How to help yourself

It is a chronic systemic disease not only the joints and of the whole organism in the form of destructive arthritis. Is stress immunity it is in connective tissue, and particularly affected the ligamentous apparatus of small joints. Triggers an autoimmune response (reaction type of allergic) chronic infection. The source of infection may not be, but the reaction of the immune system in their tissue left. It turns out that the man destroys himself. Under intensive antibiotic treatment effect was minimal, but in the treatment of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory drugs therapeutic effect is good enough. For the first time the disease may occur after prolonged exposure to cold, heavy physical activity, emotional shock, fatigue, in the period of hormonal changes, the impact of adverse factors or infection. Characterized by swollen and painful joints, high temperature, General malaise and depression. For disease wavy.


The main specific blood test to confirm rheumatoid arthritis - anti-CCP (antibodies to cyclic caroliniana the peptide/Anti-CCP). In addition, important and other studies, in particular, the General analysis of blood on C-reactive protein, speed (response) erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR),• ultrasound and MRI of the knee joint, x-rays of the joints, rheumatoid factor (positive 75% of people with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis) and the analysis of synovial fluid. Analysis of blood and urine in the dynamics shows the effectiveness of a patient receives treatment and the severity of side effects caused by this treatmentPM


Is there a natural mechanism that would be able to remove that your immune aggression? There are! This hunger! Rather, fasting. With long-term hard, protein-free diet a person becomes a "hungry blood." True, the strict fasting can also break this autoimmune disease. Thus there is a purification of blood - "eat" those antibodies that cause inflammation of the joints. Next diet. Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers belong to the family Solanaceae, they all contain alkaloid solanine. This toxic glycoside. Scientists have shown that people suffering from the disease, there is no mechanism for neutralization of solanine, it causes acute pain in the joints. It is recommended to eat foods rich in carotenoids: oranges, tangerines, melons, plums, apricots, corn, carrots. These antioksidanty, along with vitamin C, have a protective effect relative to inflamed joints. Herbal medicine. In the acute phase of rheumatoid arthritis is recommended: Collection № 1. Air (1 part), hawthorn (3), oregano (2), St. John's wort (5), Melissa (2), violet (4), thyme (3 parts). Collection № 2. The Labrador tea (4 parts), inula (3), melilot (3), St. John's wort (3), the Lily of the valley (3 parts). Collection №3. Flax seeds ( 2 parts), agrimony (4), yarrow (2), succession ( 5 parts). Collection № 4. The Labrador tea (5 parts), inula (2), melilot (2), St. John's wort (3), nettle ( 2 parts). 1 tablespoon collection with slide, pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for night. To drink during the day separately. Collecting take 2-3 weeks, then change to another to avoid habituation in the body. These fees help to reduce or avoid taking chemical medicine. In addition, take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antimalarials (they are appointed by the doctor). Physiotherapy: 1. Wrap the joint woolen scarf, then dense white paper, and on it again woollen shawl or scarf. With a light movement will occur electrification joint. On top of that warm compress the joint to be wrapped around with a layer of food foil. It accumulates infrared radiation of the person in this area, will warm to it, and will reduce pain and swelling. 2. Yoga exercise - Mach-wise Purpose: the Electrification of the body and the straightening technique of joints and the spine. The release of the vertebrae and distribution delayed vital power in the organs and joints. A blanket spread on the carpet. Bend your left leg under him, so that would be the heel touched the tailbone. And right leg bent at the knee before him, hugging her while his knee with his hands. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply through the nose the air (cooling the brain to blue) and exhale mentally send it to the forehead, to the point between the eyebrows with "Om!". Then again a deep breath . Holding his breath, bend your head forward and down, resting his chin on his breast. Then slowly straighten your right leg forward, right on the floor. Bend and two hands reach out in the leg forward, clasping his big finger of the right leg, pull it gently to himself. When this count to 7 in the bent position (breathing all the time holding). Then sit straight, straighten your spine, raising her right knee up . Exhale hot air with the sound of "Ha", sending a warm current of energy along the spine in the legs or in the affected joint. Having had a rest, repeat the same exercise with the other leg. To do Mach-wise it should 30 minutes in the morning and evening. Salt hot bath followed massage with honey will also bring relief and increase joint mobility.

Vladimir Bolsun, neuropathologist.