Somehow in the evening, when my mother was busy in the kitchen, and came up to her eleven-year-old son with a sheet of paper in his hands. Taking the official view, the boy gave sheet mother. Having wiped his hands on the apron, she began to read:

THE BILL FOR MY WORK: For sweeping the yard - 5 UAH. Order in my room - 10 UAH. For the purchase of milk - 1 UAH. Care little sister (three times in the afternoon) is 15 UAH. Because twice received a high appraisal - 10 UAH. For what stand garbage every evening - 7 UAH. Together - 48 USD. Finished reading, mother looked at her son and plunged into memories. She took a pen and on the reverse side of a sheet wrote: For that carried you in her womb for 9 months - UAH 0 For all the nights spent at your crib when you were sick - 0 UAH. For all those moments when calmed and comforted you, not to upset - 0 UAH. For all the tears wiped from your eyes - 0 UAH. For everything you taught every day - 0 UAH. For all breakfasts, Lunches, afternoon tea and dinner, and sandwiches to school - 0 UAH. For the life that you devote every day - 0 UAH. Together - 0 UAH. Then her mother, smiling gently, filed a piece son. The boy read it carefully written, and two large tears rolled from his eyes. He turned a piece and at its expense wrote: "paid", then hugged her mother's neck and leaned back, hiding his face. When in personal and family relationships begin calculations, it all ends badly. Love does not allow calculation, otherwise it does not exist.

Bruno Ferrero.