The nervous system is a complex of various interrelated nervous structures, which provides regulation of activity of all body systems and reaction to changes of internal and external environment. The nervous system acts as a unifying binding in the whole sensitivity, physical activity and other regulatory systems (endocrine and immune).
The nervous system consists of two parts - the Central and peripheral. Central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system consists of sensory neurons, populations of neurons, called ganglia, and the nerves that branch out into all systems of the body, in all parts of the body and connect them among themselves and with the Central nervous system. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate its role in ensuring the vital activity of the whole organism.
However, today there is a large group of nervous system diseases of various origin. Some of them are difficult to treat because the medicine is not yet invented medicines that would give a high effect in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, post-stroke of paralysis, diseases of the spine, etc.
It is therefore of great relevance is the study of alternative medicine that are verified and tested by hundreds of thousands of years. To such belongs apitherapy - treatment of bee products. I must say that modern medicine around the world have long adopted different methods of apitherapy, examines and successfully applies.
13 of March in Kyiv in the National scientific centre "Institute of beekeeping name P. I. Prokopovich" (Zabolotnogo street, 19) will be held scientific-practical conference "Apitherapy in diseases of the nervous system". On it, you will hear many interesting presentations, which will be discussed on the effectiveness of different methods of apitherapy and beekeeping products at various nervous diseases.
For example, the method of Epitaciolandia (belogolovaya) well-recommended in the treatment of serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis and syndrome BASS. The fact that these diseases can be of viral origin, that is to arise from the defeat by the herpes virus and Borrelia (he enters the body through the bite of ticks and other insects).
With a low level of immune protection is the destruction of certain circuits of the nervous system and patients will have symptoms of recoordination body, numbness, pain syndromes, partial paralysis, etc.
Bee venom, which is administered by the bite at specific acupuncture points on the body, has expressed antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial action and prevents their reproduction in the body and the progression of the disease. In addition, bee venom is a unique stimulator of the immune system, and regulation of the endocrine system. So it helps the body to run 30 % reserve forces, which even has a sick man, and guide them to the restoration of the body. Thus starts the system of self-regulation.
Post-stroke condition is another very relevant and common problem of modern society. Patients, stroke, often require a long recovery due to paralysis, loss of speech , concentration, etc. Belogolovaya improves blood circulation, patency of impulses through the nerve structures. As a result, man gradually, but fast enough to recover all the lost functions.
Need to remember such problem as radicular symptoms (pain, loss of mobility) in different parts of the spine and related areas of the body that result from osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia. These diseases are also successfully treated by the method of belogolovaya.
A separate conversation about bee products that have a pronounced positive effect on the nervous system. Of course, this honey. Reception 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in 1 Cup of warm water or milk, for the night is effective sedative and hypnotic drug.
Royal jelly is also extremely beneficial effect on the nervous system. And yet it is a natural stimulator of human activity, endurance, the elixir of health and longevity. Royal jelly is very effective for depression and neurosis. Take it (depending on age and level of arterial pressure) from 100 mg (size of a pea black pepper), 500 mg (pea green peas) on an empty stomach, under the tongue.
Trophic disorders of the nervous system (stroke, multiple sclerosis, osteochondrosis) helps to eliminate such product-bread (also called bee bread). Ambrosia - a unique natural balm of vitamins and minerals and other biologically active substances, which cannot reproduce none of pharmacological company. 0.5 to 1 tsp. ambrosia (1 day) fills the daily need for vitamins and microelements, as well as all essential amino acids, which are the right person and not found in other foods.
Tincture wax moth is a very powerful antioxidant that improves the blood supply as coronary (heart) muscle and peripheral. It is especially valuable for the elderly. All the manifestations of atherosclerosis successfully adjusted as a result of application of tincture wax moth: is headache, improves attention, recovers memory. Dosage: 1 drop of 1 kg of weight of 60 kg - 60 drops in two stages), 1 dessert spoon of water.
All these and other questions will be discussed by leading experts of Ukraine, doctors of apitherapeutic.
The conference will be an interesting action: write to the free specialists consultations on apitherapy.

head of the Department of apitherapy National scientific centre "Institute of beekeeping name P. I. Prokopovich".