Sagittarius - absolutely restless personality: they are constantly striving for new discoveries and adventures, I want to see everything, to know and be on time. Those born under this sign are generosity, sociability and independence. It is a noble, brave and kind people. They feel any injustice and always take the side of the weak and downtrodden.


From birth, the Archers are extremely active and curious. Endowed with a truly inexhaustible optimism and friendliness, they always are in active search of friends, very sociable and open. With a keen mind and a thin sensitive nature, Sagittarius is among the three most emotional signs of the Zodiac that eventually has a negative impact on his health, because he is very close to my heart accepts everything that happens not only with him but with friends or even acquaintances to him. Often representatives of this sign straightforward and brave, however, sometimes some Archers are more inclined to be very careful than to insane courage, composure than to frankness, to the seat of the house, than Vice versa. But in General it is an expansive people who are striving for the unknown. They cannot be tied to one place. All such attempts fail. Monotonous activities and routine, they are absolutely contraindicated. They are well zarekomendoval himself as a journalist, theatre and kinodeyateley, doctor, Manager, commercial and advertising agent. Usually Sagittarius happy and cheerful. But his mood can be transformed if it is in an environment of people who abuse his friendliness or exhibit excessive familiarity. Sagittarius not like the imposition of the will of others. He miraculously able to stand up for themselves. Despite the fact that his mind balance emotions, when injustice Sagittarius capable of passionate resentment and ill-considered actions. Born under this giroskopicheskikh sign tend to have a wonderful memory, they remember dates, history, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., however, can forget where I left my socks. People Archers are straightness and lack of diplomacy, expressing his personal opinion, regardless of anything and anyone. The Supervisory in nature, they are rarely able to refrain from comments on the surrounding reality is sometimes quite annoying. A daring Explorer deep processes of the subconscious, Sagittarius, without thinking, can put yourself on the most risky experiment. Over time, he even can develop clairvoyance and telepathic abilities. Perceiving the world through the prism of its philosophy, Sagittarius confidently looks into the future. It is open to all that gives him such an unexpected life. Despite his sociability, Sagittarians are often very lonely because they are incorrigible idealist. Even disappointments not capable to undermine their faith in love and friendship, they will trust people again and again. Such faith in the best, which is usually richly rewarded, is one of the secrets of success of born under this sign. The main purpose of Sagittarius people should be educated in them feelings of responsibility for society and for themselves. And in addition, he is happier than he, and will bring more good, if they will learn patience.


The main problem Sagittarius - the absence of measures. Almost all of their illness are based exactly this reason: eating, nervous stress, a reappraisal of their forces. The most vulnerable organ Sagittarius - liver. In addition, they often suffer from diseases of the blood, coccygeal vertebrae, sciatica, rheumatism, hypertension, gout, stroke, heart attack, obesity. In addition, they are vulnerable thighs, arms, shoulders, lungs and intestines. They often have fractures, sprains and bruises. Man-Sagittarius must beware innate desire for speed and adventure, could be realized in a car driving and different extreme sports. These impulsive tendencies sometimes harm the representatives of this sign, because by their nature they are prone to accidents. As a rule, damages occur in the area of the hip bone, legs, sacrum, the buttocks, the muscles of the hips and pelvis. Over the years, the danger of falling increases, so should be avoided wet and icy surfaces, steep slopes, etc. Sagittarius a greater extent than the other characters, you need a rest and exercise, but everything should be in moderation. In addition, they have to avoid the hot sun and a strong wind, because their skin is too thin and delicate. Representatives of this sign is usually don't stay in a hospital bed, because recovery is wonderful fast. But an important factor for Sagittarius in the treatment of any disease is the feeling of respect to the doctor. Otherwise it will be difficult to convince to implement the recommendations of the doctor. People Archers with minimum attention to their health live to a ripe old age. Among them there are a lot of long-livers. And one more thing: avoid common ailments Sagittarius should learn to live in the present, not the past or the future, and appreciate every moment.


