or Longevity as a sport...

Modern people live an average of 60 to 80 years. It seems that only began to live, and it's time to go to eternal rest. 's a shame because the ancient Greeks-Pelasgians believed that, dying at the age of 70 people die in childhood, and, according to legend, lived over 200 years. With the fact that a healthy life is good, there is no dispute, but for many it is quite boring and they prefer to get sick, get old, die, but not to strain. What if in order to get involved in it "boring" job, to use such a great stimulus as sports passion? What kinds of sport do not exist, appropriate training and please - excellent results. So let's imagine that the process of informed longevity is also a sport, and will compete in life expectancy. Lived to 80 years - can congratulate ourselves with the first personal record. Years of special training were not in vain. You feel young, cheerful, full of energy and strength. And again simple daily exercises that have long been part of life and deliver incomparable pleasure. That's 90 years of age, which is considered to be senile, but you still have a good memory, vision, hearing, young elastic skin, mobility of joints, strong muscles, a slim figure. And finally, the joke that it is hard to live only the first 100 years, no joke, but a reality, but unlike other centennial residents who are ready to die, you are well prepared for life. Sport is first of all the training, and what to train in this case? In the process of aging reserve opportunities of all our organs and systems melt every year. Here is the answer: I do not want to grow old - train reserves. To train means to regularly use, and they are used primarily when something is missing. The body may not have enough food, water, oxygen, information. Their conscious, artificial restriction promotes the use of reserve capacity, i.e. their training. Let's call this process in brief: provision-trainings. Look, what exercises can be used for this purpose.


Limit the intake of food and enjoy a nice, well-known from ancient times recovery method body is fasting. This is a temporary, voluntary, complete rejection of food. The purpose of this fast - moving to internal power, i.e. the use of the reserves. This is possible only on the condition of simultaneous, full of a power failure. Only water, and as clean as possible. A glass of juice, for example, drunk during this period, hinders the transition to power supply blocks and mechanisms for sustainable flow of provisioning, and nothing good comes out. Research results suggest that when the full short starvation diet own reserves fully meets all the needs of the body and is even more robust than conventional food. All necessary materials have already been learned, "fixed" and now for further participation in metabolism't cost a considerable amount of energy and time. How to starve and eat right, you can read in the popular books by well-known specialists in fasting and nutritionists. One table books can be a book "the Miracle of fasting " Field Braga. Here is what he wrote about it: "Every week, without skipping I spend 24 or 36-hour fast. Besides, I'm starving 7-10 days four times a year. For many years, when I follow this schedule and keeping yourself in good condition, I live like the animated Dynamo-machine. My day is filled more than a year in person. I have unlimited energy to work and play. I never tire, never sleepy. I constantly active and mentally, and physically. I have sufficient time and effort". This famous American died in 95 years, doing ...surfing is a hard and dangerous sport. On the conclusion of patanatom, its organs and the vessels were in excellent condition.


And now look what happens when the so-called dry fasting, when we end not only there, but also to drink. Water makes up about 70% of the body, comes with a drink in the composition of food, but also about 400 ml per day is formed in the oxidation of fats. During the "dry" starvation amount of this metabolic water has been increasing and some time meets the needs of the body. Research physiologist Adolf showed that at rest at a comfortable temperature person can drink up to 10 days. After the earthquake in Mexico city in 1985 under the debris was found the boy. He was still alive, although I did not eat or drink 13 days. During the "dry" starvation our body is like such an amazing creation of nature, as the camel, which can wander through the desert without food and water until, until you have used up their reserves - hump with reserves of fat. Our "hump" is the excess fat, atheroma, atherosclerotic plaques in vessels and other "garbage", which in normal conditions the body to remove not able to. According to some sources, recycling and purifying effect of dry fasting in 2-3 times above, than at fast on the water. The author has tested it myself, and it seems that it is really so. Once a week announced the aging process 36-hour "dry" hunger strike (started with a 24-hour on water), and after each of them feel great: you can feel a burst of energy and strength, improves memory, acute vision, hearing, smell, taste, increased efficiency. Let's call this exercise "Camel-36" and let's count: 4 times a month for 36 hours is 6 days of dry fasting, which in efficiency is approximately 15 days of fasting with water. It turns out that like half a month the body is in a state of purification and recovery. The aging process slows down.


