Some scholars even believe that the appearance of nodes in the thyroid gland is just the first symptom of aging of the body. Almost any change in tissue density, which is different from the norm is determined by palpation as additional volume that can be called a node. As graves ' disease is a manifestation of diffuse enlargement of the thyroid (uniform, without knots), this disease is beyond the scope of our present publication.


There are several concepts thyroid node. In the surgical understanding the node is a hotbed seal tissue with a capsule or a sort of it. Doctors of ultrasonic diagnostics under nodal formation sometimes implies simply a local change in the density. Endocrinologists palpation may be faced with a relative increase in one part of the thyroid gland without changing its structure, which is perceived in the initial examination as a node. Consequently, the fact of using this diagnosis is the only reason to understand what is with the patient's happening. Foci seal tissue cancer without capsules can be caused by various inflammatory processes, most often autoimmune. Essentially these lesions are not that other, as designated inflammatory swelling of the gland tissue. If the inflammation reduces their activity, these lesions may disappear. A relative increase of one lobe of the thyroid can with the feeling to look like the site, but in fact, the problem may be not in this proportion, and in the "reduced" the opposite. Therefore, the "enlarged" trying to help the less active neighbor. When ultrasound is sometimes found outlined vessels piece of tissue, which can also be adopted for the site. In addition, the thyroid gland is an active body that produce a multitude of substances. Intermittent excessive their accumulation in the tissues can appear as nodes, for example when colloid goiter. It is important to know that at the initial stage of the survey, the term "host" can hide a serious disease such as cancer. But, fortunately, the cancer among nodes in the thyroid gland is rare - in 5% of cases. Often nodes in the thyroid gland is a little. In this case it is said about multinodular goiter. Often in the gland may combine different foci. That is, if it was determined that one of the nodes contains colloid, this, unfortunately, does not mean that in the next - there is no cancer. Guessing is a thankless task. The only right way - specialised diagnosis. Sometimes, in order to decide fairly simple surveys, it is sometimes necessary to perform fine-needle biopsy under ultrasound control. And here it is necessary to be guided not by the concepts of "want - not want," or "terrible - not scary, and what fine-needle biopsy is informative and painless method. Thus, it is necessary to emphasize that it is not the size or the number of nodes determine the tactics and the nature of the treatment. The defining question is what is called a node? Main is the observation that in a not very healthy gland not to miss the beginning of the development of a more serious disease.


The vast majority of nodes in the thyroid are benign nodes that occur on the background of autoimmune thyroiditis. The so-called inflammatory disease characterized by the aggression of the immune system against own tissues of the thyroid gland. In the result, the cells die, and hormone produced function falls. There is a state of deficiency of thyroid hormones in the body - hypothyroidism. This is one of the mechanisms of formation of hypothyroidism. The second reason of "prosperity" of hypothyroidism is that we are less consumption of natural products, rich in microelements and vitamins, that is an iodine deficiency in the diet. The result is that the thyroid gland begins to produce enough hormones, and hypothyroidism in turn is one of the causes of education sites. Iodine deficiency makes itself felt also by fatigue, sleepiness, memory impairment and ability to concentrate, anxiety, excessive temperature sensitivity. Such patients always sabot. Even in a hot July day they overlook the street warmly dressed, sleep under three blankets and do not turn off the heater. Iodine is one of the best catalysts of oxidation processes, and its lack of obesity often develops. Often on the skin appear depigmented patches - vitiligo, and the skin of the feet and palms can purchase yellow-orange color. Rough elbows and heels, which lost many tinder pumice and an attempt to soften the cream, is also a symptom of hypothyroidism on the grounds of iodine deficiency. So, enemy number 1 for thyroid is iodine deficiency. The enemy № 2 - radiation. Most thyroid gland affected by the ingestion of radioactive substances. Chernobyl and large areas of Ukraine, Belarus, South-West Russia, which has sent a radioactive cloud after the Chernobyl accident, is iodine endemic areas (little iodine in the environment). If the locals were consuming iodized salt, they would have suffered less: the thyroid gland is not caught with such greed radioactive iodine from the external environment. The thyroid gland may be affected and in more common situation. The specialists say about the risk for thyroid stress - enemy № 3. Severe stress may cause hormonal disruptions in the body, including to change the secretion of hormones the thyroid gland. But if stress becomes protracted, weakened immunity. This is enough to provoke a chronic disease of the thyroid gland. Diseases related to iodine deficiency also vulnerable to those who work a lot and little rest, often under stress wrong and irregular eating habits, Smoking. Sometimes patients ask the doctor: let the direction you want to test the blood for thyroid hormone. But if there is no indication blood on hormones must not be submitted. The only analysis that, probably, we should do to prevent, even if there are no complaints - test TSH. This analysis is once or twice a year to do all adults over the age of forty, especially those who have hereditary problems with thyroid gland, as well as women who are planning to become pregnant or have recently given birth. In order to prevent possible with the help of a second person or to conduct a survey of the thyroid gland - gently with your fingers to probe the neck. Find the slightest seal - a doctor!


