Cleanse the gallbladder, improve liver function

The ranks of fans cleansing regular fasting growing. I would like to draw your attention to the method one of the ideologists of health starvation our compatriot Dr. Aleksandr Voroshilov. We are talking about a blind sensing which an adult can do yourself. The purpose of sensing - the complete removal of the gallbladder. The most important structure of the internal organs often becomes full, stretched and changes shape, which is clearly seen in the survey on ultrasound. Delayed and delayed the flow of bile can lead to throw this secret in the stomach, causing belching, heartburn and bitterness in the mouth. Crowded gallbladder affects liver function from this malaise, impaired immune function, headache, nausea, fatigue, and even skin disease. Uncontrolled hunger can strengthen the above features. Doctors advise cleansing fasting to combine with a blind sensing. However, in and of itself sensing can be useful. To determine healthy he has the gall bladder or requires a precautionary attitude, in each state. When healthy bladder people can easily empty the stomach, causing vomiting. In such cases, removal of excess bile blind sensing your regular baking soda: 0.5 H. L. soda to drink a glass of hot water and half an hour to lie on his right side without heating pad. In other cases, for stimulation of bile outflow need other ingredients and tools: • 1 tsp. magnesium dissolved in a glass of water and drink parts; • 1 teaspoon of sorbitol or xylitol dissolved in a glass of warm water and drink parts; • 1-2 glasses released from gas alkaline mineral water (like Borjomi, Essentuki, Polyana Kvasova or Mirgorodskaya). Water should be warm, not hot, drink small SIPS during the entire procedure. After drinking the first cement or mineral water, lay down, under the right side enclose a heating pad (half - under the ribs, half under the belly). The procedure takes from 30 minutes to 1 - 2 hours. Signals the end of the procedure is growling stomach or diarrhea. To enhance the separation of bile, you can do the following motion. After 10 minutes of lying down on the pad to sit on the bed (on a chair), placing a plastic bottle 1.5 litres of warm water between the stomach and the right thigh. In the rhythm of the breath make 10 bend to the right. Not strive, but try to keep the right part of the abdomen covered bottle with warm water on top. Then again 10 minutes to lie right next to the heater. And so several times, until the rumbling in the stomach and other signs indicating that the process not only went, but ended. A warning. If the tilt in pereberia pain, accompanied by nausea, avoid tilt.


For the beginning stock up on 300 ml of fresh (at least not old) olive oil and lemon juice. Pobespokoytes about Apple juice, it will need a lot more. At the same time prepare the sofa, towel warmer and that the heating pad can be tightly pressed to the liver. And yet - glass volume in three tablespoons mug and esmarkha. All this will require not immediately, but let it be on hand. Treatment start your evening with a cleansing enema. Better with two in a row, with some interruption. Repeat famous the feat of the brave soldier Schweik in General from time to time does not interfere, in this case it is necessary. Morning again start with enemas. But this preparation to the main point is not yet finished. The whole day will have to maintain power only Apple juice. Hold on! To combine the morning enema with a menu of Apple juice you have two more days in a row. Only in the evening of the third day will begin the most important thing. Take a glass (3 tbsp) of olive oil, washed down with a tablespoon of lemon juice and go on the right side next to a hot pad. Every 15 minutes swallow a glass of oil on the spoon of lemon juice until you drink all 300 ml of oil. Continue to weigh on the heating pad. After some time, the ducts of the liver begins to unfold. Can go bilirubin stones, yellow bile, yellow cholesterol flakes. In the morning the last time make an enema, and Breakfast limit easy clover. Stretched for three days the procedure not from pleasant, but it'll feel like you've been sprinkled with the water of life. To secure the achievements preferably once a quarter, increasing the amount of olive oil 20-50 ml (two to five glasses). Later, when you feel much better, procedures common bile can be abbreviated to one or two a year - it all depends on the purity of nutrition and health.

Vladimir BERSENEV, doctor-neurologist of the highest category, honored doctor of Ukraine, Director of Institute for pain (From the book "medical manual for tretiogo age").