Please, tell us more about different methods of treatment of multiple sclerosis. With respect Larisa Yakovlevna. , Dnepropetrovsk.


Diffuse or disseminated, sclerosis is a disease of the Central nervous system with a prolonged course. Begins primarily with mobile disorders of the limbs. The patient is lame, then he gradually weakens the eyesight, often this process is accompanied by pain in the eyeball, in the middle of the field of view there is a "black spot", etc. Later these violations can be added to the weakness of the muscles, the curvature of the extremities, and then - deafness and blindness. In the end all this results in numbness, patient becomes sluggish, and it occurs paralysis. Multiple sclerosis can last with remissions for over 30 years. Because of disseminated sclerosis destroys the whole nervous system, it is not clear localization, as with other diseases. And when loses the biological equilibrium of the Central nervous system, then no longer properly function of cells and the entire organism. After some time, multiple sclerosis leads to depression, spasmodic fits of crying and apathy that causes complete helplessness of the patient. It is awful to see how the young people of disseminated sclerosis, slowly die. Therefore, in no case it is impossible to suppose the stage of the diseasefrom which return is not. Natural medicine considers disseminated sclerosis is one of the diseases of modern civilization. Statistics show that in recent years the number of diseases it on a rate nearly equal to cancer. The tragedy of the situation is that multiple sclerosis attacks subtly and slowly destroys young people, there are even cases of the disease in early childhood, and official medicine against this disease is helpless.


Concerning the etiology of the disease were put forward different hypotheses, in particular, the lack of unsaturated fatty acids (violation of metabolism), lack of vitamin D, calcium, silicon, the influence of bacterial and chemical toxins, viral infections, the presence of helminths and fungi, genetically predetermined lack of immune resistance, excessive consumption of butter, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and strong stress factors. Despite intense study of the etiology of disseminated sclerosis, completely out of her failed. Although some data suggest the existence of a direct connection to this disease, lifestyle and nutrition, mental balance and environmental conditions are also of great importance. Of course, this illness is associated with severe chronic deficiency of vitamins and enzymes, but the adoption of synthetic vitamins does not give a positive result. So sick of disseminated sclerosis recommended a special diet from natural products. They need to eat foods that contain unsaturated fatty acids. They are in the seeds, oils, vegetables, liver and marine fish. Saturation of the body fatty acids helps to regenerate nerve tissue, which in multiple sclerosis, due to parasites in the organism of the patient of helminths and fungi, very damaged. Often the cause of disseminated sclerosis may be a shortage in the body of selenium, silicon, magnesium, and many other micro - and macroelements. To avoid this, you need to eat more raw and dried vegetables and fruits, drink fresh juices, to include in your diet raisins, figs, dates, olives, sour milk, kefir, sour cucumbers, Royal jelly and pollen. Do not forget about the nuts (walnuts, cedar, coconut, hazel).


There were cases when in the diagnosis of patients with disseminated sclerosis, they had discovered a whole colonies of Trichomonas, Trichinella, Freecell, chlamydia, fungi kind sceratics and others. These parasites eat in the body silicon, because of what people weakens and dies. Therefore, for the successful treatment of the disease in the first place it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning of the organism from all kinds of parasites. Good results for the daily use in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed at 2 tbsp raw peeled and chopped pumpkin seeds. The course of treatment is 6 weeks. After every 14 days to do the five day break. Be sure every night to put a cleansing enema or drink a laxative. For enema use of a decoction of camomile. For destroying fungi that destroy the nervous system, it is recommended that the use of such means: to put in a glass jar 100 pieces of green walnuts, cut each into 4 pieces, and pour honey, not reaching 3 fingers up the bottle banks. Mix well all wooden stick and roll Bank tin lid. Bury it in the ground at the depth of 70 cm and leave for half a year. After digging out, open the lid and its contents will be filtered through a kapron sieve. Received syrup store in tightly closed glass container in the refrigerator. To use it to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals, diluting 30-50 ml of water. The course of treatment is up to the end of the syrup. If necessary, in 3-5 years can be repeated.


