Every year many Ukrainians visit Bulgaria which is famous for its resorts, the hospitality and delicious food. But, it turns out that in Bulgaria you can enjoy not only the body but also the soul. Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, with a very ancient and deep-rooted traditions. There are many shrines to worship which the faithful come from all over the world. Magnificent monasteries, magnificent temples and dilapidated chapel - everyone can find here, "his" place, vibrating in unison with his soul. Searched and found there such places and the Abbot of the Svyato-Pokrovskaya parish of the UAOC, Boyarka Dimitry JUROR.


Wise people say when they live in one place - you learn a lot, and when you travel - you will know much more. Therefore, during his second visit to Bulgaria, I decided to make a pilgrimage to this country. In particular, visited Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv, visited the main relics of these cities, the old, but still valid cathedrals and churches, with unique history, beautiful paintings, frescos, amazing icons. In the Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin, towering in the center of Varna, I had the great joy to serve together with Metropolitan Varnavskiy and Velikopolsky Metropolitan Kirill. Struck erudition and openness, simplicity and modesty of the Metropolitan. He had no one guard, as a loving father, he communicated with his flock. Especially bright impressions after a visit to the Rila monastery, located at almost 120 km South of the capital. To the building of the temple is a beautiful road between mountains covered with pine trees. The silence and wonderful peace reigned around. Next to the monastery carries its waters rapid river, contemplating which, forget about all the problems and troubles and plunge into the serenity prayer, harmonizing and healing the soul.

The monastery is located at the altitude of more than a thousand metres above sea level. Here are two wonderworking relics is the power of the Holy hermit Ivan Rila who founded this monastery in the X century. During his lifetime, he was glorified by great miracles. Bulgarians are so respect him, even on its metal benches coin, the image of this great Saint. There is considerable evidence that his incorrupt relics radiates amazing grace and healings take place. Although he died in the year 946, but to the healing. I also felt amazing reverence, when the monks opened the Shrine with his relics to the pilgrims could worship. In addition, in the vicinity of Rila monastery you can visit the cave where Saint John of Ryl'sk spent his last days. The second relic of the monastery is the miraculous icon of the virgin Mary" with attached to it the relics of 32 saints. In its upper part there is an inscription "Hodegetria" ("the guide"). The local population respects her as a healer from serious illnesses and the Keeper of the outbreak.


And finally, a small farewell. Prayer easily - it is like a bird without a wing, and work without prayer is that the boatman without oars. To pray to God should like everything depends only on Him, but to work for the Glory of God as if everything depends on us only. And not just to read a prayer, and read it with faith and reverence. As said, our faith will be rewarded us. You need to read as prayers in the morning and evening, so the Holy fathers said, "You read the morning prayers and sanctify myself for the day, you read the evening prayer and sanctifies himself on all night." Be sure to read the prayer before eating and after its end, before the beginning and after the end. Very effective prayer, but "our father", the Optina elders. When has overcome troubles and problems, the main thing is not to despair. People often ask God all at once, remembering that the Lord God may not be treated as a waiter in a restaurant. The Lord does not immediately give what we ask for, and not because they cannot but because He understands when a person can receive and wise use, and when to do a lot of damage. Even the wise Solomon before becoming king after the death of his father David, and he then young and inexperienced, came with a prayer to God and asking Him not wealth, and glory, and wisdom. And God said to him, "because thou nothing I did not, else you will be added." Therefore, we must first ask God for wisdom to do what is beneficial to us, and that which is pleasing to God. But before something to say or do, we must pray to God: "o Lord, and You expect us to such behaviour and attitude". Since we are in life eternal students and in order to be successful, you need to connect three components: prayer, work and training. Christ said: "Be perfect as our Father in heaven." We are such perfection, of course, will not achieve, but to seek it should.

Prayer Of The Optina Elders Lord, let me meet with the peace of mind everything that brings me to the coming day. Let me surrender to the will of Thy Holy. At all times, at every hour throughout instruct and support me, Lord, what would I not received a Izvestia, teach me to take them with peace of mind and a firm conviction that all Thy Holy will. In all my doings and words direct my thoughts and feelings. In all emergency situations, do not let me forget that all is sent down to You. Teach me just and reasonable to treat all people, no one is confusing and not unnerving. Lord, give me strength to endure the fatigue and all the events of that day. Manage my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to suffer, to forgive and to love.

Prepared Alla Grishilo.