In life there are days when almost all react painfully feel constant discomfort and irritation. It seems that the whole world is against you: the wrong clothes, chair not comfortable shoes are tight, people are evil, bad weather and other Long-term stress affects our quality of life, drains, we become inattentive, focused only on their negative feelings, this, in turn, leads to various diseases and leads to premature aging. Therefore, it is important for nervous and mental tension to be able to relax. These skills, many warn disease, help to relax and quickly recover from stress.

Three stages stress therapy

Restful sleep at night, reducing the brain and the whole body can be only with full relaxation. In this state the person actually rests. Therefore, it is important to be able to leave all the troubles and problems behind the door of my bedroom.
And the first thing you must learn on the way to full relaxation, is the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body. The second thing that helps to relax and unwind, is the power of imagination. For example, total relaxation will never be without a sensation of heat. This can, of course, be covered with a warm blanket, but there are times in life when he is not at hand. When the help can come imagination. If to be clear about the battery, or on the Sunny beach, or immersed in a warm bath can really feel warm all over.
And the third stage-stress therapy is affirmations, that is the suggestion. If you create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom that nothing and you do not distract, relax the muscles of the body - the brain is also relax and like a sponge to absorb the word-suggestions which you speak aloud or silently. Thus you can influence your health and emotional sphere. For example, affirmations like "I am calm, I am fully relaxed, I plunge into a pleasant holiday, I feel good," will further contribute to your relaxation.
The ability to apply in everyday life aforementioned things: relaxation, imagination and self-hypnosis, - allow people to control their own lives, not to be a puppet of his instincts and emotions. So consider these components of anti-stress therapy in more detail.

Mask relaxation and relax, and rejuvenate

It is known that emotional stress is accompanied by the reduction of muscles. In our body 536 poperechnopolostah muscles that contract and relax on our team. Every muscle every second sends in the cerebral cortex, the signal request: to shrink it or relax. And the brain gives the command: "Yes" or "no". Usually the human brain is loaded with a variety of tasks and problems, and if we add the tension of stress - broken rhythm of work of all organism. The ability to relieve stress through relaxation of muscles, as I mentioned above, and is one of the stages anti-stress therapy.
The first thing you should pay attention to is to learn how to relax the muscles of the face and hands. Why these muscles? Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield, after spending hundreds of operations on the brain, concluded that most of the nerve endings, through which the brain controls the organs and systems of the body are located on the face and the hands. For clarity, he invented and painted a "brain man", the proportions of which correspond to how the body is represented in the cortex: about one third occupy hands, one third person, the rest of the body is disproportionately low.
Practice relaxation quite simple, but requires concentration and external silence. This is best done before bedtime. Make a smooth slow deep breath, mentally counting up to 7-8, hold your breath on 3-4 and slowly breathe out, while trying to relax the muscles of the face and hands. Next, try to imagine that you are standing in a dark room by the bed on which lay your body. In your hand is included flashlight beam which you send to different muscle of your body. As you highlight, they relax. For example, the muscles of the forehead: focused, and felt relaxed. At the same time try to present his forehead smooth, even, without a wrinkle. Then you should direct the beam of the flashlight on the muscles of the eyes, cheeks, jaw. This procedure is called mask relaxation. It will not only improve your health but also to contribute to the rejuvenation, eliminating wrinkles.
Relaxation and loosening of the muscles of the face, you will already feel physical relaxation and inner peace. And if you add to it the affirmation: "I am relaxed, my face all pleasantly relaxed facial muscles are relaxed, they rest" - you thereby intensify the action. Next you need to light a flashlight other parts of the body, in particular, neck, shoulders, hands.
To relax the muscles of the chest, back and abdomen, you can use the following suggestion: "My breathing is calm, smooth surface, as in a dream". Then relax the muscles of the hips, legs and feet. You can strengthen the state of relaxation is even these phrases: "my Every body cell, every particle of my body relaxed..."
Muscle relaxation is good to apply not only to dream, but also during the day. Whatever your work, take a moment for a complete relaxation of all muscles.