Oxygen deficiency occurs hypoxia, i.e. oxygen starvation. The complete lack of oxygen leads to irreversible changes, and death, and, by the time comes for minutes and seconds. In connection with such rigid dependence in the body there is a powerful antihypoxia system. It provides a response both the short and long oxygen starvation. In the short-term hypoxia heart begins to beat faster and more powerful, pumping more blood; the reserve amount of blood comes from blood "depot" - spleen; expand blood vessels of the brain, heart, lungs vital organs, most sensitive to oxygen deficiency; increases the level of hormones of the adrenal cortex, etc. With prolonged hypoxia, for example, high in the mountains, increasing the mass of the lung tissue, the formation of new capillaries in all organs and tissues, increases the number of red blood cells, increases the content of myoglobin (reserve of oxygen in the muscles), activated oxygen-free energy exchange, increased production of hormones increases the number of active mitochondria per unit mass of cells, which increases the overall energy level. In the aging process, everything is exactly the opposite: the energy level decreases blood supply of organs is deteriorating, hormone production decreases and so on, so you can judge for yourself how important for longevity training antihypoxia system. Artificially hypoxia can be achieved in different ways. The most accessible so-called ventilation hypoxia - breathing exercises with reduced lung ventilation. In the literature one can find a large number of respiratory systems with delay on the inhale, exhale, slow exhalation, etc. they will All be efficient, because they intermittent hypoxia and train antihypoxia system. As an example breathing exercise Indian yogis "Kavala - kumbhaka", which means "absolutely quiet pause. Exercise is complete cessation of breathing in the background of most relaxed muscles. Pause lasts as long as you can stand it, and is repeated several times a day. Less available, but more effective training antihypoxia system - exogenous hypoxia. Occurs owing to a decrease in the so-called partial pressure of oxygen at long stay in high altitude. The effect described above, but to achieve that, you need at least 3-4 weeks.


The information was provided by nature a natural periodic information starvation in the form of CH. During sleep, the information coming from the outside as restrictive as possible: we do not see, hear or feel smells and touch the skin, relax taste buds. It is not about the surface, but a deep, full sleep. The conditions for it is a shaded area with good ventilation and Soundproofed, comfortable temperature and humidity, comfortable bed. The sign of a normal sleep - good health and mood after waking up. You ask where are the reserves? The thing is that during sleep the brain is not idle. There are two phases of sleep, slow and fast. It is established that in REM sleep, the activity of nerve cells in most parts of the brain increases, reaching a level of wakefulness. The function of the brain - the processing, storage and transmission of information, so its active work at the limit of external information suggests that is to process backup data stored in memory. You sleep, the brain continues to solve your problems, involving all the previously accumulated experience. They say: "sleep on it". Many great discoveries were made in the dream. In humans there is one need that is associated with the limitation of external information - the need periodically to be alone. Privacy is also view information fast. Man for man - a powerful stimulus, requiring constant attention and voltage. The inability to be alone, can lead to mental disorders. If to combine all four exercises, it turns out that the ideal means of rejuvenation is a long sleep in the mountains, because during sleep we do not eat or drink. Do you know how to grow their phenomenal ninja - medieval Japanese "spetsnaz"? Ways of self-improvement and longevity they were trained monks-hermits "yamabushi". This is the most mysterious ever existed in Japan sects. Their secrets, they passed from mouth to mouth, they were forbidden to write. And what would you think, what does the word "yamabushi"? Not that other, as the "sleeping in the mountains." Here is one of the well-kept secrets - it is in their name. Most of the Alpine resorts of the CIS special popularity not in use and it is in vain: the effect of rejuvenation is no substitute. All the methods that we have considered, based on the fact that the body is something not from outside, but because of money in our wallet is smaller, not only when we loses, but when strenuously spend. Thus, forcing the body to use its reserves we can and using periodic hard work of individual organs and systems. The following exercises reserve-training based on artificial hyperactive. They highlighted quite conditional, because the body is a unit, and the training of one system is always activates in varying degrees all others.


