the threat of termination :




All the nine months the body performs double duty. Its primary task is to care of the baby. It is not surprising that sometimes you feel weak and unwell. Pay attention to yourself don't risk it: don't talk to sick people, try to limit trips in public transport and don't put off routine doctor visits. He will tell you how to avoid dangerous diseases by observing simple prevention.

In the area of special surveillance — viral infection. Mucous during pregnancy is very sensitive to them. To be safe, contact your doctor, even in mild runny nose and cough.


This is an acute viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Manifested in the form of small rash. Temperature rises sharply, increase zadnesheynyh and occipital lymph nodes, headache, aches in muscles and joints, a tickle in the throat. Rubella is very dangerous because the virus can cross the placenta and seriously harm your child. The lower the gestational age at the time of infection, the more likely the disruption of the normal development of the baby.

Need to be tested for the presence of antibodies. If they were not found, and since the contact with the patient was not more than 4 days, you will need to urgently introduce a one to two doses of human immunoglobulin.


The virus enters the body through food and water, and blood. Begins with symptoms of the common cold: cough, weakness, nausea and sometimes fever. A few days later dark urine, yellow sclera eyes, itchy skin. Hepatitis required because the disease may be asymptomatic and affect the baby (through the placenta).

Hepatitis treatment performed in a hospital.


The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets. Rapidly deteriorating health, high temperature, occur, watery vesicles on the skin. When intrauterine fetal defeat smallpox subsequently, the child may experience neurological problems.

Requires careful monitoring of the therapist, and after the birth — the supervision of a neurologist, nematology, pediatrician.


Almost all contacts with the patient lead to infection. Symptoms are similar to acute respiratory disease: fever, muscle pain, sleep disturbance. By the third day the rash occurs. The virus is very dangerous for the fetus especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

For prevention apply serum immunoglobulin.


If the virus enters the body, it remains there forever. It lives dormant in the nervous system until it is activated with reduced immunity. A striking feature is the bubbles which pour out on the lips, then dry up, but remain brown. They can appear on the conjunctiva, the genitals, the skin. Herpes can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Consult a doctor — most likely, he will refer you for treatment in hospital.

Cytomegalic inclusion disease

Transferred through saliva, blood and sexually transmitted. In a weakened immune system this virus can cause the defeat of many organs and tissues. Asymptomatic, or causes a constant "jumping" temperature, sore head and throat, coughing and swollen lymph nodes of the neck. The disease is unfavorable for the fetus.

Talk to your doctor if you know you had contact with the patient. Unfortunately, the presence of antibodies does not protect the baby from infection, need treatment in an infectious diseases ward.


Spread by coughing and sneezing. Once in the body, multiplies rapidly and spreads the blood throughout the body. Starts fever, runny nose, heavily throat is sore, muscles and joints react pulling, aching pain. The flu can cause spontaneous abortion, premature birth, early pathology in the development of the cardiovascular system of the child.

Treatment of pregnant women has the features, because many influenza drugs are contraindicated. After any of these diseases shows careful supervision of a physician, additional tests and ultrasound, perhaps genetic counseling.