Opening a three-liter jar of honey, which was in it, about half, I felt a sharp smell. Perhaps it's because nylon covers, which the Bank was closed, or because of long storage. Is it not harmful so honey?

With respect Eugene.

The letter says the head of the Department of apitherapy Institute of beekeeping them. P. Prokopovich, pediatrician Alexey Paschenko.

Indeed, it happens that during long-term storage of honey in a tank, from which he regularly choose, you may receive a sharp smell. This is the so-called effect of three-liter jars, in which at the opening of the fall the air, various fungi, humidity, etc. that cause fermentation and pungent smell. This honey is not harmful, but after 1 year of storage it is natural oxidation, decreasing the level of fermentati, vitamins and microelements. That is, already after 2 years of medicinal product, it turns into a confectionery.
Therefore it is advisable to store honey in small containers, for example, in a half-liter glass jars under plastic cover, so quickly it is used without causing damage to the rest of the natural product.