Used in the treatment of disseminated sclerosis and grass cuff. Pour a Cup of boiling water 1 tbsp. with the top chopped fresh herbs, cover and leave for 10-15 minutes. Drink per day 4 cups of this infusion by adding in each glass 10 drops of spirit tinctures of a grass of the shepherd's bag. The grass wash, chop, pour in a bottle by the neck, pour vodka and put on 10 days in a warm place to insist, often shaking content. This tincture 2-3 times a day RUB sore muscles when they atrophy and paralysis. In addition to the infusion cuff, drink a day for 2 cups of infusion of the herb sage. Be consumed daily for 6 hours (3-5 drops every hour) fresh juice sorrel, breeding in the glass of an infusion of sage. The grass to pick, to wash and to squeeze out of it with a juicer and juice. At partial paralysis of the extremities caused disseminated sclerosis, you need to mix 300 g of dry leaves of a walnut, ivy, mylnjanki, pour the mix 10 l of water and boil for 1 hour, not boiling. After that, to insist in a warm place for 2 hours, strain, again to warm up and dissolve in the infusion of 50 g of sea salt. Dipped in the solution paralyzed limb and kept there for 30 minutes. Temperature of the solution should be 36°C. Procedure to carry out 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 25 days. With the progression of the disease need to add 100 grams of leaves of a walnut and 500 g of whole plants elder grassy and tops of the pine trees. Pour mixture of 5 liters of water and boil for 30 minutes (at the end pour in the broth 30 g of sea salt). Drain. Once a day to take with broth tub with duration of 10 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed 36°With. Good help, strengthening of muscles of the legs, baths and infusions of clover. Use them also in the treatment of cancer, particularly cancer of the eye (rinsing). Bath take about 300 g of dry potions (whole plant), zaparivajut with boiling water and leave for about 5 hours to brew. After that filter it, and the infusion is poured into the bath with water temperature of 36-37°C. Fresh plant to take 900 g Infusion of flowers of clover (1 tbsp. dry or 2 tbsp. fresh flowers brewed Cup boiling water) take on a half-glass 3 times a day. Clover is rich in vitamins C, a, P, F and E, contains about 20% protein, 4% fat, calcium, phosphorus, copper, carotene and essential oils. The treatment of disseminated sclerosis and includes the adoption of 2-3 times a week baths with broth young spring shoots of pine, fir and white fir. One tub take 300 g of raw material. Soak it in cold water and leave overnight. The next day infusion is poured into the bath, and the raw material is again filled with fresh water and fuel. Pour the broth in a bath, bring the temperature of water in it up to 37-38 C and lie in it not more than 20 minutes. Water should reach the level above the kidneys. Used in the treatment and drugs from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba. This tree is native to China, but it can be found here in Ukraine - they often decorate the city parks and squares. It helps when hormonal and nervous disorders in the body, damage to blood vessels caused by diabetes, or Smoking, and also at infringement of a metabolism. RUB a wooden pestle in a mortar 100 g of fresh leaves of a tree, then add 0.5 liters 70oC alcohol and leave for 10 to 14 days in a dark place to stand, occasionally shaking. Then strain and drink 20-30 drops of tincture 2-3 times a day, throwing her in a glass of water. Clinical studies have confirmed that the adoption of the extract of Ginkgo improves in patients with disseminated sclerosis sight, hearing and memory. Great healing properties have wraps from the young leaves of the white birch. The patient is lined with a thick layer of leaves, cover several blankets and leave for 2 hours. Very often after this procedure, his condition improved considerably. The course of treatment is 10 wraps. Perform the procedure in a day.


One of the best tools in the treatment of multiple sclerosis is: mince 4 lemon with peel, but without seeds, mixed with 3 tbsp of powder lemon balm leaves 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder. Add 0.5 kg of honey, 20 g pharmacy alcohol tincture of Valerian and hawthorn and to use 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals. Disseminated sclerosis to improve obmennykh processes in the body are advised to take this herbal mixture: chop and mix in equal parts nettle leaves, and peppermint, licorice root, and burdock, herb St. John's wort, a violet three-coloured and sweet clover, dandelion flowers and fruits of buckthorn. Pour 2 cups of water 2 spoonfuls of the mixture. Cook, covered for 3 minutes, remove from heat and leave for 5 minutes, protsedit broth in a thermos. Take 0.5 Cup 2-3 times a day.


