Those born under the sign of Aquarius (January 21-February 19), capable of embracing love for all mankind and strive to serve in the name of humanism. If necessary, they are ready breast defend the afflicted and to fight for justice. They have a keen sense of brotherhood and devotion to a cause. Astrologers say that Aquarians usually half a century ahead in our development time in which we live. It is a sign of genius, because 70% of people, who became famous during the time of our civilization, is Aquarius.


Planet Aquarius - Uranium. He gives them a constant desire for adventure and freedom, a kind of adventurism, unpredictability and rebellious. Rebelliousness applies to the spiritual sphere. And even if Aquarius, was born in the family, strictly adhering to the traditional religion, most likely, he will seek to independently find their way in life. Born under the sign of Aquarius are in constant intellectual development. They analyze the situation, actions, friends and acquaintances. Moreover, it is important for them to have a circle of like-minded people: they enter into the humanitarian problems they aim to resolve collectively. Representatives of this sign have all their point of view. But when necessary and only when it is really convenient for them, Aquarians can change their position and to compromise. Because of this, their actions seem at times disorderly and lightly. But if Aquarius will feel even the least pressure, he will stand on his own to the end. Born under this sign are not folds in the face of difficulties and problems. In his life can be UPS and downs, wealth and poverty, success and fortune, but not stagnation. But in what difficult vicissitudes he got, the destiny was merciful to him and always will support, will print out of the maze and will save from danger where many people are destined to die. However, some Aquarians, like anyone else, there are periods of laziness and inactivity, but they quickly go out from this condition and make up for the lost, making for a week something you need a month of work. Aquarians with success possess any profession, have good taste, artistic abilities. However, they should avoid routine and repetitive work. Of them are wonderful teachers, psychologists, artists, engineers, astrologers. In General they tend to be unusual professions: among Aquarius many racers, philosophers, Radiotechnical, pilots and other professions, notable for its originality. The disadvantages of Aquarius include some carelessness, lack of focus, and detachment. In their search and undertakings they sometimes detached from reality.


Aquarians from nature have very little life force, more and spend it rather lightly. Therefore, already at a young age can learn what is chronic fatigue, insomnia and fatigue. Typical diseases Aquarius arise from their unexpected behavior and excessive risk. Weaknesses - of eggs, seeds: break easily and stretched. Also Aquarians are suffering from thrombophlebitis, arthritis, high acidity of the stomach, sclerosis, indigestion, infection, diseases of the blood and lymphatic system, as well as the deterioration of vision (vision Aquarius can affect nervous stress). Moreover, they are prone to the disorder of the nervous system, alcohol abuse, feelings of sadness and melancholy, which also has a negative effect on their health. Also most representatives of this sign can be varicose veins, swelling of the bones and muscle spasms in the legs. These violations are often caused by poor blood circulation and inadequate number of daily exercise. So Aquarius better to avoid prolonged standing, and not to forget about exercises for your legs. Also useful would be walking briskly is remarkable gymnastics, increase blood circulation in the legs. To ease the state will help massage the muscles from the knees to the heels or toes. In old age can develop hypertension and atherosclerosis, so be sure to zablokowane need to take measures to prevent them. Aquarius is a difficult patient, he quickly bored treatment" href="">treatmentand after a day or two he refuses it. By the way, people of this sign its cautious attitude to the doctors. Even preventive visit to the dentist they prefer to postpone for a year or two, and if they have a concern, most prefer to worry and suffer than to visit a specialist, that he was diagnosed and prescribed treatment. In addition to the low-calorie food, Aquarius useful and daily exercise in the fresh air is one of the easiest and effective means of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Generally born under this sign without enthusiasm for the preservation of his health, but these events are very important at least to keep fit.


Energy sources of Aquarius are pine, chestnut, cypress and poplar. Herbs are recommended infusions knotweed, yarrow. Useful Wellness teas from wild rose, mountain ash and sea-buckthorn. In addition, plants, related Aquarius - tansy, Holly, snapdragons, comfrey, hawthorn, limonnik Chinese, ginseng, Melissa, oregano, feijoa, black currant, shepherd's purse, wormwood. Basic physical ailments Aquarius is a consequence of insufficient blood circulation. In this regard, they often feel chills, and weakness. The most effective for this problem tea with ginseng, wild rose, hawthorn, ginger - they stimulate, tone and improve circulation. Aquarius especially carefully it is necessary to take care about the purity of blood, immediately reacting to the least symptoms of pollution: the eruption of aging, dry skin and mucous membranes. Cleansing the blood and strengthening bones, the most sensitive of representatives of this sign, particularly in old age, now is a means of traditional medicine: 5 St. L. a crushed pine needles to fill in 0,5 l of boiling water, boil 10 minutes, wrap and leave to soak for 20 minutes Infusion must purchase a crimson color. Take 2-3 throat before and after meals, and in the intervals between meals. It is very important this broth to drink during the day. Do so every day for a week. Also wonderfully purifies the blood regular use of horseradish. For this horseradish root should grind in a meat grinder and to use 1 teaspoon a day. In addition, horseradish can be dried, salt, and add to food as a seasoning. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant use lotions from infusion cornflower colors: 2 tsp. colors, pour a glass of boiled water, to insist within hours, strain. Napar from leaves of currant (1 tablespoon to 1 Cup of boiling water, to insist within the hour, taken three times daily before meals) is a great cleaner.


