Print, please advice of a specialist regarding the treatment of cellulite ("orange peel") on his feet. Heard that the reason for this may be poor circulation (I often cold fingers of hands and feet). I am 30 years old, lead a sedentary lifestyle, but twice a week are running. Your reader Olga. , Kiev.

The letter says the expert in physical rehabilitation Andrew DARNOPIKH.

The cause of cellulite is a violation of metabolism in the subcutaneous layer, and in the organism as a whole. For the prevention and treatment of cellulite, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes the right food (refusal of fast food and convenience foods and switch to natural products, cooking your own hands), regular hours of work and rest, including the maximum possible reduction of the nervous overloads, normalization of sleep, normalization of motor activity (if failure is the compensation of regular exercise). Massage with special means (lymph drainage, anti-cellulite), sauna with a broom, other treatments are also recommended. Lymphatic drainage massage will help get rid of excess fluid in the body where it is stagnation, especially in the legs, improves metabolism, reduces congestion, contributing to the progression of cellulite (and not only, by the way, cellulite is only visible to their manifestation). Anticellulite massage with special creams will help to reduce the visible manifestations. By the way, running twice a week - not a panacea, and even running every day will not help if you run, not for pleasure, but only to get rid of cellulite. Better to reconsider the way of life in General and make it less stressful, more psychologically comfortable. Here everything depends on you.