One man was hired as a water pot to the rich man. It every day on the rocker brought two big jug of water. But one of them was with a crack. With the second was all right and he by the end of the journey was filled with water, cracked, when he was brought home, and was only half filled. This continued for two years. Every day the water pot was brought only half a jug of water in the house of the Lord. Obviously, a full jug was proud of its achievements. But the poor cracked suffered from their inferiority. He could do only half the work for which it was created. After two years, seemed to him to no avail, he said at the stream of the water pot: "I feel shame and would like to confess to you. - What? - asked the water pot. "What are you ashamed of? - The fact that over the last two years I have brought only half of the water, because on the way to the manor house because of a crack in my side she poured. It is because of me you need to work harder and do not receive adequate salaries for their work. The water pot, feeling for the old cracked a jug, said: "Today, when we will be back, look at those beautiful flowers growing on our way. And indeed, when they went along the road, the old cracked jug saw the beautiful flowers of the field, and it is a little amused. But at the end of the road he again fell into despair, as was half empty, and asked forgiveness of the pitcher. And the pitcher said the jug: - Have you noticed that the flowers were only on one side of the road? This is because I knew about your crack and took it. I planted flower seeds on your side, and every day when we came back from the stream, you've watered them with water. Two years I collected these flowers and decorated them Desk my master. And if you were not as he is, would not have it so much beauty in your home.

Each of us has its cracks. We all cracked jugs. But the Lord, Him that if we'll be able to use our cracks for decoration of His house. In God's plan is not wasted anything. If we want to be one of the parish and to serve one another, according to God's calling, He speaks to us: "be Not afraid of their cracks. Accept them and let Me use them for decoration of the Kingdom. Go on, knowing that your weakness is manifested My strength!"