Under the toes women recovers the spine, normal work of internal organs

For the first time at the reception to Ludmila Plasy my friend Marina got 10 years ago, when for a long time suffered from severe depression after the loss of a loved one. Neither prescribed by your doctor tablets or psychotherapy sessions could not remove her from the state of indifference and apathy. Relatives and friends was seriously afraid that will not withstand the psyche of the Marina. Then someone mentioned the healer Ludmila from Khmelnitsky PLASY. And in a few days, at a reception at Lyudmila Vasilyevna, in its prayerful the room, including icons, the candles did the rebirth of the former Marina, she learned to live without forgetting the past, and build from it a step for the future, learned to enjoy each passing day. Today Marina and Lyudmila Vasilievna - almost friend, where did the depression, but my friend with any health problem (or back accidentally touches, whether liver remind you) goes to the healer. All at Mrs. Lyudmila have your recipe and your miracle medicine.


It was only later that before admission will prayers, morning and evening - please blessings of the Lord for such an extraordinary job is the healer. And the first words of Lyudmila that jokingly was accompanied by manipulations of their hands, "removing the headache of employees was because of this nonsense: "'s hanky-panky of labatory". Although, actually, and without words, when someone had a headache, and sometimes it was bad, it was worth Lyudmila to touch hands to the sore spot or just hold hands near - pain disappeared. - Already then I felt, " recalls Mrs. Ludmila - it's not my fault, it's such a given me the gift of God, and must now help people. Eventually solved their natural skills to complement the knowledge and practical skills in massage, having finished special courses (the healer also graduated from the Institute of traditional and alternative medicine). And brought me to this one case, - says Lyudmila Vasilievna. - My godfather somewhere snatched the sciatic nerve, could not walk, poor, leg pulling. And I unexpectedly for itself took and offered her a massage. And we made you can see, the Lord has told me where and what to press and massage. Where the power came from! Kuma recalled: "What is your hands with fingers like nails-weave score". And after a while Lyudmila Plasy noticed that her hands are not only passes the pain, but ordinary water becomes too healing. You can drink (even for excretion from the body), be applied to the sick body to wounds is sure to help. Sometimes working room Lyudmila Vasilyevna called a Cabinet shop, because getting rid of diseases and different life problems, people actually get younger and even prettier. Who are not able to come to Ludmila Vasilievna the Uprising, sometimes calling her, and she with the help of God endows the water on the other side of the phone this life-giving force. This water helps adults and children. - Recently came mother with a young girl whose dysbacteriosis, - says Lyudmila Vasilievna - inflammatory and allergic rashes. Baby water drank, was pobyvala it and recovered.


Often you can help only during personal reception, this also applies to cases with spinal cord injuries, because, as keeps repeating Mrs. Lyudmila, the spine is the trunk of our lives. A minor pinched nerve endings in a certain section of the spine, and man can become real. Nevertheless days to massage the body of patients, pull to fix the spine is a very serious matter, hands and in his dream was sick. And once, when it is already quite exhausted sat down on the chair near the patient lying on the floor, toes, as if they were guided by, reached out to the sore spot on the spine and began to do a kind of massage! Were amazed both: and Mrs. Ludmila, and a patient who is under the warm, already hot woman's fingers were back pain. This was the beginning, opened for Ludmila Plasy curative abilities her feet, in particular fingers. - I'm a long time could not walk without crutches, " says gray-hair patient in a queue to Ludmila Vasilievna. "Now, look, I go almost exactly that - a man walked along the corridor. - And the problem was in the spine, where not only was treated, and healing is found here. Toes, which already hot, Lyudmila Plasy not only improves the spine, and a lot of internal diseases fixes. Under her healing foot normal functioning of the liver, stomach, addressed women's issues, etc.


For a long time already for health to Liudmila Plasy to address not only the residents of Khmelnytsky, come here and from other regions of Ukraine as a good fame spreads quickly. - You will not believe, - shares his impressions and rehabilitation methods Ludmila Plasy Vasily Gomidas, here I brought the machine from Vinnitsa, NTSh, completely paralyzed: the spine in a corset, between disk - herniation. And after several treatments that woman went from her with their feet. Since that time Vasily Gomidas, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, often with family visits his Savior. Galina Fedchenko arrived in Khmelnitsky all the way from Yalta, hearing of the local healer during your stay in Truskavets, where I went once a year, trying mineral waters to treat kidney. - Already in the third reception Lyudmila Vasilievna felt a great relief, as though a weight was removed from the kidneys, " says the woman. - In addition, he performed all of its recommendations, in particular, and water with honey was applied, and baths with rock salt was adopted.


Often Ludmila Plasy necessary not only to heal their patients from disease, but to save not yet conceived human life. So it was with Olya: in the midst of pregnancy doctors diagnosed a young woman diagnosed with kidney cancer", a possible interruption of pregnancy. On the advice of relatives frightened Olga turned to Mrs. Lyudmila. That calmed her, prayed, water has otpora and with God's help, brought trouble. However, after some time again Olya turned to the woman, this time the doctors recommended that urgent operation on the thyroid gland enlarged. Again prayers, candles, magic fingers and water from Lyudmila Vasilyevna - and the Lord helped to heal without surgery. Today Olya grow two healthy babies. Corruption is also a problem for many adults and children. This time to Ludmila Vasilievna brought newborn: not hungry, sleep poorly, and almost not gaining weight. Mrs Ludmila argues that was hexed mother and a child was injured. So you have to work with both... Healing Lyudmila of Plasy hopes and Tatiana N. from Dnepropetrovsk who is suffering from deterioration and foreign negative messages. - Obviously, one of envious Tatiana did their job, " explains the healer, so that a man melted like a candle, lost interest in life, sometimes you could bring even to suicide. Nothing calms Mrs. Ludmila, with God's help this evil, out you go.


In the cosy bathroom-Cabinet Ludmila Plasy reigns special power, for each visitor finds his special words of comfort, because it treats not only the body but the soul. As expected, on the walls, the shelves are the icons, the room is nice smell of burning candles and overwhelmed with a sense of reliability and security. - I'm a believer, " says Mrs. Ludmila, and their patients are also advised to go to Church, to live with faith in God, not to do evil and to care about the middle. First you have to heal your soul, and then improve your health and body. Itself Lyudmila Vasilievna constantly on Sunday and holidays in the temple, as you get, be sure to visit Orthodox shrines, so recently arrived from Kyiv, where they prayed in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Vydubitsky monastery. Doing such a good job of healing the people, and tries to be in the utmost purity, not to let the Lord and father of Benjamin out of the monastery in the region, many years ago blessed Lyudmila Plasy on the treatment of people from physical and mental illness. As one of our greatest wealth is health.

Hope Marinich, Love Field-Shanda. Photo Nicholas Mospan.