1. Frequent fainting, or shortness of breath may indicate a blood clot in the lungs - this disease is known as a pulmonary embolism. It is known that this results in about 60 000 deaths a year. Keep in mind that weight gain can lead to an increased risk of the disease. 2. Strange pain in my throat. This may be a heart attack. Women often complain of discomfort in the jaw and throat, nausea, sweating and incomprehensible fatigue before the attack, while the classic symptoms such as pain in the chest and arm, are often found in men. Each year the disease heart disease">the hearts kills 10 thousand women younger than 55 years, and 20 thousand are taken to hospital, according to the Ukrainian Association of cardiologists. 3. Unusual vaginal bleeding. If, in addition to the normal menstruation or bleeding arising from the use of contraception, there were "other" bleeding, it may signal an ectopic pregnancy, inflammation of the cervix or even cancer of the uterus. 4. Long stomach problems. If you have diarrhea, cramps, or bleeding from the rectum, no need to wait several weeks for them to have disappeared. These symptoms may be signs of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis), which increases the risk of colon cancer. Even ovarian cancer may appear at first as chronic gastrointestinal problems, as pressure, bloating, stomach upset, constipation. If you have one or two symptom - call 103, if 3 or 4 - to immediately go to the hospital.

Prepared Victoria MYKOLAYCHUK.