Warm clothes not only will protect from a cold, but will preserve the health and... life. Cardiologists found that in the cold period the risk of heart attack by 5% higher. Why this happens and how to avoid it? - Wear a hat. Hypothermia head leads to hearing loss (or stand sensorineural hearing loss), chronic migraines and neuralgia facial and trigeminal nerves, when the patient can skew half of the face. Hood or cap? Good hood, or the hood, much warmer hats, because covers the back of the head and neck. But it has a serious disadvantage - it limits peripheral vision, important for urban residents, as they often have to move the traffic area of the street. Choosing a hat, remember not only about fashion, but also about health. It is unknown where did this myth: the frequent use of head coverings - the cause of hair loss. Hair loss is not associated with the wearing of hats. But stay in the cold for more than 10 minutes without hat causes spasm of the vessels that supply nutrients to the hair follicles. Disturbed nutrition of hair follicles and hair become thinner, brittle and dull. Ultimately this leads to baldness. - Do not forget about the scarf. Scarf performs two important functions. First, it protects you from blowing throat is the most sensitive to cold part of the body. Secondly, scarf keeps the heat in the neck of the jacket. It does not matter what it is material, the main thing - that was thick and not very long that the ends of the scarf could not for something to hold onto. In addition, a scarf, you can hide my face in the bitter cold. - Wear gloves. No gloves in winter threatens not only the irritation of the skin of the hands after frostbite. In cold blood vessels are narrowed, not to give heat. This reflex reaction causes narrowing of the coronary arteries, which can lead to heart attack (which, by the way, are more likely men). Mittens or gloves? Mittens is much warmer than gloves: fingers warm each other. In addition, you can raise a fist. - Wear warm footwear. Foot closest to the cold ground, so it is important to wear such shoes to heat loss was minimal. The thicker soles, the worse the heat exchange between the feet and the surface of the earth. Men, don't hesitate to wear pants. Today in the sale of many modern models that meet the requirements of fashion and very comfortable to wear. "Underpants" can keep the temperature regime of the male genital organs. Hypothermia causes inflammation of the prostate gland. For everyday wear suitable pants from cotton, and with fleece - for fishermen and lovers of winter sports.

Prepared Oksana OSTRENKO.