With age, physiological changes occur in different organs and body systems. This process is irreversible, but subject to certain preventive measures possible to ensure that they will not be pronounced. This results in improving the quality of life of people in the older age group, as well as health.

After approximately 60 years in most people, a deterioration of the hearing. In order to reduce this tendency, we need to try to protect the ears from the noise. Using noisy tools in their work on the farm or in the production, always wear headphones. When watching TV to make the sound level comfortable for hearing. Some specialists do not recommend yourself to clean the ear passages, therefore it is better to trust in this situation, specialists and to visit them (ENT doctor) for the examination. From traditional medicine to improve the hearing is recommended every day to eat a half of a lemon with zest. Effective means is almond oil. It is buried warm in each ear six drops. After the procedure ear to cover fleece and hold it there for several hours. If there is hearing loss, it is recommended to use garlic. One clove grind with three drops of camphor oil. Received by the clover impregnated gauze turunduse and enter into the ear, which can not hear. When burning sensation turunduse delete. To carry out these ten procedures, and within a few weeks the course can be repeated. One of the important problems of elderly people is the loss of the ability to concentrate. In this case, can help eating cabbage. This product contains not only a large number of vitamins and minerals, and amino acid lysine (it helps to restore the ability to concentrate). Vitamin C reduces the level of those lipoproteins, which lead to the formation of the "plaques" on the inner wall of blood vessels. If there is a decrease in memory, it is possible to prepare tincture. For this purpose use nettle (200 g), iris (root, 100 g), Golden root (50 g), cloves deltoid (red) and plantain () seeds 1 tsp. All components are thoroughly mixed, add water (200 ml) and bring to a boil, then to insist. It is necessary to drink up to six times a day for 3 tbsp. Only note that Golden root can affect the state of health in the presence of hypertensive disease. There are other tools to enhance memory. It blueberry - it can be eaten fresh and frozen for up to one Cup a day. Very tasty way to prevent memory loss is ginger. From it is recommended to make tea: 2-3 cm ginger cut into slices and pour into a thermos 2 l of boiled water. Drink 0.5 cups before eating, or after, you can add to taste the honey and lemon. Preparing ginger tea, you can add different gifts of nature, in particular rose. It is known that with increasing age, the risk of developing atherosclerotic processes. For the prevention of atherosclerosis is important to eat right, exercise (daily charge) and avoid stressful situations. There are productsthat can help to avoid the development of pathological processes in the vessel, garlic, walnuts. Thus, using a simple and effective prevention measures can reduce the intensity of age-related changes.