The function of the muscle cell contraction. In its absence, the muscle fiber is weakening and decreases in volume - the process of atrophy. Muscles form a major part of our body mass, and if you want to save them - please regularly to strain every. Walk, run, swim, dance, go to the gym - in General, do anything you want, just go. Move more or less, but a certain minimum volume of movements, which will be strained every muscle, should be performed regularly. This is the basis of stability not only musculoskeletal, but also all related systems, i.e. almost the entire body. With the help of an experienced coach develop individual that corresponds to your physical capabilities and do not depart from him all his life.


A constant body temperature provide two concurrently running process: heat production and heat loss. To train the mechanisms of thermoregulation can artificially changing ambient temperature. At lower temperatures (cold stimulation) - increased heat production and reduced heat dissipation. With increasing temperature (thermal stimulation) - on the contrary. Methods cold stimulation: wearing light clothing, air baths, face wash and wash the feet of cold water, dousing with cold water, cold water showers, cold baths, barefoot, winter swimming, cryotherapy and other Methods of thermal stimulation: Banya (Russian, Turkish, Finnish), hot shower, hot tub, sun baths, hot packs, sinking into the hot sand, bathing in thermal springs, etc. More severe methods based on temperature changes: a contrast shower, cold pool after a bath, etc. is an Example: the inhabitants of such known longevity center, as Hunza valley, swim in the icy water even at a 15-degree frost. The 40-year-old woman they look like girls, 60 years preserve the harmony and elegance of shapes and 65 years still have children.


The work of the greater part of the brain nature of our will, but there's a part that can and must train, It is the cerebral cortex, which we owe the existence of intelligence. Billions of nerve cells, the function of which is a structural element of processing and storage of information should be regularly busy. In the body clearly respects the principle "who does not work shall not eat." The broken part is translated starving: the blood supply is limited and it stops receiving enough oxygen and nutrients. Began to gradually atrophy. If you do not load the brain work, then everything happens for the above scenario and senile dementia is ensured. So survivor - it is an eternal student, he is doomed forever to learn constantly to accept and process new information. Who needs a 100-year-old senile? Without saving the intelligence process longevity loses any sense. So learn all we can. Let the computer courses alternate courses of Japanese ikebana, and they, in turn, courses of foreign language, or one higher education is replaced by another who is capable importantly - without long breaks.


One of the symptoms in psychiatry "emotional dullness". People can all understand and logically to think, but ceases to feel emotions, so like becomes a walking computer and essentially cease to be human. To keep emotions in full - task emotional training. There are emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, interest, excitement, contempt, shame and a variety of emotional tones. Emotions are awakened movies, music, songs, theatre, painting, literature, sports events etc. are Certain emotions may prevail. For example, a good Comedy - the opportunity to laugh, romance - cry, empathizing with the heroes, to feel fear in a horror movie etc. Wrong those who arrogantly refers to "soap operas"- someone like that. The role of emotional training is invaluable. For example, American writer Norman cousins got rid of severe diseases of the spine, not to any drugs, using ...smehoterapiya. Every day he looked very funny Comedy, laughed a lot, and gradually the disease. In the XVIII century scientist Sydenham wrote: "the arrival of the clown in the city means for the health of its people much more than dozens loaded drug mules". Emotions are positive, there is a negative, but not be divided into good and bad: some extent required by all.


To be a survivor in our imperfect world is possible, only having sustainable trained mind, otherwise powerful stress in an instant'll ruin everything you have created over the years. To be prepared for any shocks, to master yourself will help training. Developed many methods. Consult your therapist and select the most suitable. The classic method - auto-training Schultz. Independently or with the help of an experienced instructor them can be mastered in a 2.5 - 3 months. Very simple and at the same time effective one variant of the method Cue: at the moment of falling asleep and waking repeat mentally several times formula of auto-suggestion. It should be brief and clear. For example: "I am young, cheerful and healthy". It is in these moments, the power of suggestion is greatest and the organism is readily subject to your will.