Tree Sagittarius - birch. In addition, the energy source for the representatives of this sign is pine, oak and chestnut. For the production of bioenergy from contact with birch great importance posture of the person and the position of his hands. There are 2 poses. First: to become the birch face, left arm to put over your head on the trunk of a birch, a right - back or diseased organ (heart, kidney, liver). Second position: to be the birch tree with his back leaning against her neck, arms freely lowered along the trunk. Taking one of these positions, it is necessary to direct eyes on the disk of the sun and look at him for 20-30 seconds. Then close your eyes and mentally or aloud to say two phrases (3-5 times each): "I am filled with the powerful force of life", "Life force fills me". Grass Sagittarius - nettle, juniper, sage, thyme, saffron, bukvitsa medicinal, borage drug, viola tricolor, field horsetail, strawberry, strawberry, burdock, chicory, elder, currant, mint, mallow, Linden. In the case of depression is useful to use the broth cucumber grass: 1 tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of boiled water, to insist in a warm place for 1-2 hours, to drink before eating. Cleansing the blood Archers can use this collection: part 3 violet three-coloured, 2 part series, part 3 of strawberry leaves, 2 parts of horsetail (children is not recommended because of possible irritation of the kidneys), 2 parts yarrow, 3 parts burdock root. Mix mix, 1 tablespoon of the collection pour 0,5 l of boiling water for at least an hour. Drink 0.5 cups three times a day during 3 months. Cranberry tea. Dry leaves of cowberry pour the cooled boiled water, then bring to a boil and boil. Tea is useful for gout. If at constant drinking this drink occurs pain during urination, you need to mix cranberry leaves with fake flowers and leaves of currant and steeped as a tea. Not to drink more than four cups a day.


For mobile Riflemen's important to eat right. Diet Laden with fats, starch and alcohol, a strain on their tender liver. Cellular salt Sagittarius - silicon dioxide, strengthens the connective tissue of the brain and prevents the numbness of the fingers, legs and feet. The disadvantage of this substance in the organism can thinning of the hair, the weakness and fragility of nails, eye inflammation, diseased gums, skin pallor. Source of silicon dioxide are the peel of fruits and vegetables, fresh salads, green pepper, figs, plums, strawberries, strawberries, pears, apples, potatoes, oats, bran, egg yolk, Pasternak, brown rice and ripe cherry. To maintain optimal weight Archers must adhere protein diet, eat more cooked poultry, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits (Brussels sprouts, beets, tomatoes, asparagus, plums, beans, radishes, strawberries, pears, oranges and lemons), eggs, milk, yogurt, rice. Especially harmful for Sagittarius fats, sauces, cream, butter, sweets and chocolate. In addition, they should abstain from alcohol, not to cause harm to the liver and skin, grubaya and aging under the influence of alcohol. From meat products better - veal liver. Leaves and parsley root regulate digestion and are a source of vitamins, so almost all hot dishes and soups should be refilled with fresh parsley and herbs, for example: marjoram, sage, mint and Basil. Useful mineral water containing potassium, and herbal teas in particular from the leaves of wild strawberry and strawberry. But the consumption of sugar is best to minimize. Exotic dishes and desserts cause blood Streltsov excess acid-forming elements, as well as fatty acids and cholesterol, which, settling on the artery walls, contribute to disruption of blood supply to the legs and feet. It is important for Sagittarius not to overload the liver, it is first necessary to adhere to abstinence in food, it is better to eat little and often (4-5 times a day). As a preventive tool to representatives of this sign is recommended before dinner or lunch to take activated carbon and every day, eat 5-6 walnuts. Besides light Breakfast in the middle of the day for Sagittarius better than lunch. Very useful walks after dinner, last meal should be long before bedtime.


Child-Sagittarius from birth extremely active, curious and sociable. When the baby is a little older and begin to walk, it will be an incredible activity at home and everywhere. It's important for him to spend more time on the Playground in the Park: walking for this child is the best way to relieve stress, get rid of anger. If the child's behaviour leaves much to be desired, check do you put on it too tight clothing. For children born under this sign is important! Young archers get bored very easily, they take it for one, then another. The mess could prevail in the head, and in a kid's room. His thoughts always directed in the future - something else to do, anywhere else to go. However, if every day baby will be full of interesting things - hassle parents be with him. It is very important with Sagittarius behave honestly and fairly, otherwise you may lose his respect. Sagittarius inherent innate honesty and truthfulness. Parents should remember that the Child-Sagittarius not forgives iniquity, even from their own parents. At the same time to raise these children are easier than others, because they do not know how to lie. In addition, these children respond better to direct and specific instructions. And if you ask baby's Council or listen to his suggestions, you will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting decision! The older a child becomes, the harder it is to keep him at home. Perseverance Sagittarius is not inherent. You will have to show a lot of patience and ingenuity to teach your baby to order, cleanness and discipline. Praise and support the progress of the child should, but it's more important to point out his mistakes and shortcomings. But it should be done as friendly, fun, relaxed and, most importantly, - convincingly. Sagittarians are often honest, open, friendly, but can be extremely tactless, so they need to explain what you can joke around with and what or to whom not. Children Archers mostly a great study in adolescence and young adulthood, when they have a specific purpose. For example, if the child decides to become a lawyer or a doctor, he will be hard to teach those subjects which are necessary to achieve the goal. Regarding health, the children-shooters, like all fire sign harmful to peremarket or overheat. Also they may have trouble with the liver. Although the main problem is the bruises and bumps.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.