In 2000 I had a stroke. After prolonged treatment, the doctor advised me to keep bees. Every time I was going to the apiary, native reminded to not forget to take a pill to lower blood pressure. Some time later I noticed that became much less to take medication. The pressure gradually stabilized. I noticed that it gets easier from fragrant air of the hive and of bee stings. Had the idea that we need purposeful to conduct themselves sessions breathing concentrated air from the hive. To do this, I scored four pegs above the hive, covered with plastic wrap. Got a good effect. Then he decided to build over the hive something similar to the house. Picked up 2 of the hive, a two-meter couch, he built a hive-'s couch. The curative properties of its hive, I checked it myself. And over time, to spend the night in this hive was a lot of wishing. Particularly good results have been achieved when combined lying on the hive with taking bee products: use one or another product of bees and lay down on the hive. After I began to sleep in the hive, sleep duration has decreased for 2 hours. Besides, in the morning I felt a surge of strength and energy, feeling tired completely gone. About pressure I forgot. Medicine too. Shall endeavour more time in the hive. Such an interesting experience in restoration of health shared at the conference, dedicated to literaey, honorary Pasechnik of Ukraine Peter Balazs from Chernihiv. In fact, this information is extremely important. As further evidence of the unique capabilities of Chelopechene in the restoration of the functions of the body for a variety of diseases, even very heavy. Given this, worldwide research and develop new directions of apitherapy. Among them allarape. This topic, as evidenced by phone calls and letters to the editor, extremely interested readers. So we turned to the head of the Department of apitherapy National center of beekeeping "Institute of beekeeping name Prokopovich" Alexey Paschenko with the request to tell about new developments in the field of Chelopechene.


Alexey Alekseevich met in his "bee clinic", which also has two of the hive-couches. On one of them has just ended a therapeutic session. We asked Mrs. Tatiana to tell, what is the problem it addressed apiterapija and about her impression of the treatment by bees. For more than 20 years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis," said the woman. - During this time, I unsuccessfully tested various means, in particular, and hormonal drugs that were prescribed to me by the doctors. However, the condition was getting worse. Once I read in a newspaper story of a woman who, according to her assertions, cured multiple sclerosis with the help of bee-bites. Some time later I saw on American TV program about the possibilities of Epitaciolandia (belogolovaya), which reported success in treating multiple sclerosis. And I began to look for specialists involved in apitherapy in Ukraine. To be honest, looking for a long time. Since not so much. Glad that I managed to find Alexey Paschenko. Addition of bee stings, I'm sessions olaraji lie in 1 hour, the hive-the couch. I was still only 4 session. Therefore, the results in treatment of the main disease to speak still early. However, the overall improvement has already been felt. In particular, yesterday noted that read the newspaper without glasses, although recently not been able to do that. Therefore, I have improved vision. "Besides, " adds apitherapist, " Tatyana normalized blood pressure and sleep. I hope that soon I will start a gradual recovery of functions that are violated by multiple sclerosis. After all, apitherapy effect on the organism in complex, resulting in regulation of all body systems. For example, Epitaciolandia, or belogolovaya (method based on the introduction of bee venom by a sting of a bee in certain acupuncture points on the body), restores neuroregulatory mechanisms in the Central nervous system, stimulates the endocrine system's own production of hormones, improves circulation, etc. On the hive-couch person treated 80 thousand bees One beehive lying in the bottom center" Alexey Paschenko formed of four hives, covered on all plane boards from a natural tree. Other also includes four of the hive, but they form a pyramid, built in wooden headboard of the bed. The first is in the room, decorated with natural wood, the second - in the yard, in the fresh air and the fragrance of flowers. They have their own specifics. - Each hive is home to around twenty thousand bees. Therefore, during the session person interacts directly with 80 thousands of bees, - says Aleksey Alekseevich.


What do they base allarape? In the first place. This is a huge biological magnetic field under the influence of which is the alignment of violations of the electromagnetic field of a person, which arise from different diseases. So we are talking about the influence on the entire body. In particular, normalizes blood pressure, improves vascular, cardiac and cerebral circulation, respiratory, relieves spasms and improving muscle tone. Thus, there is a natural healing without the use of chemicals, which, besides the healing, have a harmful effect on the body. Secondly. Hives can also be viewed as a huge inhalation device by which man can breathe clean air, antimicrobial substances. The fact that the bees are constantly sanitize the hive, so the air completely sterile. In addition, it is saturated with phytoncides, propolis, wax, so effective for bronchitisOh, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Thirdly. Another important point of literaey - "bee meditation. Bee constantly buzzing and vibrating wings (to evaporate moisture from the hive). These sounds and movements create certain vibration, relaxing and calming the nervous system. Fourthly. Their calves bees support the certain temperature in the hive to warm brood. It feels the heat and the man, lying on top. And it also has a positive effect on the nervous, circulatory, muscular system, creating conditions for self-correction of functions of internal organs. That is why during our stay at the hive is the effect of the recovery. In the fifth. We should mention the influence of special biologically active pulse of the birth of a new life - bee larvae. Under their influence are run regulatory functions of the human body. Sixthly. Bees in the hive ionize the air. It is known that natural ions entering the body, fight free radicals that damage cells. Thus, they contribute to the rejuvenation process. To restore all of the indicators of the body experts advise to spend 10 procedures for 30-60 minutes.


