"Incurable" rheumatism miraculously cured

For the first time I was faced with a serious disease for almost forty years ago when my first wife was ill with rheumatism. Moreover, the disease has become acute stage, she started rheumatic heart disease, arthritis of the knee joints. For 9 months with the hope of cure or at least to alleviate we changed several hospitals, but positive results have been observed. And when at last the hospital I asked why even young woman can not cure, the doctor told me that himself rheumatic for 40 years and this disease is absolutely incurable. It completely ruined all our hope of recovery, and, in the end, I took his wife home. Her condition steadily deteriorated. She could not go outside - bothered heart and invalid varicose veins. We have started preparing documents on disability - and she was only 29.
And then, luckily, I talked about the doctor, Rulko, which was a disciple of Witold Kaminsky. Thank God, surname Kaminski for me was not an empty sound: about how this amazing doctor has cured the hopelessly sick, I told my father, patient Kaminski was my grandfather. It offered hope, and we went with our problem to Rulko. He reviewed all of the tests, the results of the survey, said, how many years already lasts disease (and it lasted about 4 years, the last year in the active form), and asked a strange question: "why are you still not recovered?" I told him, too, the question: "do you not know that rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, incurable disease?" He categorically objected: "Rheumatic fever is not a disease but a condition of the organism from which person you want to display, and then the disease miraculously cured".
The doctor told in detail and wrote out all procedures, and they were many. First of all (and most importantly, as I eventually realized, unfortunately, not very soon) - dairy-vegetarian diet and a half days of fasting once a week with a cleansing enema. And every day water treatment - rubbing, wraps, baths. At night we did the warming wraps, turn on the liver, then to his feet. The wrap was put thus: natural fabric (cotton or flax) soak in water temperature 16 C, press and do wrap: if on the liver, there's peritoneum, if the feet then to wrap each leg from the feet and almost to the groin. Then, it is important, above a wet cloth fully tightly wrap something wool, for example, sweaters, each leg separately. You should not roll compresses too closely, so as not to hinder the circulation.
Patient need to cover several blankets, cold water compresses provoke intense internal heating. If after 5-10 minutes will not be felt a pleasant warmth, you need to apply a heating pad with hot water, which should be prepared in advance.
When I first made my wife compresses on my feet, I've heard from her. Imagine, she temperature chronically elevated 37.5 C, and swollen knees, swollen veins. When I started winding feet wet cold cloth - my hands were trembling. God, how it was terrible! But the wife was fast asleep after 10 minutes, although I'm not turned off no light, no TV, and prior to that a few months suffered from insomnia.
An hour and a half I have experienced a new shock: the wife woke up and started screaming that it all off, she, probably, the temperature is already 40. Rather measured temperature - 36,6. In the future this temperature was it stable.
Three days after start of treatment, the wife began, "tear" on the job, and after a week already and left.
Water procedures we continued to do every day for a year and a half. I.e. in the evening compresses on your feet or on your liver. In the morning the wife was doing active rubbing cold water: wiped one hand on her sleeve, the other on her sleeve, etc. After physical exercises to keep warm. In short, after a half of the treatment she was completely healthy. And what is very important: simultaneously with rheumatic heart disease got rid of the acquired defect of the heart. The therapist in our polyclinic said that this cannot be, because it has never happened.
In 2-3 years then my wife started on one leg obliterating the Takayasu. Professor, a specialist on this issue, reassured his wife that the disease progresses very slowly, but in 10-15 years it will inevitably amputation. Doctor of Rulko already died, and I, at its discretion, for the three months cured wife the same compresses to his feet. When she again visited the doctor, he apologized for the first time in his practice was wrong.

Simple water "won" arthritis and not only...