Thyroid loves full and regular meals, balanced in content, except for iodine, other microelements, proteins. Fashionable diet, malnutrition, starvation is not for her. With special attention to attention to the nutrition of pregnant women and children. The big role in formation of hypothyroidism plays a lack of food other microelements (iron, selenium, zinc, cobalt, copper, and other), the lack of animal protein. Smoking, some medications violate metabolism of iodine in the body, i.e., reduce the absorption even in the conditions of its normal consumption. In addition to iodized salt, are very rich in iodine seafood (sea cabbage, any marine fish, krill, squid, shrimp, cod liver oil, etc). A portion of the fish of the sea (300 g) contains a daily dose of iodine. Iodine is found in many of our foods: vegetables (particularly Bulgarian pepper, garlic, onion, herbs, roots), freshwater fish, milk, eggs, bread, cereals, meat, fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, oranges and other), tea. But radish, cabbage, turnips, and other cruciferous able to "link" iodine and cause its deficiency in the body. So if people will buy expensive overseas iodine-containing fruits (for example feijoa), while consuming a lot of cabbage, iodine is not digested. So stressed out about inaccessibility of expensive iodine-containing products unjustified. Everything must be done to iodine, which was received with a normal available with food, absorbed by the body. Note vegetarians: iodine will "slip" through the organism in transit, if people do not get protein contained in meat products. Soybeans, which for some reason regarded as a meat substitute, will not help to keep iodine - a protein that helps to master it, is found only in meat. Proposed options menu meals from simple iodine containing food, which can saturate the body with enough iodine: 1. Borsch with meat, salad beetroot salad, chicken fish, mashed potatoes, broth Rowan. 2. Soup kharcho, herring under a fur coat, pork cutlet, buckwheat, Apple juice. 3. Potato soup with meatballs; salad from sea Kale, fish boiled carrots stewed; compote of plums. 4. Borsch with crucians; beet salad, cucumber, onion and garlic; stewed peppers with rice, carrot and Apple juice.


Arrange your thyroid gland holiday: add in a bath extract of seaweed, mineral salt from the Dead sea with a high content of magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iodine or traditional sea salt. Periodically take herbs, soothing the soul and providing normal sleep. Especially useful tincture of Valerian root or leaf Melissa, or mint leaf: drink 1 / 3 Cup twice a day. Reduce nervous anxiety and improve sleep extract of the fruits of hawthorn tincture of them (20 drops three times daily before meals).


Medicinal plants are great friends of the thyroid gland. But to use them you need to really. Nodular various diseases of the thyroid are treated different herbs, often with opposing mechanism of action. That is why you should know the nature of the nodes in a particular patient. Suitable for reducing hyperplasia and thyroid nodules hypothyroidism Dyer dyeing, Xanthium strumarium L. and others Cocklebur, in addition, has a strong anti-tumor effect. But it should be noted that these herbs have a certain toxicity and therefore require caution when receiving. Less common algae laminaria sugary and bladder wrack, as together with diyodtirosina they contain iodine. Also little suitable for the treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis widely advertised and p. white, because it contains elementary iodine and iodide anion acid. The use of lapchatki white gave good results in clinical studies with thyrotoxicosis. Proposed options herbal treatment for thyroid nodules on the background of autoimmune thyroiditis the lack of functions: - Grass broom dyeing 2 parts; motherwort herb - 1 piece; the grass veroniki drug - 1 piece; grass cleaver - 1 piece; peppermint leaves - 1 piece; 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of water. 15 minutes on a water bath. To stand 30 minutes. Drain. Take 30 ml 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. - Grass broom dyeing - 10 g, pour 200 ml of cold water, cook the broth, take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. - A grass of Xanthium strumarium L. - 10 g, pour 200 ml of cold water, cook the broth, take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Physiotherapy with periodic change of treatment regimen are based concomitant diseases within 2-3 years with monthly intervals of 1-2 weeks. It is very important to choose the right plants, with the attendant diseases and characteristics of iodine by a specific person. Healthcare action have also plants with a rich biochemical composition, containing microelements (selenium, copper, iron, zinc, cadmium), and various anti-adaptogenic substances: black and red mountain ash, a guelder-rose, sea buckthorn, strawberry, blackthorn, cherry, nut, aloe, pumpkin seeds and others, as well as honey and apiculture products.

(In next post we will talk about the causes and treatment of hyperthyroidism.)

Viktor ALEKSEEV, Tatyana ALEKSEEVA, Andrey ALEKSEEV, Alexey ALEKSEEV, doctors antitumor of phytocenter "folk medicine without cordon".