No wonder people is a plant called celandine. Folk medicine uses it externally, for purification of the skin from various rashes, warts, fungus, etc. Celandine cleanses of toxins not only vessels, but all cells.
Light orange juice of celandine has a high therapeutic activity. This juice is so strong that ingestion can cause poisoning. There is a medical adage that the difference between medicine and poison is its dosage. Almost all organic and vegetable poisons used in medicine: snake, bee venoms etc.

We'll try keeping an active healthful beginning of celandine, to remove from it the toxic substances. For intake, I suggest a threefold to process the whole plant:

  1. Drying. When this occurs, the oxidation of toxic alkaloids of the plant with the oxygen of the air.
  2. The fermentation or digestion. Boris Bolotov offers to do kvass of celandine on serum goat milk. But to get it is not so easy and brew on a cow sirovatka happens with a few other properties. During the fermentation process happens, the main processing or fermentation of celandine. In three-liter jar fill 3 cups chopped dried plants and pour cold boiled water. Add 1 Cup sugar and 1 tbsp of sour cream Bazaar (live lactic acid germs will contribute to the fermentation plants). Mix thoroughly and covering the neck banks gauze, put it in a warm and dark place. The fermentation process will occur 3-4 days, and then you can take 1 liter of filtered brew, and pour again boiling water and add 2 tbsp of sugar. Fermentation will continue. Replenish the starter with water 2-3 times.
  3. Freezing. In a plastic litre bottle, put the brew in the freezer until complete freezing of the solution. After thawing, again filtered and the drug was ready.

Take 1 tbsp 4-5 times a day. Better for 20 minutes before eating.

Useful to use the kvass of celandine in severe, chronic infections (tuberculosis, rheumatism, asthma, etc.). It is very effective in the rehabilitation of critically ill patients after pneumonia, surgery, severe injury, chemotherapy. This medicine can be taken less often, but you should listen very carefully to your personal wellbeing.
When cancer kvass of celandine can be taken as a Supplement but not as a standalone. Cancer is an insidious disease. Medical supervision is required!
Ingestion of celandine combine well with its external cutaneous application.
Back in the old days, in the times of the Cossacks, the Cossacks covered the wound with ashes from celandine.
On clean white paper fresh squeezed orange juice celandine and allowed to dry. The paper is completely incinerated and the ashes put in a dry bottle. This tool is used when trophic ulcers drumsticks, streptococcal and fresh scratches.
It is very important that the kvass of celandine cleanses not only our physical body but also the psyche and the human aura.

Vladimir BOLSUN,
the doctor, a neurologist.