About 10 years after a severe cold head I suffer from inflammation of the frontal sinus in the chronic form. All the time we have to beware. In the cooler months, wear a hat, pulling him on the brow. A small decrease of temperature in the apartment, and I have at night have to tie a head scarf that by morning reduce dull pain above the eyebrows. Head and forehead sweating, and only intensive massage of the head and face slightly improve the situation. Various heat treatments on the forehead, burial and washing of different solutions make it worse. I understand that this is due to infection, which is "stuck" in the frontal sinuses. Please advise how to deal with the disease without the use of surgical methods of treatment. Vladimir Viktorovich FREIMAN, 75 years old. Obuhovsky district, Kiev region

The letter says the doctor of alternative medicine (phytotherapeutist) Kiev city health center Evgeny SENICHEV.

The reader is necessary to specify the diagnosis by a specialist, to recollect, what was expressed disease, whether it was catarrhal process (inflammation of nasal mucous membrane), or purulent. Frontal sinuses are located close to the brain and if they have a collection of pus in the brain can be an infection of the frontal sinuses, which is very dangerous. Heaviness in the head, which is accompanied by fever, visual impairment, severe symptoms that may indicate purulent sinusitis (purulent inflammation of the frontal sinus). If the doctor-otorhinolaryngologist excluded purulent sinusitis, then we can assume inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. The main node of the trigeminal nerve is in the ear in the depth of the head. One branch goes over the superciliary arch and ends between the eyebrows. The second branch goes from the holes on the lips to nose. And the third branch in the lower jaw. It is called the trigeminal nerve, as it has three branches. There are situations when due to hypothermia trigeminal nerve reacts pain, which describes Vladimir Viktorovich. Therefore, no digging, no rinsing of different solutions do not help. In such cases, I would recommend taking a good rough wool or mohair scarf and put your ear (on the side where it hurts), and thus it to warm up. Good well as physical procedures (to do this, refer to the hospital and visit fizkabinet). Useful breathing exercises. Cover one half of the nose and make 7 breathing, then cover the other half and also breathe 7 times. Do 2-3 sets several times a day. This is best done not in the room and on the street or on the balcony.