2013, according to the Eastern calendar, is the year of the Black Water Snake. Black Water Snake respects people who will not stop in its development, set big goals and constantly self-improving. She does not like lies, hypocrisy, edit and able to punish those who try to enrich themselves at the expense of others. So to future changes brought success, should be like the wise and flexible snake, make informed decisions, be honest and sincere. Either way forward for development will prove to be correct, you only need to follow it with confidence, without turning.

ARIES 2013 will require Rams large commitment and maximum voltage. The priority for them is to strengthen our relationships with their family and career advancement up. Work. Aries will have to become real workhorses, but if they give diligence and did not fall to the difficulties that their hard work will be well rewarded. The financial situation is generally stable, but the stars we strongly recommend to control their costs and do not take the money loaned. Personal life. In the first half of relations with another person can deteriorate, however, in the second - things will get better, just need to be patient and often confidential talk with his half. For single Rams the first half of the year will be quite favorable: the circle of friends will grow, and among them may appear, those who will become really expensive and need. Health. In the first half of the representatives of this sign will feel healthy and energetic. In the second half since July, Aries can become more inert, you will receive extra pounds, so you should try to live a healthy lifestyle.

TAURUS In 2013 Taurus you want to keep up with progress and constantly strive for self-improvement. Luck is their companion in almost any endeavor. Work. Energy, capacity for work and mobility will be accompanied by representatives of this sign in the whole year. In January-February will enjoy the fruits of past work. Over time possible financial problems and misunderstandings with partners. But the fall is successfully resolved. The most successful month of the year - Oct. Personal life. In family life Taurus you want to add more romance, tenderness, try not to complain and criticize. You need to be careful usual misunderstandings do not develop into something worse. Health. In General, the health of Bulls in 2013 will be high. However, the vitamin course you shouldn't forget. Observe moderation in all things. The best time for rest - July.

GEMINI For Twins 2013 will take place in a totally positive and the new key. The planet will bring them luck in all undertakings. Work. This year the representatives of this sign everything will turn around property. By the autumn of possible problems with networking and Finance. In October, the situation becomes clearer and everything will fall into place. Personal life. Family chores Twins in 2013 are also connected with the real estate, and they will also be enjoyable. Delight and family relations. Lonely representatives of this sign will be able to find your true love in the spring. Health. In the first half of 2013 energy potential born under this sign will be quite high. But there may overstrain of the nervous system and atherosclerosis. Need to stop indulge our weaknesses and start to diet.

CANCER Crayfish is waiting for a good, though, and quite a turbulent year. The most difficult periods - may and August, when representatives of the zodiacal constellation will be forced to simultaneously solve many issues relating to private life and professional spheres. Work. The first half of 2013 period of calm and very effective. However, business partners can provide a lot of problems. In financial matters Cancers should be very rational and careful, because in spring and late summer may be different provocations. Personal life. The beginning of 2013 will bring Cancers light romantic relationship, which by autumn-winter may be completed wedding. In life couples also begins a time of great changes. In the first half of the year possible significant real estate purchase or capital repair. Health. In 2013 Cancers should pay attention to your stomach - you need to follow the diet. It is useful to undergo a full examination and preventive treatment of chronic diseases. Will help to keep ourselves in shape a healthy lifestyle and sports.

LION 2013 promises Lions comfortable stay in any situation and success in a variety of business undertakings. Those born under this sign are extremely active and if you try hard, you will realize what was planned for quite a long time. Work. The lions will have to work a little better than his colleagues, and sometimes to do the work for them. For optimism and diligence - Snake will give the Lions at the end of the year a nice bonus, and stable incomes will create a solid material Foundation for financial independence. Personal life. Throughout the year for people born under this sign will be accompanied by romantic meetings and Hobbies, however, serious relations should not be expected. Family Lions year of the Snake will send different tests: someone will try to deceive you or your mate. So be careful not to complain then. However, the fall in personal life should improve. Health. With the physical health of the Lviv everything will be OK, but the vital energy will sometimes miss. In March it is desirable to fill tired after winter cold the body with vitamins. You also need to keep the eye.

VIRGO Stars in 2013 will protect Virgins and help them accordingly this is a very good time to implement long-conceived plans and dreams. Work. In the autumn of representatives of this sign will rise on new material and career stage, but only those that were not lazy and diligently worked. If you are a business, you will be able to conclude a lucrative long-term contracts. Personal life. For unmarried Virgins in this period of family life will have a new bright colors. Lonely representatives of this sign will revise their views and realize that their attitude toward the environment is too demanding. This will help to see new opportunities in the relationship and to meet it, who waited for years, especially good for this February and March. Health. Immunity Virgins will be something weakened, which may affect their status in the first months of 2013. And even mild cold when misused to her attention could turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. In the summer some of the Virgins of the possible problems with the digestive tract, so you have to keep track of your diet and not to overeat. You should also pay attention to the condition of the teeth and in due time to visit the dentist.

