's publication, where it was about his hives-stove benches and honey recipes. Materials aroused great interest among our readers, by popular demand that we return to this theme.

Gregory Teslyuk


"Health and Dougall".


A former military tanker, who had spent many years under the draft, "walked" in fighting machine, Gregory Teslyuk returned to civilian life with a bunch of diseases. Deciding to continue his father and father-in-law, having been engaged in beekeeping, it is young women workers began to seek treatment. Read some literature about apitherapy, adopted experience of recovery from colleagues-Pasechnikov, until accidentally heard about the hives-stove benches. He was the right - because with this method and health was restored, and would not die "doctor", as, for example, after belogolovaya. "After that and how to do, - says Grigory Alexandrovich - made and thus create the couch. Joined three hives together, went one 2 m in length. Top made a bed of boards, which serve as a ceiling for the bees, and for men-bed. The gap between them is no more than 0.4 mm to bee could not get through". Man undresses and conveniently placed on podolannya sheet, and the beekeeper covers him with a blanket and then covers the special cover. The air inside gets through net-glass Windows in the cover, the aroma of propolis, pollen already intoxicating, we can only lie quietly, and biting "healers" in the hive neatly fulfills its mission.

Grigory Alexandrovich, thanks literaey he got rid of all ills and feel ten years younger. For several years helps others to recover from illnesses.

Last year in the summer to Grigoriy Alexandrovich on the treatment of people came from all regions of Ukraine: from Zhytomyr, Sumy, Yalta, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir - such a wide geography. Primarily come those who are not helped by conventional medicine.

Vibration in the hive also contribute to the removal of sand from the kidneys. As said Gregory Teslyuk, Elena from Zhytomyr region, on the 8th day of treatment started sand from the kidneys.

Good results after literaey note patients with problems of the locomotive apparatus is already 15 former and new patients Grigory enrolled in therapeutic sessions in may. Vladimir from Vinnitsa region after last year's treatment at the hive felt relief in the joints, today hopes to help bee vibrations to get rid of the vertebral hernia.

"And then came the woman from Poltava, - says the beekeeper, is bent, as they say, so that the nose of the earth could dig. Said that for twenty years I suffered with his ailment. Stayed two days and half-straightened her. A few days went on business home, then came back and their girlfriends were brought. The Poltava oblast went after all the sessions straight as a string. And such examples are numerous.


Long-folk, and later in traditional medicine used bee products for treatment of various ailments. Beekeepers have thought and metaproductid gift of God and call them elixir of life, it is recommended to consume them as food, and as a medicine. And claim that there is no disease that would not treated bees know the curative effect of bees on the human body and constantly feel its impact.

Treatment depends on several components. This is primarily a microvibration arising from the work of women in the hive, a powerful aura insects and volatile from apiculture products, and even the temperature, because bees support it in their houses within 36-37 degrees, i.e., such as in the human body. And in addition people should trust the beekeeper, his assistant and tune in to the fact that such treatment will help him.

If you touch the hive, you can feel the hands runs like a mild electrical current is mikrovibratsii that his body and wings create bees, a kind of medical vibromassage. It was his influence feels a man lying on the hive. And if this method were considered to be harmful to human health, today scientists confirm that the impact of micro-vibrations is of vital importance. "In particular, a leading expert in the field of microbiologici, - says Grigory Teslyuk, - member of the Academy of medico-technical Sciences of Russia Vyacheslav Fedorov stresses that biological microvibration is a resource for active ageing, which can be encouraged to use".


As for thermotherapy, it is one of the oldest and most popular methods of physiotherapy. Thermal effect on the body influences the metabolism. Scientists argue that the rise in tissue temperature of one degree increases the intensity of metabolic processes by 10 percent. "Man on the hive-the couch I covered with a warm blanket, " says Pasechnik, to the warmth from the bee, was preserved and people over a certain time was in heat-volatile, biologically microvibrations biofield". Especially the influence of treatment at night, when under the roof of bed in the hive going all the bee family. Many diseases can be cured in hives-stove benches: rheumatic, dermatological, urology, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, to great effect in the treatment of nervous and respiratory systems, in violation of musculoskeletal system. Treats hive-couch and chronic diseases, normalizes potency in men, eliminate insomnia.

The second important characteristic of the heat source, from a scientific point of view, is the thermal conductivity. To achieve therapeutic effect of high temperatures are optional. The advantage to have fluids with low conductivity, providing heat flow of small intensity. This coolant is a hive-couch that have the same temperature as people. A useful feature and the fact that people under the blanket sweats, and it means, that from the body of chemical waste.


Regarding the treatment of human biofield of bee families, as learned Grigory Alexandrovich, it is successfully used in the USA. Ukraine also began to use the method of treatment biofield of bees in a special hives, adapted to treat and sleep. With the help of special instruments, researchers discovered that your body's energy field after sleeping in the hive is increased in 5 times.

And now the most interesting - the impact of volatile on the human body. As said Gregory Teslyuk, in 1990, apitherapist B.A. Okhotsk published their long-term observations of air in hives, and came to the conclusion that it is essential fraction of nectar, aroma of flowers, honey, propolis, pollen, wax, curative operating in the digestive tract, cardiovascular and respiratory system, eliminate asthma depression. Very positive act volatile in the treatment of allergic diseases, diseases caused by radiation, diseases of locomotor apparatus.

On the positive effect of treatment in the hive is the conclusion of scientists Zaporozhye state medical University, who carried out research on the apiary in the village of Small Tokmachka Zaporozhye region in which they note that the method of apitherapy, based on close contact with the patient and bee families, can be used as physical therapy for the prevention and treatment of diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.


"Everyone who comes to me, " says Gregory Teslyuk, except Spagna hives, use and bee products: honey, propolis, capping, Podmore. They just need to apply. I have your own recipe: mix in appropriate proportions propolis, Royal jelly, capping and dead bees with honey. I guarantee that the hemoglobin will increase for the month, and, in General, the body recovers. Take this mixture need twice a day for 1-2 teaspoons: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleep. But not just swallow, and during 15-17 minutes slowly chew, so good".

In winter Grigory Alexandrovich came Anna and Yaroslav from Kanev, for medicine for his 15-year-old daughter with cancer. "Then gave them 2 litres of his multicomponent infusion, " said beekeeper, - so recently called, say that the disease has stopped. The girl appetite, she again became active and more cheerful. I would like to repeat treatment".

The cure for 30 diseases (in particular for strengthening of immunity, normalize metabolic processes in the body) calls Gregory Teslyuk tincture of bee dead bees. A glass of quality dead bees pour 1 liter of vodka and infuse it for a week. Drain. Drink: drop per year of life (but not more tablespoon), twice daily, morning and evening, before eating. The vodka can be replaced with water in the same proportion, and cook on low heat for at least 2 hours. Strain and store in the refrigerator. Used dead bees not thrown away, but keep in the refrigerator and apply to a painful joint or headache.

"Feeds" my family and patients Pasechnik such energy and vitamin mixture. Take chopped walnuts, ambrosia, capping, honey, propolis and dead bees in proportion: 1:1:1:1:0,1:0,2. All mix thoroughly. To use a teaspoon in the morning and evening.

Developed Grigory Alexandrovich and his balm that heals even started coughing.

Of course, there are contraindications for treatment in hives-stove benches. You can not treat them with allergies metaproductid; patients TBOhm; with cancer neoplasms, severe atherosclerosis, increased body temperature, acute infectious diseases, with large stones in the gall bladder and kidneys. Then treatment can be carried out only under medical supervision.

And all the rest, adults and children, from literaey - only use. So, welcome to hive!