In the body constantly formed and it gets outside a large number of substances that require neutralization and removal. The system of neutralization and allocation of sufficient reliable. It developed mechanism millions of years, but are not designed for continuous overload that arise, for example, Smoking, frequent alcohol use or improper nutrition. In this case, the system begins to falter and the body is gradually turning into a landfill waste with all the ensuing consequences, metabolic disorders, diseases, accelerated aging. Talking about the longevity of this of course is not. So, in normal conditions, the system works flawlessly, but agree that the survivor must train all that is possible to train. The problem is that the bodies involved in the allocation, as is the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, skin, mostly not subject to our will. To the aid of long-standing, proven allies man - medicinal herbs. Helps also an appropriate diet and training systems. The liver. The liver is the disposal of toxic and alien substances, part of them is excreted in the bile. Artificially increasing the outflow of bile stimulates the liver. Choleretic action has starvation - when switching to internal power from bile unloaded as biliary tract and gall bladder. Choleretic action have more than 50 medicinal herbs. The kidneys. Artificial strengthening of outflow of urine stimulates the work of kidneys. Diuretic effect have watermelons, cucumbers, grapes, figs, radishes, parsley, dill, caraway, and others, as well as medicinal herbs, which prepare diuretics fees. Gastro - intestinal tract. One of its functions is the selection. Good laxative effect has cellulose plants. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits - guarantee of good bowel habits. This is facilitated and laxatives charges herbs. The lungs. The excretory function of the lungs is to remove carbon dioxide, acetone, ethanol, and others, as well as in the self-purification of the respiratory tract from dust. In order to exercise temporarily increase the amount of carbon dioxide allow breathing exercises with hyperventilation of the lungs, i.e. with increased frequency and depth of breathing. The consequence of such exercises are two effects: hypocapnia - low content of carbon dioxide in the blood, and hyperoxia - high content of oxygen in the blood and tissues. Hypocapnia stimulates recovery mechanisms of carbon dioxide levels in the blood, which in turn is a consequence of the strengthening of metabolism. Thus the short-term hypocapnia stimulates the metabolism. Hyperoxia stimulates the mechanisms of protection against the toxic effects of oxygen, so-called antioxidant system. Training of this system is extremely important, as it prevents the formation of chemically aggressive free radicals. The weakness of its accelerates the aging process leads to such diseases as cancer, atherosclerosis and other examples of the respiratory exercises with hyperventilation of the lungs - exercise yogis "bhastrika", which means "forging fur": make 10 very strong and quick breaths, then breathe in and hold your breath for 10 seconds, and slowly exhale. Repeat several times a day. A good method of training antioxidant system - pressure chamber. To speed up the allocation of foreign particles from the respiratory tract help fees salt grasses. Leather. Excretory function of the skin carry out the sweat and sebaceous glands. The function of the sweat glands close to the kidney. The total number 3-4 million, but the rate of up to 50% are inactive. Encourage them can exercise, heat (steam bath), diaphoretic herbs.


The principle is the same: training preserves the function, the function stores the structure. Regular sex is a condition that all sexual functions and, respectively, of the organs of the reproductive system. If dead bodies just partially atrophied it would not be so bad, but, unfortunately, while limiting the options may appear uninvited guests in the form of tumors and chronic inflammatory processes.


Most of the functionality is implemented due to electrical energy. Generators are cellular organelles mitochondria convert energy food in biopotentials. The function of a reserve of electric energy perform ATP molecules. Strengthening any function leads to increase of consumption of electric energy from the reserve (ATP) and the reversal of the provision due to the growth of activity of mitochondria and increase their number. Thus, the exercise of any function trains and mechanisms for its energy supplies. Artificial method of stimulation of energy exchange is the massage, which dramatically increases the number of moving electric charges due to irritation contact exteroreceptors.