SCALES Horoscope for 2013 Scales promises serious tests and many changes. Representatives sign can or can achieve a lot or quite a lot to lose. Everything will depend on their hard work and diligence. You should not despair, if in the first half of the year is not particularly to be transported, in the summer of things will change dramatically and will come luck in all Affairs and undertakings. Work. In January 2013 many Scales'll finish the unfinished business, which stretch from the last year. Possible intrigues, the machinations of the enemies and all sorts of unpleasant check. Here you need to exercise maximum restraint in order not to bring the case to court. But in summer, things will get better. In autumn there is a chance to find reliable partners and like-minded people, but their projects better to begin in late 2013. Personal life. During the year balance will be in search of his destiny. And the stars they generously this will help, especially in the second half of the year. However, beware of deception. The new relationship will be very sensual and passionate, but will acquire gossip and intrigue. So you should be careful not to rush unwary into the whirlpool of love. Married Weights in the relationship with their spouse will open a second wind. Health. In the beginning of the year Weights should try to get rid of bad habits, because on their soil can worsen chronic diseases or will be felt new. In addition, possible depression. To support mental health will help the sport, rest and pleasant experience.

SCORPIO Scorpions in 2013 expect big changes in my life. In the beginning of the year they will need to make an important choice: in any case it is better to move forward. Work. The year is full of prospects and activity. However, it will be possible to rely only on themselves. Significant costs is not always desirable, it is better to do the saving. This year will be resolved long-standing problems which long time was not allowed to move forward. In February and closer to the end of the year Scorpions can get unexpected financial support. Personal life. Family needs constant attention. Scorpios is necessary to be patient, to hide your barbed tail. During the year of the Snake Scorpions will be a lot of admirers. But should not be sprayed at all. Lonely representatives of this sign in the end of the year must make a choice, whom to enter into a long relationship. In this issue you should only trust your heart. It and it alone, according to the horoscope for the year 2013, will allow the Scorpions to understand who is really dear to them. Health. In General, the health of the Scorpions this year will be high, but you have to know when to stop.

SAGITTARIUS The snake will help archers in many of their endeavors. The stars will challenge in the form of various new features, risky and unexpected offers. Work. 2013 will give Sagittarius possibility professional output to a new level. Favorable and changing jobs, and new lines of business. Especially successful is the second half. By the end of the year you can relax and take a trip. Don't be afraid to make impulsive actions and make quick decisions without lengthy calculations - that this behaviour can bring success to the archers in the year of the Snake. The stars are strongly advised not to take loans. Personal life. The best time for marriage is from July to November. Family Sagittarius should be more sensible and more patient and try not to provoke jealousy in your partner. Health. Wonderful feeling - this is the forecast of the stars in 2013 for the Riflemen. Spoil the picture only spring stress, but this is temporary and are not critical. However, to avoid problems with the liver, limit consumption of fatty foods.

CAPRICORN In 2013 creative Capricorns can fully develop their talent. Work. The whole year (except March) for Capricorn just flecked with opportunities to "fly higher and earn more. It should not be in 2013 to rely on partners. At the end of summer and beginning of autumn it is possible to improve the financial position. Personal life. Careful attitude to the feelings of others - that's the key to family happiness Capricorn in 2013. You must restrain its severity, not capricious, not to cling to, to avoid conflicts and to pay more attention to children. Lonely Capricorn at the end of the year must make a fateful decision: either to get married or get rid of the relationship that has already exhausted itself. Health. In the first months of the year, the energy will be missed, so you need to be attentive to your well-being. And although the work at the Capricorn is a lot to find time for physical activities, relaxing and full of sleep.

AQUARIUS 2013 will give Aquarians a number of happy events. Most importantly - don't miss what is in your hands, and this must fully trust your intuition. Work. The first half of the year - the period of creative and quite successful. Aquarians can take the initiative in any situation, they will be the winner. Especially success is waiting for creative professionals. The financial situation in the year of the Snake will be stable. The representatives of this sign is important not to waste time on all at once and not to try to embrace the boundless. Personal life. From family quarrels and misunderstanding are possible throughout the year, Aquarius will save the construction or repair. In the process of General activities and personal life will improve. In the first half of the possible rapid, but short novel, which will leave a bright memories. Health. In 2013 Aquarius need to lead a more active lifestyle. In the first half of the representatives of this sign will have a healthy, lively and attractive appearance. In the second half of the year are possible weakness, fatigue, depression. Then Aquarius need to spend more time on the nature, to rest and to eat only benign products.

FISH Fish in 2013 waiting for a spiritual quest, though outwardly they will remain absolutely calm, everything is in motion. Work. Fish in the year of the Snake need to be more flexible and diplomatically, it will help in achieving its goals. With Finance no problems are expected when the Fish gets debts and will not exceed their costs. A very successful year for the purchase of real estate. Personal life. 2013 representatives of this sign favorably to marry. Pisces family will have to fight against temptations, but they will cope. The second half of the year will be a little difficult period for most of the lovers of Fish in our relations there will be cracks. Health. In the year of the Snake energy potential of Fish is low. To improve health will help the observance of the regime of work and rest, and also water - sign up in the pool and be sure to spend a vacation at sea.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.