Bad spine torpedo a rhythm of work of internal organs The internal organs are attached to our stanovima ridge - to the backbone, they retained nervous contacts with the place of their bookmarks. Pancreas, for example, during embryogenesis is laid with ganglia, located on the sides of the segments of the thoracic spine-Th7-Th9. Hence the conclusion: patient with diabetes must take all measures in order to avoid osteochondrosis of the spine, these segments of the thorax. The troubles brought by osteochondrosis, not limited to back pain. Hernia of intervertebral disks run into nervous clots-ganglia - local nerve "power"guiding this metameral, confuse them with working rhythm. What ganglia thoracic prevented from normal to direct functioning of the pancreas in General, and the islets of Langerhans, the insulin-producing, in particular. Poor posture is often inevitably leads to violations of the functioning of internal organs, and then not to demonstrations of his character, not to mention clothing. Under the posture understand the habitual position of the body when standing, walking and sitting. Proud, independent, impressive posture can be insofar as it is correct.


Correct posture characterized by several symptoms in the first place relaxed positioning of the spine. • Head - straight, together with the body, it is as if they stick on one vertical axis, chin slightly raised. Shoulders at the same level, are deployed. • Neck-shoulder angles are the same. • Chest a few steps forward. • The blade pressed to the body at the same level and distance from the spinal column. • Belly slightly tucked up, triangles waist symmetric. • Lower legs bent at the knees and hip the joints. •Physiological bends of a backbone moderately expressed.


Fix vicious posture is not easy, but until it Costanera, has not become a habit. Start with hygienic conditions, often the reason for it is in them. • Bed - tough enough body when a person lies on his back, preserved natural physiological bends (not exceeded them and not reduced). Pillow - small. • A chair and a table is in line with the growth, seat depth - not less than two thirds of the length of the thigh. • Clothes - is soft and not difficult movements, shoes - with the instep, on foot, by size. When these requirements are met, and therefore, rear is provided, you can go - and it is never too late to fix. • To get rid of the habit to stand on bent leg. • Learn not to walk without straightening of the legs at the knees and hip joints. • Do not wear a bag on one shoulder or in the hand. • Do not throw, when the seat legs. • Not to sit sideways on one hip. • Do not sit, arching his back arch. The procedures designed to correct posture, - in itself, but to strictly control the position until anchored the skills of correct posture, is a must.

Vladimir BERSENEV, doctor-neurologist of the highest category, honoured physician of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of pain. ("Practitioner for the third age").