Stomach ulcer, hypertonia, obliterating endarteritis, vascular disease, heart, throat cancer, lungs, inflammation of the gums, cavities in many cases are secondary illness, which causes Smoking. Among those who died from lung cancer - 80% of smokers. We think it's just a bad habit that's hard to get rid of, just for the asking. But in practice things are not so simple. Because tobacco is a drug that is causing dependence more than heroin or cocaine. Smoking is a serious disease, such as alcoholism, tuberculosis or injuries. This is the opinion of experts who study this problem. Tobacco addiction can be considered as a reflex, a kind of the information stored in our computer - brain, and this information must be wiped out, "block". And without assistance can be very difficult to do it. How to quit Smoking for two or three days? And why is it important?


In one family had the following experience. Once the dog-boxer-listing, and this dog is intelligent, he was very angry. He pointed the muzzle at the sofa and incessant barking, if demanded that the owners of it pushed. The impression was that the sofa has hidden a thief. First the idea of Timke nobody paid no attention. But his persistence finally forced the grandfather to push the sofa. He saw that Tymko was angry not in vain. In the area under the sofa was hidden a pack of cigarettes. So grandparents learned that their 12-year-old grandson begins to smoke. Is understood that pushes himself into a corner from which its forces out to be very difficult? You ever seen the same dog, cat, elephant, monkey, a turtle, a tiger with a cigarette in his mouth? No animals were smart enough to create the kind of "fun". Just in animals is very well developed instinct of self-defense.


Unfortunately, some people have this instinct is simply not available. It seems we are smarter, but many of us works on the contrary, monkey instinct is to do what others do. This is especially characteristic of children, which is absolutely natural. The mother-cat teaches her kittens wisdom of survival, and they repeat it all her movements. Children see adults with a cigarette in his mouth and copy them. Fires 25-th frame in life. Smoke everywhere. I, as a doctor, especially my soul, when I see a cigarette women or adolescents. Because I know what the consequences of this, at first glance, innocent phenomenon, and every day encounter while working with patients in surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, Oncology. Scary when man himself doomed to a slow death.


The surrounding world we perceive through conditional reflexes. While Smoking a person receives certain tactile senses: taste, flavor and other. All of them are deposited in the Central nervous system on a "page" in the form of specific information. Over time, this information becomes fundamental and Smoking is a habit and a worried man, as soon as the concentration of nicotine in the blood decreases. Devastated "clusters" in the brain require filling, i.e. receipt of the information about the fact that nicotine appeared in the blood. And man, again, takes a cigarette and lights it. This is due to the fact that from the lungs nicotine very quickly enters the bloodstream and the brain. It operates through a special cell of education, or receptors located in the joints of nerve cells in the brain and muscle tissue. They are called synapses. These receptors have the ability to recognize nicotine and respond to it. Consequently, the changes of the synapse, i.e. distorted the transmission of nerve impulses, governing the condition of blood vessels, muscles, glands of internal and external secretion. When the receptors to signal the presence of nicotine, pressure increases, and peripheral circulation slows down. Waves in the brain change, and provides a stimulus endocrine and metabolic effects. Smokers think that nicotine stimulates the nervous system. If the reaction rate increases, and increases the concentration of attention, the vivacity. These effects are attracted smoker. But it is a deception: they are unnatural. This means that the body will try to repay, the process is called " neuroadaptation": stimulation outside braking from the inside. Therefore, smokers often neurotics. They "undermine" your nervous system. Irritated at the slightest provocation. Often insomnia. It nervously exhausted people. By the way, in America smokers at work I try not to take, as this poor workers, they often get sick, can't concentrate.


