In the people this perennial plant is often called earthen pear. Has increased worldwide interest in the Jerusalem artichoke. Why? We will discuss it later. But first let's remind, that Jerusalem artichoke was brought to Europe in the XVII century from North America. A century later than the potato is a native of South America. In Eastern Europe, earthen pear cultivate the fourth century in a row, however, in contrast to potato, it was not the second bread, neither the first meal. Despite the fact that the Jerusalem artichoke tubers by many parameters exceed the potato and the yield is not far behind. However, even in books on agriculture earthen pear is called in the main crop. And here in Belgium it is called "underground artichoke", put in one number with very useful and tasty vegetable. By the way, recipe artichokes found even in the famous "the Book about tasty and healthy food", published in 1954 with the epigraph - the words of Stalin about the beginning of "a prosperous and cultured life." On earthen pear-Jerusalem artichoke neither there nor in later Moscow and Kiev culinary publications until the beginning of the XXI century - a word.

the benefits EARTHEN PEAR

In the tubers of white, yellow, purple or red (the color is one of the signs of varieties of Jerusalem artichoke) contains 16-18 percent or more polysaccharide inulin - pectic substances, 2-4 percent of nitrogenous substances, vitamin Bj ???, as well as iron, silicon, zinc, balanced amount of potassium and sodium, organic acids, dietary fibers. With such a rich set of advantages earthen pear in the digestive process binds to heavy metals and radioactive substances, removes them from the body. That is why the Jerusalem artichoke should be if not the major, major component of the diet of each inhabitant of our country (with an eye on the fetid breath of Chernobyl and the total deterioration of the environment). Highlight: this vegetable is no special tricks when cooked, will fit almost all potato recipes. Is that because of the small number of starch potatoes will look in boiling water ryhlova. At least starch turns into another advantage of Jerusalem artichoke, especially for people who have impaired carbohydrate metabolism. It is proved that in diabetes, the greatest danger is not sugar, namely starch, easily becoming the digestion of food in sugar. But polysaccharide inulin is the main nutritional value of topinambur in the digestive process turns into fructose. Here it is, if you compare, is not a trivial Odessa two, but three big differences. Because fructose is not only gives a person strength and health, energizes, but not threatening blood clots... In addition, the Jerusalem artichoke does not require special storage. After maturing him in the ground as well. Remains as needed to dig fresh tubers and bear right to the kitchen.


the most useful of Jerusalem artichoke juice. It at home to cook simple. First tubers mince or RUB on a grater, then juice squeeze through cheesecloth. And you can use the juicer. At the very least - to prepare topinambura kvass. Why the potatoes cut into slices, put in cold boiled water and put on 2-3 days to ferment. In order to expedite the process for you in preparation of kvass, add a little yeast. Juice and kvass earthen pear is a great cure for many diseases: • half a Cup before eating - will contribute to normalize the acidity of the stomach; • regular use helps restore the normal functioning of the intestines, relieves constipation, nausea, and stomach pain; • life-giving drink stimulates the regeneration of the mucous membrane of the digestive system (stomach ulcers, or guts, for example) - due to anti-inflammatory abilities; • recommended for chronic pain in my head (folk medicine); • quenches thirst. Many useful properties and pulp from ground ground pears. Compresses will help in chronic skin diseases - eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea. And for gout and arthritis. The course of treatment gruel from topinambur: duration of procedure is from 20 to 40 minutes, every day, 10-12 sessions. List of the therapeutic properties of earthen pear, and does not end there. Dishes on the basis of Jerusalem artichoke have a diuretic and a slight laxative effect. Well, if three times a day to eat 2-3 raw tuber 10-15 minutes before eating, it is possible to achieve lower blood sugar levels, significantly reduce weight and improve vision. The readings. In addition to the above, it is necessary to add, that the Jerusalem artichoke in any form is useful in the treatment of: • gout; • kidney stone disease; • atherosclerosis (hence, contributes to the prevention of ischaemic disease heart disease">the hearts and brain); • prevention of Oncology diseases (in the scientific literature Jerusalem artichoke is considered as the most promising plant in terms of anticarcinogenic properties). Ways of preparation The main difference of Jerusalem artichoke as food from his American origin neighbor - potato that it can be eaten raw, drink fresh juice. The grated potatoes are suitable for salads with onions, parsley, dressed with sour cream. Tasty and useful earthen pear raw, baked, boiled, stewed and fried. It is a pity that Russian food industry is still not paid attention to the properties of Jerusalem artichoke. And what is the range of possibilities! And non-alcoholic drinks on the ingredients of earthen pear, and dairy products with add, and various syrups and confectionery Yes bakery products. The best food with medical properties it is difficult to find among the plants. In my opinion, the registry is most useful for human food heads... Jerusalem artichoke! Followed by chicken and quail eggs. Closes the three leaders food mushrooms. It is my conclusion is not speculative, it is, so to say, is a result of personal observations. Last years in my diet three of these product are always present. Can attest: they very positively influences the health and thirst for life.

Vladimir BERSENEV, Merited doctor of Ukraine, doctor-neurologist of the highest category, Director of Institute for pain. ("the Practitioner for the third age").