Food occupies in the life of Aquarius is not the first place. He can enjoy a wonderful buffet with delicious food, but no less, if not more, enjoy simple food, cooked on fire during a halt. Cellular salt Aquarius - sodium chloride, i.e. salt. With its deficiency can occur dropsy, an inflammation of the mucous membrane, diarrhea. Sodium chloride, unfortunately, is not updated with the addition of rock salt in food. Products containing this salt in the necessary quantity, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, celery, radishes, carrots, corn, lentils, ocean fish and sea products, strawberries, apples and figs. Besides, the body of Aquarius must be constantly replenished vitamin C and bioflavinoid (including rutin)to strengthen venous system; vitamin E helps to prevent disease, especially after 35 years. In the daily menu of Aquarius must be fresh fruits: oranges, lemons, apples, pears, grapes, pineapple, pomegranate, etc. is a Lack of calcium should be replenished with the help of milk, hard cheese, mustard greens, and turnip, soy beans, almonds. Also, the diet must enter honey, apples, cheese, chicken, veal, beets, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, figs, sugar, yogurt. Aquarius predominantly vegetarian diet with restriction of cakes, pastries and beverages. You should avoid canned food and all sorts of "chemistry", which - unfortunately! - rich all-store products. Meat - no more than once a week, preferably white. Fish - lean. Instead of butter and vegetable fats. Sugar is better to replace it with honey. Dairy products can have plenty. Usually Aquarius difficult to stick to full power mode, so they often have him snacks. This would be okay, if Aquarians have chosen to satisfy hunger for something more useful than smoked sausage, bread and sweets. Therefore it is better to have a hearty Breakfast, then it will be possible to avoid unnecessary snacking.


A child born under the sign of Aquarius, is a complex combination of stubbornness, increased irritability, sensitivity, rich imagination and sudden impulses. Mental activity of such children in speed like lightning, and therefore not surprising that among them many young talents. Usually in children-Aquarius sharply negative attitude to the generally accepted norms of conduct. Their first reaction to any order or even a request is a categorical "no". However, all weighing and considering, they often agree with you. However, can sometimes be very stubborn. Small Aquarians all have their own opinion, so parents need to be quite resourceful and tactful to get the kid to do something or to make concessions. Express your wish not as a wish, but as a suggestion, let therefore the child freedom of choice. What parents need to keep in mind, that in the life of your little of Aquarius was as much diversity. He always wants to know, he restless craving for Sciences, research. Solving some problem or exploring the problem, these children, in addition to the beaten track, I want to try everything possible, including your own, original methods. Therefore, problems with training in Aquarius are rare. However, they have one common feature: the new knowledge they learn better alone. Therefore it is desirable, that your child had if not the room, then at least quite a separated area for privacy. Unfortunately, children-Aquarians are often indifferent to the sport, and parents should make efforts to ensure that their babies are still spent plenty of time doing physical culture on fresh air. Children born under this sign, with special abilities, but to reveal the nature of their talent is not easy. The fact that Aquarians and sometimes do not realize what they have is the soul. Too important role in their life plays some imperceptible inspiration that tells me how to drive a brush that came unsurpassed masterpiece, or helps to find the correct solution of complex mathematical tasks. Small Aquarians can hurt anemia, nervous diseases, they often suffer from poisoning. Parents should keep in feeding the child was enough iron and vitamins. Besides mental fatigue can lead to nervous tension, cause headache, indigestion, insomnia. The best remedy these problems - the calm environment and physical exercise in the fresh air, away from the noisy places. Extremely harmful effect on the child quarrels, conflicts in the family between adults. It may seem that it is not worried about it, but actually has a devastating effect on his nervous system. In school Aquarius immediately finds himself in the spotlight. His head is just overflowing with new information and emotions require immediate release. The ability of Aquarius to challenge the class and selective approach to lessons can make it inconvenient disciple, but when it comes to this work, he will give odds to all school students. In adolescence Aquarius can disturb adults with its unusual and even sometimes extravagant behavior and clothing. Not too worry about it. He is quite self-sufficient and never danced to the tune of others. This individualist in the truest sense of the word. This behavior can someone not like, someone removes from himself, but is it possible to discover new unknown way, if you walk the beaten paths?

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.