Cancer (22.06 - 22.07) - the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. Its planet - Moon. In the periods of the Moon born under this sign are particularly emotional and sensitive. Endowed with abilities to psychology, Raki see people "through" and have a fairly developed intuition. They are not easy to understand. They may seem soft, kind, sympathetic and patient, and suddenly irritated, are sharp and selfish.

BEHIND the SHELL of CANCER - GENTLE NATURE Representatives of this sign often erected around the barrier, if the shell, which hides sensitive, gentle, generous nature. They must be judged by their actions, not words. Unpredictable, emotional Cancer needs constant support and encouragement. The one who gives him a sense of security, can expect to his eternal devotion. Cancers are prone to melancholy and sharp mood swings, live in the aura of nostalgia, events and people from the past. Among them are many talented writers, poets and artists. They have diplomatic talent, however, if you feel slighted, you can behave recklessly. Crayfish is impressionable and sensitive people, they can "hurt" even look. No love to them something advised and instructed want to solve everything by yourself. Male Cancer whole life looking for your soul mate and very unhappy if they can't find. But finding it quite difficult, because it is looking for its own ideal. Cancer woman - emotional, unpredictable, extraordinary nature, she thinks not like everything, you never know exactly what is the solution it will take. Cancers need to learn to manage your mood, to prevent the aggression. Spirit and soul, character and personality, sense and feel in them must be in harmony with their profession, job, position. Only such symbiosis can bring them happiness and success in work and life. If you send them an exceptional sensitivity in the right direction, it can be a powerful source of strength. In addition, if the Cancer get rid of the shame and resentment, to cope with emotions, he will be able to achieve success in almost any case.

STRENGTHEN the NERVOUS SYSTEM Typical Cancer rarely satisfied with his personal life. The result is an internal conflict and groundless suspicions, causing stress and physical disturbance: nervous dyspepsia, gastritis, stomach disorders. Emotionalism, the failure of desires, carefully concealed cause serious diseases in representatives of this sign. Cancers are prone to ulcers, diseases of the urinary bladder, flatulence, cramps, nausea, hysteria, schizophrenia, melancholy, depression. Due to chronic processes in the stomach anemia and chlorosis. High emotional excitement can lead to mental disorders and psychosomatic diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Frequent headaches. Cancers tend to wine and alcohol, though badly they carry. The use of alcohol exacerbate disease of the stomach, leading to weight gain and fluid retention in the tissues. Also vulnerable in the body of Cancers of the lymphatic system, sweat glands and all excretory functions. At infringements of a metabolism in them may experience swelling, dropsy, weeping diathesis, diseases of the urinary tract, i.e. can develop any disease associated with the violation of the physical and chemical composition of the liquid. Cancerians are very sensitive to external factors. The course of the illness they have a long, protracted, poor tissue regeneration after injuries and operations. For prevention of diseases of the representatives of this sign should primarily to strengthen the nervous system, i.e. to follow their emotions, and more actively move to improve the circulation of liquid. Many diseases can be avoided if you cultivate the opposite emotions, for example: instead of suspicion - confidence, instead of unrest and gloomy presentiments - peace and optimism, instead of discontent - understanding of their place in the moment. Also Cancers should not be much to drink and abuse salt, you need to follow the work of the stomach, eat a light meal and to prevent failures in the digestive tract. It is useful to walk under the warm rain without an umbrella or along the seashore: moist air softens light.

BEGONIA will BANISH ALL DISEASES For people born under the sign of Cancer, the main source of energy is willow. It is also useful to communicate with alder and Linden. Herbal Cancers are suitable burdock root, parsley seeds, Ivan-tea, calendula, hawthorn, St. John's wort, chamomile, white poppy, wild sage and rosemary. To look good and to reduce stress, you need to drink tea from such a collection: petals field poppy - 30 g, earrings willow - 30 g, oregano - 60, Brew a little longer than normal tea, sweetened with honey. When pain in the stomach to drink 4-5 servings daily infused napar from leaves of a nettle and St. John's wort - 2 tablespoon of the Mixture pour 4-5 cups of boiling water, leave for 2 hours. Inflammation of the gallbladder effective broth from the collection of centaury, calamus root, flowers of immortelle - 1 tsp. This fee in the evening, pour 2 cups of water, and in the morning boil for 5-7 minutes. To drink on an empty stomach 1 glass, and the rest during the day for 4 receptions. Each reception in an hour after meal. Cancer is a sign of water, so its plants saturated with water, are fleshy, juicy stalks. For potted plants Cancer include begonia of Mason, aloe, fuchsia hybrid, agave American, peperomia, Kalanchoe. Begonia of Mason through cross-shaped pattern on the sheet can be called a plant defender. It hinders the development of diseases associated with the organs and body parts, which are guided Cancer: digestive system, breast, bladder, chest. Fuchsia hybrid useful to have for those who often faced with the repetition of certain unpleasant situations. It also prevents chronic diseases of digestive tract, mammary glands, gallbladder. Ahava American clears the atmosphere of the house and the energies of family quarrels, conflicts between parents and children. It is useful for the nervous system, improves metabolism, promotes the excretion of excess fluid, healing of skin irritation. It is useful to have a home agave and in diseases of the throat. And of course it normalizes the functioning of organs and systems, which directs the Cancer.

