And become healthier and happier

Many of us have dreamed that in our life happened to the magic that would help us get rid of problems or to implement sacred dream. Unfortunately, we do not have a magic wand. But it really is an amazing tool for all cases of life - water. It not only supports the physiological processes in the body, but also contributes to the disclosure of intuition and the fulfillment of desires. According to psychologists and esoterics, our subconscious has great power. It was written many programs of our life and all the relevant information. But how to reach him? How to access your own power? This will help water. The fact that she is an excellent carrier of information that gets into all structures of our body.


Many years ago a scientist, a parapsychologist, the author of the method of self-healing and revealing opportunities Jose Silva opened the technique, which helps to reveal the intuition to obtain important information. Especially when you need to make an important decision. In the evening, right before bedtime, take a glass and fill it with water. Close your eyes, raise them up a bit and drink about half of the water from the glass, at the same time mentally saying: "that's all I need to do to find a solution, which I think." Put the remaining glass of water and go quietly to sleep. In the morning, waking up, close your eyes, raise them up a bit dopate remaining water from a glass, while mentally saying: "that's all I need to do to find a solution, which I now think." After such programming you can Wake up at night or in the morning, clearly remembering the dream, including information necessary to solve, or afternoon will happen case, premonition, a glimmer of consciousness, an important meeting, which will include such information. Simple, right? So just what can't believe that IT can work. But this technique is actually very effective. Psychologists believe it is one of the most genial techniques Silva Method, and everything of genius is simple. Think about it: after all, our body consists of 78% water, and our genetic, subconscious memory knows from water every living thing happens. Attention! The technique of Glass of Water used before going to bed, but if for some reason you could not then immediately fall asleep, don't worry. Regardless of the circumstances, the programme was launched.


And now about the fulfillment of desires, that will help to improve health, to become more confident, successful and achieve the desired. This method people use for millennia. He described Vladimir Zealand in their books. Express with words what you would like to achieve, and write it on a sheet of paper in the present tense. We offer you a sample of how this is done. And you can write whatever you need. The main condition, that it was about good and anyone making no harm. 1. I am healthy, strong, vigorous, cheerful person. I feel great on the physical and mental level. I enjoy every moment of life. 2. I am self-confident and successful person. I love people, and people admire me. I radiate light and love to the Universe. I attract health, success, love (find your soul mate), money. 3. I'm talented. My brain is constantly evolving and improving. The formation of new connections between the hemispheres. Both hemispheres work accurately, consistently, synchronously. I'm having a wonderful, creative ideas, which help to come into my life are necessary and important for me things (feelings, people). Put on a piece of paper with written thought forms a glass of water. RUB hands together until the warmth inside them, move them accordion (sliding them and pushing), imagine between your hands dense clump like a balloon. It is your energy. Place palms on the sides of the glass, not touching it. Say, aloud or silently, consciously and with conviction, written thoughtforms. Very good, if you will imagine themselves the way described. Then drink the water. You should repeat this procedure in the morning, after waking up and in the evening before sleep. Your intention will be implemented! You can make anything thoughtforms - especially regarding that to which you aspire. "I look attractive, and every day is getting better and better." You will be surprised how quickly react reality. The particle "not" not to be used. Thought should be life-affirming. And no abstract and verbose wishes. Everything should be specific, concise and focused on the same target. If you have multiple purposes, it is desirable for every Cup of water to ask only one. For example, today you work for one purpose, tomorrow with another. Start with one, and in the evening on the other. Why does this technique work? Water is not an amorphous mixture, it has a structure, its molecules are United in clusters conglomerates particles that change their shape depending on external influence. That is why the water can be written information as to tape. Our grandmothers were aware of this long and successfully used in practice. A common city water, including bottled cannot be used, it absorbed a lot of destructive information. Therefore water should be taken as either distilled (prepared yourself), or melt. The latter can be obtained from ice. And if your thought-form is aimed at improving the water will be healing - it will acquire the property of medicines for diseasesthat you want to heal, and goes straight to the right address. The paper also has its own function. First, when you are not just saying your thought-form, and write it down, it acquires additional strength. Second, even one word stuck to capacity with water charges water information embedded in the sense of the word. And finally, the energy of your hands strengthens and localizes the intention, resulting water will be charged quickly and efficiently.