She had never been ill, has experienced 5 States and was not afraid of the hard work


This year, St. Valentine's native village Chotimer Yaremcha district of Ivano-Frankivsk region Ekaterina Kozak noted 115 anniversary. To congratulate the birthday woman came relatives, neighbors and fellow-villagers, and the head of regional state administration Mykhailo vyshyvaniuk else and passed a greeting card and a beautiful downy shawl from the President of Ukraine. ...In his native village Ekaterina Ivanovna called the sun. She had not done evil, always smiling, likes to joke and even in the 115 worry not about themselves but about others. On the question of how to live up to such an advanced age, is responsible jokes, saying that death it does not take scared. Although one recipe of longevity is: not afraid of any work. Particularly useful to work on the earth: touch her bare feet, give bad energy, disease, and in return gain strength and health.


Relatives and neighbors claim that Catherine Kozak would never be sick, not in the hospital still can thread the needle to draw, though sews today for fun. But hearing brings - hears already not very good. True or not, but relatives say no pills, no injections Baba Ekaterina does not recognize. Treatment for her traditional: cranberry, raspberry, teas and it is absolutely a good idea. Probably, Mrs Catherine as much of our wise old people, in the fight illnesses guided by this simple rule: many herbal teas to drink and people and life loving. In addition, Ekaterina Kozak very unpretentious in food and never overeat because convinced that it is harmful. But what can't refuse, so it from millet, it eats a lot: in kas, Kulesha etc. The oldest Ukrainian lived under different regimes and different countries: born in Austria-Hungary, went through the times of the Empire, the Western Ukrainian people's Republic, the second Polish Republic, the Soviet Union, remembers a bloody mess of the First and Second world wars. Simple arithmetic: survived two world wars and five different States. War and hard work has imposed on the fate of women their mark - Ekaterina Ivanovna did not manage to find my second, that only one mate for life, although today hanging in the closet and never wear a wedding dress, which was bequeathed to bury... But although Mrs Catherine and no children of their own, the family she has big. The woman raised two little-nieces and daughters of his elder sister, who died in Germany at hard labor. She replaced Annushka and Lena's mother, became a grandmother and great-grandmother. Just Ekaterina Kozak has two grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, nine grandchildren.


Now he lives in the family niece Elena Buryak, which is already 80. The same says that my aunt always woke up before sunrise and went to bed at midnight, and all his life he worked on the land, in the school did not study, up to his retirement he worked in a local farm. Catherine Kozak has already recognized the oldest resident of Ukraine. According to the regional representative of the Ukrainian Book of records Nikolay Zelinsky, this record was recorded and presented the statue special diploma. The age of the woman confirm the entries in the commercial and Church books and passport. Previously, the oldest in Ukraine believed Peter Lizana from the Ternopil region, which this spring marks the 112 years. Catherine Kozak will be served from Ukraine in the Guinness Book of records: the project will admit that it may be the oldest inhabitant of Europe.


For those who want to eat Kulesza, this useful Cossack dishes, published one of the recipes of cooking. On 5 servings you need to take 2 liters of water, 1 Cup of millet; 150 g fat; 1-1,5 bulbs; 1 carrot, 2 potatoes; parsley; salt, black pepper - to taste. In salted boiling water to pour washed millet, add the potatoes, skin fat and all cooking after boiling (before that do not cover, be careful not to run away) 20 minutes on low heat with the lid. Fat cut into small cubes, to melt the fat over medium heat, add finely chopped onion, grated on a coarse grater carrots and mix until Golden brown onions. All pour into a saucepan with millet and even to withstand 15-20 minutes on low fire. Then add pepper, can crushed garlic and bacon, chopped greens, and the like, to insist more about 15-20 minutes and you can eat. For this recipe cook and lean Kulesh, onions and carrots instead of fat passer in vegetable oil.

Halyna Dobosh,