Unusual view of the well known product

Garlic has a connection with three planets and destructive and creative energies of the Earth information field. If you take 12 Zubkov unpeeled garlic, wrap it in a paper (A4 format) and put in the middle of housing, the biofield of garlic will reach about 8 meters, and all inhabitants of an apartment or house will be under its influence. First of all, through the garlic exerts its action is destructive part of the energy-field. It cleans people from all sorts of aggressions: corruption, the evil eye, curses, etc. it is connected planet, energy which helps cleanse the legs, muscles and bones. Next planet Snake gives information energy that removes chimeras of the person which have the form of snakes. They can be anywhere in the body. If you are in the heart ofm, then this leads to disease. If entangle your feet or hands, it is possible cancer. Then in the action takes third planet, which restores the body's cells and prevents premature ageing.
In the end turn the creative part of the energoinformational field of the Earth, which has a healing effect on all human organs. Then the whole process starts again. This continues until complete healing of the person, which depends on its age and place of residence.
Eat garlic should not clearing the husk with a knife, otherwise it loses its power. My wife, perhaps, thanks to his intuition, first bites off from bases cloves, and then clears his hands. I checked and found that in this case garlic remains in force. If you put a clove under the tongue - start to work just two of the world. Erases snakes and restore the body's cells. The same effect is the consumption of bread rubbed with garlic.
If you often feel tired, there is discomfort, take 12 cloves of garlic and put them in my pocket, in which there should not be anything metal. Power will come back to you.