Children try to be like adults, modeling their behavior, habits, it is difficult for them to resist the negative, which so many around. There is also a physiological explanation: the thing is that up to 14 years, most children receive information directly, without criticism. This information "settle" at the level not only of the crust, but cortex of the brain, well remembered, becomes part of his own "I". If the adult is able to be critical and to filter out unnecessary information, the child perceives everything as granted. Seeing 4-5 times a beautiful advertisement of cigarettes or alcohol, he wants to try all of this without thinking about the consequences. And tries. First, nasty, but as friends egged or mocked him, he will try the second, third time, and on the fourth starts to use drugs or drink. According to statistics, trying to smoke around 80% of children, half of them are still Smoking.


Tobacco contains OVER (aggressive carbon monoxide), which is in hemoglobin a place owned by oxygen. Due to the fact that in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, and other organs with blood comes oxygen, and WITH, there is oxygen starvation. The child is worse, often ill, because loses oxygen. But apart FROM that in tobacco is radioactive polonium, resins, benzopyrene. The complex of these substances are poisons child. As it happens? In the bronchi have cilia, which help us to be free from dust and dirt. They "capture" and moisturize all harmful, are reduced, and promoting this mass through the respiratory tract, causing coughing, push outward. The Smoking these cilia atrophy die. And all "dirt" from the environment, which must be thrown out, settles in the lungs, namely on the Airways and in the alveoli (tiny bubbles on the ends of the branches of the bronchi, where there is a saturation of blood with oxygen and selection of carbon dioxide during respiration). The number of alveoli reaches 300 million, and respiratory their surface area equal to the area of a tennis court. Such a huge surface is necessary for the alveoli for continuous gas exchange in the body. Tobacco smoke damages the fragile alveoli, making them difficult to function.


Another scourge of youth - addicted to alcohol. The worst thing is its consequence is the degradation of the personality, antisocial behavior. Recently developed beer alcoholism. They say that beer is as soft drink, no harm I brings. This is not the case. Yes, vodka, wine act faster. But those who drink 2-3 liters of beer a day, gradually become dependent upon them. Suffer not only the brain, liver, and other organs, but, what is especially dangerous, " reproductive function. If a girl at the age of 12-15 years pokrivaet, drinks, the following occurs. Poisons alcohol and nicotine are attacking her eggs laid down in the body, some cells are saved, some die and some broken shell. Damaged eggs can develop further as "disabled". Time passes. Girl gets married and is preparing to become a mother. If it is fertilized by a sperm is not healthy and damaged the egg, then in 90% of cases will emerge mentally disabled child. Here's a tragic may be paid for the mistakes of youth. A few words about alcohol. He kills billions of nerve cells that are not restored. As a result, suffer mental processes, memory, attention, intellect, imagination, thought, speech. Suffer mental state. The student becomes irritable, unmanaged, aggressive, rude, bad reaction to comments, delves into itself. Irreparably harm and mental, and physical health. To preserve the health of schoolchildren, make sure that they didn't have free inactive time. Fill interesting event of his life: go together into the nature, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, take a drawing, singing, according to his inclinations and desires. And be sure, in addition to all this, take 30-40 minutes 5-6 times a week for exercise. Your persistence and commitment will be rewarded. After all, strengthening the physical body, you will see how beautiful the emotional strings of your children. And the music of health will be the best reward.