Cigarette smoke contains a very powerful carcinogens. In tobacco smoke about 4000 components, many of which are pharmacologically active, toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic. Nicotine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, benzopyrene, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, acrolein, dimethylnitrosamine, resins, different essential oils... the Most dangerous of chemicals cigarette - resin. In the mouth smoke gets in concentrated form of aerosol. Being cooled, it condenses and forms resin deposited in the Airways of the lungs. Resin is a substance that leads to lung cancer. It paralyzes the cleansing process in the lungs and damage to the alveolar sacs. In the air a lot of different particles of any dust, bacteria, mites, etc. So the body cleanse polluted air, before it reaches the bottom of the lungs. For this purpose in the nose and upper respiratory tract have mucus, such a sticky liquid which captures all the bacteria and dirt, and the little hairs assign this already contaminated mucus from the lungs into the nasal cavity and throat. Then we cough and sneeze. What happens when resin is deposited in the lungs? It is irritating to the respiratory system, as a result, they are narrowed, the mucus increases and hairs cannot cope with its task. They cut off the smoke, like blade. Accordingly mucus, dirt, bacteria remain in the lungs. Reduces the effectiveness of the immune system. Tobacco settles in the stomach. Here you have an ulcer. In the place of the ulcer worsens the blood circulation, reduces the nutrition of tissues. Ie starts to work as a mechanism for keeping this ulcers. Plus other factors: the nervous-reflexive, household, some troubles at home or in the service, food, contribute to the development of the disease. But this factor is when the patient, say, smokes ten cigarettes a day, and one cigarette that let ten puffs, is very influential. So, the day he was on his ulcer dripping hundred drops of poison. And what about our vessels? If regularly to breathe tobacco smoke, they will be subject to atherosclerotic degeneration, i.e. will be hammered. There is an additional load on the heart (myocardial infarction) and the brain (stroke). Among such patients - the lion's share of smokers. They are also in line for amputation. Because Smoking is one of the most important factors in the development of obliterating endarteritis. Another enemy, which smoker lets in your body - carbon monoxide. Its concentration in tobacco smoke is very high. It is a colorless gas that has 200 times greater ability to connect with hemoglobin oxygen. So smokers it replaces oxygen. This reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen and disturbance of the functioning of all bodily tissues. The brain, muscles, including the heart muscle, cannot work. Oxygen is not enough, and the heart and lungs have to work harder, so problems with blood circulation. Carbon monoxide is also damages the walls of the arteries that leads to heart attacks. But he causes harm the reproductive system. Disrupted blood flow to the sex organs and glands. May suffer not yet born children, or not to be born. For those who want to have children, it is necessary to give up Smoking: men for six months, and women a year before conception. It is very dangerous to smoke adolescents. They have violated the metabolic processes and poorly digested vitamins a, B1, B6, B12, and vitamin C is destroyed. This causes the slowdown of overall development and slows down the growth. Develops anemia and myopia. Inflamed nasopharynx, worsening hearing. That is why children-smokers can not hear low beeps. If you give up cigarettes do not have the strength of will, there is a special method by which this can be done in 2-3 days.


First of all, the person should make a decision to quit Smoking. Somehow I call a woman and says he wants to cure her husband. Then I asked, and my husband wants it? She gave the receiver to her husband, and I talked with him. People should be ready to treatment. And it begins from a psychological moment. After all, the desire to inhale tobacco smoke is sitting in the brain and from the brain, which is the carrier of this information, it is necessary to delete it. Talking with smokers, I try to understand why they smoke, why has the hand reaches for a cigarette. I spend a psychotherapy session, after which the patient is configured to finally stop Smoking. As to the treatment necessary to approach. Before a session you must withstand 10 hours without tobacco. And that's when the man comes already on top of a desire to get rid of dependence when he is in a state of tobacco hunger, then his body is open to the perception of treatment. Just before the healing sessions I explained that I was going to do. And I'm flying acupuncture on the ear for 2 sessions. Session lasts about 30 minutes. Special Chinese needle is injected into biologically active points on the ear. And while the person is listening to light music, from the ear impulses to the Central nervous system to the area, where the recorded information on the tobacco needs. She suppressed and erased completely. Once the patient has felt in his mouth dry, metallic taste, it is a signal that the process is complete. For 11 years of practical work I returned to a healthy life without tobacco thousands of ex-smokers. There were cases when patients first treated with skepticism, say, 20 years Smoking, and here in the ear will insert a needle, and I will raschetu to smoke, you can't do that. But already after the first procedure surprised that they have no desire for a cigarette. However, it remains a stereotype of behavior, with which else it is necessary to struggle. Therefore needed psycho-correction. Sometimes, appoint one or two sessions to strengthen the result. The first procedure spend on the leading side: right-handed on the right ear, the left - on the left. The third procedure, to strengthen, only in individual cases. And for those who want to be on the safe side, put your ear so-called "click - mikroigolok that can be worn for five days. The patient massaging her 2-3 times a day, with 30 times on her presses. This is particularly useful for heavy smokers who sleep poorly, and thin, which, after Smoking cessation wakes up your appetite. "Button" on the ear also improves sleep and suppresses the hunger center. Of course, there is still some time mechanical muscle memory when the hand she reaches into his pocket to get a pack of cigarettes. So I advise their patients to understand their actions. For example, suppose you hold any object, and it can be even a cigarette. A minute hold your view on this subject. Sometimes, it is enough even for a second that people remembered that already recovered from this dependence. When a smoker refuses area remain any unpleasant sensations, such as a bitter taste in the mouth. For a comfortable adjustment of the body give homeopathic remedies. They help to restore the balance, especially in the nervous system. I recommend that you carry in your pocket tormentil root or calamus: if you suddenly want to smoke - they should chew. During the week, after the acupuncture advised to drink the decoction of herbs thermopsis (teaspoon per glass of water). Drink three times a day for 1 tbsp. This kind of substitution therapy.


In a month will significantly cleaned breath and not be bothered by coughing. You will be able to sleep. Podnimetsya vitality and working capacity. In 3-6 months lungs will be exempt from harmful products of combustion of tobacco (tar, tobacco dust). After 1 year, 50 percent decreased risk of coronary disease. After 5 years considerably will decrease the likelihood of developing lung cancer. But hurry up. As a rule, turn to me heavy smokers. The sooner you quit, the healthier you will be. Freeing people from addiction to tobacco, we save it from other problems, which may appear to him later. Be aware of your actions. Even dogs feel scent that tobacco is harmful to health.