Here are a few examples. One of my relatives was ill seronegative spondylarthritis is arthritis of the spine with rheumatoid inversion of the immune system. He turned for help to the doctor and he prescribed hormonal drugs rate for three months. The family member asked whether he will return his health this medication, the doctor said that it will have three courses of treatment and only in a year to determine whether he will be ever-healthy.
When a relative told me about your problem, I said that he has an incurable chronic disease and hormonal medication not save him, but, fortunately, I know how to get rid of incurable diseases. Three month active treatment: a dairy-vegetarian diet, one day of fasting each week, and water treatment. To the above one more was added: on the night of relative wore dampened with water temperature of 160 and pressed underwear, wool sweater over, tights and socks and lay down in a very warm sleeping bag. After three months of laboratory research has confirmed the full recovery.
Why watertreatment, or fisiatria, so effectively cure the most severe diseases? The response I received. After successful treatment of my wife, I again visited Rulko - brought friends with severe diseases. However, some time later I was disappointed in the doctor: diseases were different, and the treatment is almost no different. What is this treatment? I thought that should be an individual approach to the patient, to disease, to a state of illness. But friends were recovered, and in the end I realized that the doctor does not cure the disease, it only removes the disease - slagging liver, lymph, blood. Slags, toxins and harmful substances are removed from the organism with urine and feces, but also through the skin surface. After compression fabric had to be washed, because she had a bad smell, and sometimes acquired yellow-brown color.
And the most important thing was healthy diet - the refusal of animal protein, dairy-vegetarian diet. The cleansing of the body and a healthy diet intensified the healing power of the body, that the body itself overcame the disease and acted much more effective than the most expensive drugs.
Somehow my buddy 75 years old complained that for three weeks can't sleep - boring pain in the knee. Questioning him, I realized what was the matter. It turns out that he had problems with health and in the clinic, the doctor offered him three days hungry. After fasting leg was covered with blisters. Buddy decided it shingles, and began treatment ointments, after which he began arthritis of the knee joint. I concluded that during the hunger strike he started a process of cleansing the body. Too short a period of fasting interrupted this process, and waste products began to appear on the skin. But this inference was blocked ointments, so it appeared arthritic inflammation.
I suggested to a friend to limit the number of starch in food (he ate a lot of potatoes and bread) and explained that the main thing now is again encourage the body to cleanse. To do this, advised him three times a day to take a warm bath for 30 minutes and do water compresses on my knees and on the liver, alternating between them. 7 days after the start of treatment at a friend began intensive cleaning: all skin was covered with bubbles that burst, and they flowed ichor. It was hard to reassure the wife of a friend, which was very frightened by these lesions, although I had told her that this is the process of purification should be. Three weeks later a friend called me and warmly thanked for recovery.

Miracle compresses restored even tendon

Tell about yourself. Somehow travel at high speed, I fell off the bike and broke his shoulder - full tendon rupture, broke the pelvic bone. Three weeks in advance, then a Walker, crutches. And then a long recovery process hip and shoulder joints. I did compresses, did special exercises, worked with weights and almost completely restored mobility preselective joint. Almost a year has passed, and I participated in the sailing competition of captains is when the yacht is controlled by only one captain without a crew. In this race I too peretruchin hand, causing her to elbow were bloodshot and began unbearable pain. The son took me to two experienced surgeons who, having examined his hand and checked her mobility, was very surprised that in just one year I was able to restore preselective joint, all muscles work, merged the tendon. As in full tendon rupture even after surgery mobility hands restored only on 60%. What about pain and swelling, they "write off" is on the broken vessel. Indeed, the pain soon passed, and the hand began to move, surprisingly, better than before.
In fact, examples of hydrotherapy I can give a lot, and they all had a positive result. Imagine it without pills, painful injections and operations that have a lot of complications and adverse reactions. As said Witold Kaminsky in his book "One health": "the Human body with enough force himself able to repair damage caused painful changes". And if not in the condition it is necessary to help him to run the necessary processes. And one of these "helpers" is a watertreatmentand starvation, about which I will have more to say.
In General the book is Dr. Kaminski, "One health" are unique from the point of view of natural treatment. It provides a simple but very effective natural means of healing. And if you use them constantly, and not from case to case, and ailments will return health.

Net liver - healthy veins

The cause of varicose veins is high blood pressure in Vienna. The question arises, why is it increased? And the fact that venous blood goes to the liver, and when the liver is healthy, blood can flow through it. If liver shashlakova - then the blood goes to the voltage, under pressure and, as a consequence, the veins begin to expand. The same cause and has hemorrhoids. Therefore, treatment must first start with the liver. It should be clear to do the warming water compresses. They need to be put in turns, on the liver, aching feet. The procedure I described above. But here we must pay attention to such a thing as varicose ulcer. When it occurs, the doctors try to immediately close it. But do not do this. The body is so clever, that through these sores clears Vienna, because of them the blood flows (blood as tech in Vienna and flows), and other stuff. Therefore, ulcers have to do again the same compresses them. Moreover, if the disease is neglected, it ulcer in the process of such treatment may increase, and will flow from it more and more ichor. To be afraid it is not necessary, because, as I said, this is the process of purification. It may take a few days, and the plague itself closes. Compresses to do up until Vienna "not stuhnet". But in order to not have these problems, we need to protect the liver and not salakalahti her. And for this you need to change your diet: go on a dairy-vegetarian diet, raw vegetables and fruit and to limit the use or even stop taking the melted butter in a way it is very harmful, and fried foods.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.