Beekeepers say that before sticking honeycomb wax covers bees bring them under the most biologically active compounds, including those with an antiseptic effect. So honey comb more useful than the already pumped out, as it has a greater range of biological properties. Together with honeycomb wax, we obtain useful soluble active substances, vitamins and antibiotics. Chewing honey in combs useful when rhinitis, inflammation of the throat and cough. Honeycomb with ambrosia contributes to the colonization of the intestine useful for digestion by bacteria. In addition, wax, once in the digestive tract, acting as a sorbent, linking toxic substances and promoting their excretion from the body. And while chewing honey comb is cleansing the teeth and their disinfection. Eating honey is recommended pieces the size of a teaspoon together with the small (not to taste wax) a piece of black bread or separately. Eat several times a day after meals for 10 minutes (at least), not with water.

Prepared Love Field-Shanda.