Given this wide range of actions olaraji and complex impact of bee products on the human body, it becomes clear why doctors advise those who suffered a heart attack and stroke, to keep bees. As practice shows, people, priluchalisya to this advice, often forever forget about diseases. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to become a beekeeper. After all, in a city apartment hive will not put. In this case comes to the aid of apitherapy. For example, a patient who was successfully treated arrhythmiadeveloped on a background of heart failure, as soon as he notices some unpleasant heartfelt feelings, arrives at the session of belogolovaya. Once is enough to normalize the work of this body, - says Alexey Alekseevich. Important experience of treatment of apitherapy of borreliose that develops as a complication from stings of ticks living on trees and attack people in may-June. In most cases unpleasant encounter with ticks (often people notice that they stuck to his body by accident after walking in the forest) ends with a fright. But it happens that after a tick bite in the human body develops neirolepticeski infection. This may manifest speech and movement coordination body, fever, pain syndromes. - To me on the treatment turned man over 10 years ill with borreliosis, - says the doctor. - After 2 courses of apitherapy he first returned to normal immunological parameters - antibodies to borellii. This suggests that the body is free from infection. The man was even able to return to work drivers-truckers.


In addition belogolovaya and olaraji, in the Arsenal of apitherapy wide variety of preparations on the basis of bee products. Their use also gives a great therapeutic effect. In particular, "Ognevka", or tincture wax moth, also called the elixir of life. As it has a universal effect on the organism: normalizes the immune indices, stabilizes blood pressure, positively affects heart rate (appointed even in myocardial infarction), lower cholesterol, improves cerebral blood circulation, memory, venous circulation, etc. If Ognevka" to eat every 2.5 hours at the first signs of the virus, infectious diseases, they soon will be. Widely known for the unique capabilities of this tool in the treatment of tuberculosis. Preparing "Ognevka". 5 g larvae wax moth, collected from old cells (well-developed) pour 50 grams of alcohol. To insist 8-10 days in a dark place at room temperature, daily shaking occasionally. Strain through a cotton filter. Take 15-20 drops of water 2 times a day. "The drone milk" is a biological substrate drone larvae, also effective immunocorrector. And it normalizes the hormonal status. It is used in climacteric disorders, female infertility, a small motility of sperm in men. The drone milk is in the form honey mixtures (in a 1:1 ratio)that is stored in the freezer (1 teaspoons per day (morning), the rate is 3-4 weeks). - As for popular with beekeepers tinctures bee dead bees (Taurus dead bees), clinical studies regarding the effect on the human organism, this means the official medicine has not yet conducted, - said Alexey Alexeevich. - Therefore it belongs to the Arsenal of folk medicine, use it for treatment of diseases of locomotor apparatus, in particular, arthritis, osteochondrosis. With this purpose it is used in the form rubbing and compresses. The main active ingredient tinctures are heparin connection with anti-inflammatory properties, improves local blood circulation. In addition, it can contain fractions of bee venom, also having expressed anti-inflammatory properties. Folk healers recommend tincture bee dead bees for the treatment of BPH. I've heard positive feedback from men, and have used it for that purpose: improved urination, decreased frequency of appetite, pain disappeared. Tincture wax moth is prepared in proportion 10-20 g Taurus dead bees on 100 g 40-50 With vodka, leave for 10 days. By the way, in the preparation of a variety of alcoholic liquors better not to use 70, and 40-50% alcohol. It is proved that 70% alcohol well cans, and 40-50% - fuller pulls out of raw materials, active ingredients. Before preparing the bullock dead bees need to dry, and then grind in a coffee grinder. It will also contribute to high extraction of the active substance. Inside folk medicine recommends to take this tool (daily dose is calculated as 1 ounce per 1 kg of body weight and is divided by the reception 2-3) for 3-4 weeks, then make a break for 10 days course repeat. There is another method of use: take 3 months, doing month break, then repeat the course. However I want to warn. Those who wish to take the tincture bee dead bees inside, you need to make sure that it is made of high quality raw materials. I.e. bees died not from illness, but because it was their age (he takes 35 days). Widely known and other amazing in their effect bee products: Royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen, beeswax. Each of them deserves a separate story in the newspaper. As apitherapy, as one of the most effective natural therapies to promote and doctors, and among ordinary citizens.

Miroslav SHCHERBA,