Spices will help turn casual dining in a "healing medicine"

On taste our food can be divided into 6 categories: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and spicy. In your diet most people prefer the first three: sweet, salty, sour. And here's food with a bitter, astringent and spicy tastes is on our table rarely. But this is not correct. Since every taste an effect on people. And not only on the physiological processes of the body, but also on the emotional state. In particular, different tastes help to get rid of anxiety, insecurity, stress and so on, which are the main factors in the emergence of various diseases. Therefore, experts advise to balance your diet, so it contains all tastes. This will contribute to better health, weight normalization. How to achieve this? Using spices. With this purpose they are used in cooking. On a variety of useful properties of spices and how to use them, the conversation with the head of the Vedic center Valery SAMOILYK.


- Is it true that by adding spices in food, we change not only taste, but also can affect your mood? - Yes, spices, herbs adjust the emotional state, affect traits etc., so pick them up, it should, given the circumstances and some features of the man. For example, people with thin body, as well as those from creative hard work are emotional and insomnia, will help spices such as ginger, cumin, anise, and mustard seeds, tamarind. People in the character of which dominates the rationale and purpose, the thoroughness of work, often become overly critical, irritable and aggressive. By the way, they often have sports, athletics. Therefore, you should keep in your culinary chest jars with fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander. Besides, you have to use them at the minimum level, adding to the food at the tip of a knife. Those who have a curvy shape and moves slowly, - more emotionally restrained, so to speak, is "stable". However, in critical moments such people can become indifferent and inert. To increase their effectiveness, add emotion to help spices, and almost everything except salt and tamarind used in small quantities.


- How to choose spices? Because markets are selling spices, sometimes just in mixtures. - I would recommend to buy ground spices, herbs only in stores or supermarkets where packages are provided with full information about the manufacturer, expiration date, etc. And in the markets to buy it should only when probably know that it was a real product, and we are convinced that by smell, sight and taste it corresponds to its name. For example, I myself was a witness, when under the guise of saffron sold dried and crushed flowers of calendula, everywhere growing in the gardens. Taste calendula bitter, but saffron - sweet. Moreover, the cost of saffron is measured in ounces of gold, because saffron is stamens red-brown color of flowers, gathered manually high in the mountains. Two stamens are able to turn the milk into the Royal drink. Ukrainians tend to buy black pepper, fragrant, Bay leaf, cinnamon, pepper, cloves. But how is this to make a mixture that would please and benefit the whole family? - Choosing flowers, we sniffed, to feel their scent. And considering the smell often make a bouquet. That's the way people intuitively pick up the spices that are necessary for his body. If we take separate favorite spices each family member, grind and mix them, then this mix can use the whole family.


- And what about medicinal properties of spices? - All the spices are treated, i.e. we consume them and treated at the same time. Take turmeric. It is from the root of this flower, growing in India, and make powder orange and miraculous power. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic, it has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic effect. Because it and add in different soups-concentrates to display after their use toxins from the blood. This seemed to drip after the poisoning. Turmeric contains substances that block most of the biochemical reactions that cause different infections. In fact, the inability weakened organism of a modern person to deal with inflammatory processes and results in 98% of cases to different diseases. So add turmeric in a variety medicine, for example, healing balms. If you feel bad after the feast, and there are signs of poisoning (headaches, smashing, nausea, vomiting), you should take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and stir in two cups homemade sour milk or low fat yogurt. Drink as much as you can, so that more of antivenoms of turmeric was hit in the stomach. Ayurvedici not waiting for signs, and just after a meal, drink this means that in the morning to Wake up healthy. Turmeric is a good natural hair colour, soluble only in fat and alcohol, so it is not easy to wash. But you need a little powder to give a yellow-orange color pastry, porridge or potato dishes. Per kilogram of flour is 0.5 teaspoon turmeric, and for soups, cereals, potatoes - even less.


- Many grown coriander, fennel, using their seeds. - Coriander fruit is used in medicine as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Tincture coriander good thirst quencher, calming effect on the body. Coriander fruit stimulates appetite, promote digestion, have expectorant action. Interesting: the essential oil of this normal for us plants is the basis for the most expensive French perfume because alleviate anxiety and irritability. Fennel also eliminates nervous. It is rich in phytoestrogens, reinforcing lactation, which is very important for nursing mothers, and a pinch of fennel seeds after eating helps digestion and makes breathing easier.


- Cinnamon has long been an indispensable, especially in cooking, an important addition to the dish becomes ginger. - Cinnamon able to resist the development of mold, yeast and yeast microorganisms that cause different diseases. It improves circulation, relieves muscle pain and normalizes blood pressure. During a cold cinnamon together with honey, add in a heated and diluted with water natural juice of red grapes. Relatively ginger, in the texts of Ayurveda it is called "universal medicine". It is well known for its positive effects on the digestion and effectiveness to cure colds. Ginger has analgesic properties, reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Colds prepare so-called yogi tea: make the root powder and drink small SIPS with honey and cinnamon. Instead of the powder, you can RUB some fresh root to taste, so much so slightly pinched her throat. You can still chew candied ginger - the effect is the same. - It is known that spices also have properties aphrodisiacs (stimulate sexual intreatment). - Many plants with a strong flavor, such as nutmeg or fennel, belong to the aphrodisiacs. Substance estragole they contain also found in anise, the Basilica and the lemongrass. The smell of vanilla like the smell of human pheromones (perhaps this was the basis for the prohibition of the use of this spice in convents and monasteries. However aphrodisiacs always been used in cosmetics and medicine.


- Sometimes to give a specific taste of the food that we buy in shops of different spices in the spices, in particular "jelly", "barbecue", "the potato", etc. Some confuse the spices and seasonings. But last contain salt and substances for amplification of taste (synthesized by chemical means), as well as ingredients like dried vegetables, yeast or their extracts and different types of sugars, starches, and fats. Most of spices is a chemical additive consisting of monosodium glutamate, emulsifiers, palm oil, and many other substances that are carcinogenic and significantly damaging the mucosa of the digestive tract. Everything consists of homogeneous powder salt and excessive "taste of chicken, bacon or cheese...", is a direct road to digestive disorders, diseases of the stomach and intestines (ulcers, gastritis, colitis), this excess weight, skin problems person, So make the right choice towards natural herbs and spices. By the way, growing in their gardens or in the country, or even in pots Basil, thyme, mint, fennel, dill, coriander and other spices, it is possible to prepare for the winter lot of useful, safe spices.

The conversation was led by Irina Nova, for "Health and Dougall".