The suggestion is a powerful force

In a relaxed state, every person can convince yourself a lot of useful things: activity, fitness, confidence in their abilities. With the help of imagination and affirmations you can get rid of bad habits, improve health.
For example, parents whose children suffer from enuresis (incontinence of urine during the night), can get rid of this problem with the help of suggestion. To do this, putting the child to bed, lay down beside him. And just feeling that he began to fall asleep, breathing is slow and superficial, it is necessary gently Pat it on the head, not allowing to fully immerse yourself in a dream, and a quiet, calm voice say, "Let's you and agree, as soon as night, you will want to the toilet, then get up and go to the bathroom, do what you need, then I'll come back and lie down again to sleep. And in the morning your bed is dry, and you will be very happy to us and yourself." When you are to say this, try to elaborate on what must be done by the child. Ie: you get up, put on Slippers, will approach to the toilet, turn on the light, etc. If at first it doesn't work, repeat several times. In General, this is a very effective way with this problem.
Thus, on the background of muscle relaxation by suggesting possible to actively fight with all their diseases and problems. Of course, this does not always get it right away, but if you exercise regularly, the effectiveness of this method is 100%.
So in bed before sleep, close your eyes, take cover warm blanket, and begin treatment relaxation of muscles, which are described above. And when completely relax and feel that here tumble into sleep - teach yourself what you want. For example, who suffers from hypertension, may himself to say such phrases: "My vessels are relaxed, they expand and blood freely, without strain circulating on him." Thus, you can restore the health of every organ in your body, tell himself that he is healthy, filling it with the help of imagination warmth, light, and love. The suggestion is a powerful force. The main thing is to send it, with benefit for itself.
Every next time the process of relaxation will be easier and faster. And the suggestion will be effective.

The particle "not" banned

However, it is important to remember that the particle "not" under any suggestions, and indeed in daily conversations to use is not necessary. For example, the phrase: "I don't smoke" - has no effect. Have to say, "I quit Smoking", "I get rid of this bad habit". The fact that the particle "not" causes negative reaction in humans, resulting as if consciousness is based, does not perceive said.
For example, you should say: "I had a good rest", not "I do not feel tired".
In addition, the phrase should not be long, but to contain as much information as possible. In particular, we can say: "I am absolutely calm," or: "I have calmed down". But the word "brand" is supplementary information that is calmed down completely, totally, which further enhances the action of affirmations. Or in the phrase: "All my body pleasantly relaxed," the body is not just relaxed and pleasant. This adds some comfort in the state of relaxation.

Modeling the behavior of the game by their rules

With the help of the imagination can be simulated and their behavior. For example, you must place an important meeting or need to speak to the band - imagine all the details of your meeting or presentation. In particular, what you will wear, how to behave, what to say and so on, Also it is necessary to provide all possible situations that may go beyond the standard of communication. And again to think and imagine how you will behave and react in time for them. Thus, you lay their behavior, and this model in the right situation always work, regardless of your desires. This way you can prepare yourself for any situation in your life.
It should be noted that during the first attempts simulation you can prevent various noises, voices, sounds, but then you simply will not notice. You will see that even in the most difficult situation can remain calm, collected, balanced, able to make the right decisions.

Intelligent processing will help to avoid stress

By the way, you can get neurosis, trying to find a comfortable position, correct the external situation, and finally to quarrel with people, proving them with might and main, that you are right. But one must understand that the reason of such phenomena is not the situation in which you have come, and your reaction to it. The reason is in the inner tension. And the best way to relieve this tension or stress is to learn how to complete relaxation.
If you are in a stressful situation, for example, you said very disappointing news. The first thing to do is to modify this information. Yes, there was a nuisance, but nothing is no longer correct, life goes on. You should realize that this is not a disaster and not the end. This period should survive, to walk, to overcome...
I will give an example. Imagine that you sleep soundly. On the street storm began, rattled, and the high wind opened in your room window. As you in this situation will react? Likely to vozmutitel such arrogant interference in the process of your holiday. Then stand up, close the window and then go to bed. And when your neighbor, an alcoholic who lives over you, something hard knocks on battery? In this case, how will you react? Most likely, if this man takes you, you'll go to sort out relationships that will finally bring you into a state of tension and stress. Consequently night stay will be completely destroyed, which will have a negative effect on your future.
From this we can conclude that on subjective factors we react more rapidly than on the objective, which we've not depend. Phenomena such as thunder, rain, wind, snow, etc. - we accept as inevitable, or do not respond to them, or react, but not very.
So the ability of a person to translate the subjective factor in objective - called intellectual processing. In the above situation, I, for example, as a doctor, would have thought: "Probably, the person is bad, it will be necessary tomorrow to advise him of any psychologist", and again went to sleep. This ability to control his mind.
So, having unpleasant information, it is necessary, first of all, estimate it intellectually to remake and relax. During relaxation of the mind will tell you what to do, because it is not overloaded with stress and can easily handle such tasks.

Viktor LOZINSKY, candidate of medical Sciences,
psycho-physiologist, a physician canolog the Kiev city health center.