This exercise is not based on limiting or hyperactive. It is unique and ingenious in its simplicity. We just blatantly taken from the body of his most precious substance in the blood. What functions does the blood: transport of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, carbon dioxide, products exchange, participation in thermoregulation, regulation of water-salt balance, the immune protection. Artificial removal of part of blood causes the body to urgently compensate for the losses. Accordingly, this stimulates blood formation system, power -, gas exchange, endocrine, thermoregulation, water-salt metabolism, immune. Operatively involved reserves of these systems, and consequently, the mechanisms for the recovery of reserves. Thus, the bloodletting is almost ideal reserve training. Previously this method was applied very widely, the history of its use goes back centuries. Now it is undeserved almost forgotten and is used very sparingly. Phlebotomy can be done using the normal injection needles, but you can use the services of these excellent specialists bloodletting as medical leeches. Moreover, they do absolutely painless, but it still emit into the bloodstream useful biologically active substances. The natural form of the regular loss of blood occurs in women in the form of menstruation. Can we wonder that they live longer than men. By the way, at the climax of the process of aging is accelerated, in spite of hormonal correction. The body, bereft of the usual monthly stimulation, starts to pass, and bloodletting or leeches are simply irreplaceable. Remember the song from the cartoon? "I Water. I Water, no one found me and all my girlfriends - leeches Yes frogs". Very good company. Frogs as frogs, but leeches are really best friends, and not only for women in menopause. Systematic donation is also a good method of bloodletting. Blood sampling produce qualified professionals in terms of guaranteed sterility. Donor stimulates the functions of its vital systems, as his blood and cooked it in the most valuable products benefit to others and possibly save their lives. And look how perfectly look professional donors. So, you decided not to early to become frail, helpless, sick creature. With what to begin? Start with the fact that one day, tell yourself: "I am a survivor. I am young, cheerful and healthy". And no matter how much you years and what diseases you already had time to acquire. Remember that the human being is self-industrial sequence and samoustraniajutsia. Carefully review the initial state of the body (would make a good diagnosis and experienced doctor) and, on this basis, and based on their capabilities, develop your individual perfectly appropriate system of training. For a start, make a plan reserve-training for a month and start. Of course, at first it will not be easy, but we immediately agreed that it is a sport. And sport is work, ask any athlete, easy does it. Tighten your will and will hold out for the first month is the time that on average the body needs to adapt to new loads. Then gradually begin training to become in demand and by the end of the year already be fun. By the well-known principle - "every poison in small doses - medicine", unforeseen problems that destroy the body, in reasonable doses it perfectly restores and keeps in shape. Eternal enemies of man: hunger, cold, fatigue, bleeding, etc. in the system of reserve training become his best friends. But beware: all loads should be adequate physiological abilities of the organism. Unpleasant fatigue, irritability, apathy, violations of appetite and sleep suggests that you overdid it and needed rest. But the pleasant tiredness, good mood and health - signs that all is done in moderation. No need to hurry and hurry. Not necessary urgently to strip to underwear and run through the streets, along the way telling everyone that you are a survivor. Creating your individual system and began implementing it, you have not even a candidate for long-lived, and only contender for this title and his "candidate" will daily to protect approximately as many years as has already lived up to it. If you, for example, 40, 40 to "correction of mistakes", and only after 40 years, you can declare himself a survivor. But it is for others, but for themselves from the first day you have firmly decided: to have control diagnosis and the results compare with the original data. In the process of evolution nature "laid" in the body mechanisms of automatic training structures. This "autopilot" gives the opportunity to live both a person and animals, their life expectancy. The opportunity to live a more can give only conscious, artificial training. Animals do it, but man has a huge advantage: it has a mind, will and ability to self-hypnosis. Because of these qualities, he can achieve and achieves the most incredible results. So what prevents us to apply these qualities to prolong life? The mind in this case is necessary in order to make your own, individual training. Will that consistently go to the goal. The ability to self-suggestion is to convince yourself that you really will live as long as you want while remaining in good intellectual, emotional and physical shape. Homo sapiens has all chances to turn into a homo sapiens longaevitatis - person long-lived. In the process of training should take care of themselves, but should be spared. The older you are, the more ascetic way of life he should lead: eat less, move more, easier to put on and so If he starts feeling sorry for yourself, poor, tired, to restrict the movements, and many of the palate, is the beginning of the end. Nature ruthlessly destroys aging lazy. Well, to grow old we almost start with 18-20 years, when in the intervertebral discs, the first signs of malnutrition. So make conclusions. The main feature of any sport are training. Thus, the reserve-training as a system of special training aimed at increasing life expectancy, has a right to exist as a separate kind of sports. And it is a sport for everyone, regardless of age and health. All have a chance to succeed as an additional period of life. And what a life! Active, full, full of struggle. Anti-aging and premature death.

Valery DOROFEEV, doctor.

About the author: Dorofeev Valery Leonidovich, has higher medical education, fond of promoting natural healing techniques. Issued a booklet "How to survive the first 100 years", Odessa, 1991; "Health system "Reserve-training", Odessa, 1993; "ZYJ 200 LAT", Plock subroutines, 2000.

The article is published with permission of the author and is on the website: http://zywi200let.sitecity.ru