EXOTIC DISHES SHOULD be AVOIDED For Cancers food gives a sense of security, so in moments of depression, they pounce on pies, cakes, ice cream and candy to cheer yourself up. Of course, it is bad for the stomach. The representatives of this sign should be carefully watch your diet to keep the digestive system healthy and not to gain extra pounds. The basis of the diet must be proteins and sea products, providing the required amount of iodine. Cellular salt Cancer is calcium fluoride. It promotes a healthy state and elastic connective tissue. Also calcium fluoride is an important component of tooth enamel, nail Polish and eye's natural lens. The disadvantage of this substance causes varicose veins, gum disease, spinal curvature, cataracts and other eye diseases. Sources of calcium fluoride are: egg yolk, yogurt, sugar beet, fish, milk, cheese, pumpkin, onions, oranges, lemons, raisins, rye bread, cabbage and tomatoes. Cancers need selenium, natural sources of which are sulphurous mineral water and garlic. The most important vitamins for representatives of this sign - B2, C and E. In the daily diet Cancers must necessarily include fresh vegetables, fruits and low fat proteins. Starch, sugar and salt is better not to drink. The first two substances cause constipation, and the third swelling. Cancers also recommended to avoid spicy foods, made with pepper and horseradish. You also need to avoid foods that cause fermentation, spirits, beer, confectionery. The emphasis in the diet should be on fish, cereals, dairy products, and it is better to use them separately, without mixing. Meat - only white, baked fish - boiled. Fried foods are not recommended. Cancers cannot be fond of exotic cuisine, raw fish, crabs, shellfish, meat, sour fruit and vegetables: a big chance not only allergies, but serious poisoning. Food should be well cooked. Ideally, small and frequent meals, preferably liquid (soups, mainly vegetable). You should avoid eating in a nervous, restless atmosphere. Immediately after eating you cannot drink sweet tea or malt beverages. Very cold drinks Cancer is contraindicated. Afternoon walk AIDS in digestion and soothes.

HYPERSENSITIVITY, the CHILDREN of the baby-Cancer is very unstable mood: he cries, then radiate joy. If your family has appeared such a treasure, treat it carefully, select the soft methods of education. Because children Cancers differ from other characters high susceptibility. One harsh word, even sharp tone or look pretty for baby-Cancer felt unloved, unnecessary and unfortunate. Cancers are much longer than other children, remember even the most minor offenses. Analyzing and thinking about the events, often interpret them the least favourable for itself. For inner peace, such a child need next patient, careful, the imaginative man. Element Cancer is water, so a great way to comfort and encourage small Cancer - swimming or playing in the water. It should as soon as possible to teach a child to swim for it, it will always be the best way to relax and unwind. Cancerians are very early realize that security can be found in the arms of their parents. And they don't like, if they leave with someone they do not know very well. But extra care can go not good, because the child does not learn to rely on themselves. For Cancers very important praise, so parents should not skimp on it. As noted above, for the education of such children are not suitable for coarse and sharp measures - they have a strong sense of self-worth. Fear not more likely to hug and caress the child, more talk about your feelings to him. Try to be aware of all of his experience. Child-Cancer should not be criticized, otherwise the baby will become unsociable, capricious child. To Cancers needs a smooth approach, but quite flexible, given their changeable mood and endless fears. Young Cancers inherent hypersensitivity. They react very badly to attitude and therefore emotionally vulnerable. And if adults representatives of this sign have learned to protect his inner world of the oppression and foreign influence, the children are still not very well know how to do it. Hardly Cancer will be surrounded by a crowd of friends - rather, he will have a few trusted friends. Children born under this sign should not be forced to communicate with those who they do not like, or they can even get sick. Do not scold or punish your child-Cancer, if he doesn't behave as you want. Enough to show him that you are upset. These children will never want to hurt the one you love. The representative of this sign is clearly expressed sympathy and antipathy to food. So baby it's hard to make is that he doesn't like. However, if the dish like it sometimes fails to stop and overeat. Hence gastric and intestinal diseases. Therefore, make sure to follow the child's diet: a diet should be balanced, and no overeating. Never force your child to eat, if he's not in the mood or no appetite. In addition, small Cancers are prone to colds, can suffer from catarrh, cough, asthma, kidney disease, nerve disease. Very important for a child-Cancer (and especially difficult for his parents) is adolescence. Maturing not been easy, changes the body, often accompanied by the appearance in the character of Cancer cruelty, suspicion, increased sensitivity. At this time, to influence the child you can only by his example is instructive conversations will not have a positive result. Cancerians are very much appreciate the warmth of family relations, so spend with your child as much time as possible, walk, play, and communicate. If you want to install with teenage Cancer relations and to establish mutual understanding, try to describe the feelings you feel, when he acts up, and ask what he would do in your place. Often this method works perfectly. Love your child, try to see only good. When childhood with its endless emotions similar to booby traps, finally left behind, many young Crayfish reveal their true identity. And even if the school was not so much success, receiving further education, the Cancer is quite capable of making a breakthrough pleasantly surprise you.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.