I would advise patients with multiple sclerosis to eat more vegetable juices, fresh berries and fruits, mineral-rich silicon water, there are millet, buckwheat and barley porridge. You must enter into a diet food raw fruit and vegetables, sprouted grains, oatmeal, eggs, cheese, nuts, sunflower seeds, oil from flax, black cumin, from the seeds of the evening primrose and olive. Numerous studies have shown that consumption of these oils reduces the sense of solidification and improves the motor function of the leg muscles in patients with the initial stage of disseminated sclerosis. Need a little heat a small amount of oil from black cumin and mix with the same amount of heated olive oil. Carefully RUB the mixture sore spots. In addition, 2-3 times a day you need to take 1 tablespoon of powder seeds of the evening primrose. Before bedtime drink the drink, made of black seed oil and honey. The effect of this treatment becomes noticeable after 4-6 months, so you have to be patient. Excellent effect in the treatment of disseminated sclerosis give rubbing oils of chamomile, dandelion and thyme herb. The plant is harvested in Sunny day and fill them (each separately) on the neck of a bottle made of dark glass. Pour olive or soybean oil and leave for 10 days in a warm place to brew. After that, oil extracts can be used for rubbing.


Facilitates the condition of patients with multiple sclerosis and execution of respiratory exercises, exercises for the development of language and memory. To enhance blood circulation it is recommended that a dry brush massage. The brush should not be too soft, too thick and have a bristle length of at least 2 see This massage can perform every sick and bedridden it makes one who is watching over him. To start a massage from the palm of the hand, leading brush in the direction of the shoulder. Repeat several times for both hands. Further, starting from the toes, to brush up, up to the groin, and go through the thigh to her buttocks. The same is done with the second leg. Belly stroking with the brush in a circular motion clockwise direction. Massage of a backbone to start at the height of the sacrum bone, massaging out, that is vertebrae from left and right, moving upwards (with a brush with a long handle, you can do it by himself). All massage should last no longer than 5-10 minutes. After its correct execution of the whole body becomes pink and warm, fatigue disappears, felt vigor and desire to work. Massage provides relief, but before his conduct, you should consult with your doctor. Brush massage is useful for General exhaustion, paralysis, signs of aging, menopause, bronchial asthma, spasms of muscles of the legs, functional disorders of the work of the heart and kidneys, circulatory, nervous tremor, reduced gastric acidity, and during convalescence after serious illness. Attention! It is strictly forbidden dry brush massage for inflammation of the Appendix, abdomen, bowel obstruction, inflammation of the liver and pancreas, with all neoplasms, bleedings and blood disease. In addition to the above, disseminated sclerosis recommended pouring water, intermittent cool the body baths, as well as a morning cold immersion of the whole body, and in such sequence: the face, head, neck, chest, abdomen, shoulders, legs, feet (towel from time to time to dip into the cold water and twisted). Procedure duration is 1-2 minutes (then gradually increase the time). After this the body to MOP up and dress. Women should not stop pouring cold water even during menstruation.


Spiritual support - is also very important health factor. Daily prayer is not only strengthens the Central nervous system, but also has exceptional spiritual value. So allow it to occupy a special place in your life. The believer's prayer is supernatural potent drug. It is advisable to settle family relationships and avoid stress. Using these tips, you will make sure that when such a volatile and mysterious disease, which is disseminated sclerosis, health forces can mobilize the patient to change his lifestyle, eliminating the influence of harmful factors that led to the disease, and instead to activate dormant until this health factors. Remember: all diseases are curable. Treatment failure are or because of improper execution procedures, or because timid approach to the healing process and can'ts. A person seeking to be healthy, always will reach the set goal.